RealNetworks Launches DASH-Compatible Helix Server and HLS SDK for Android 2.2 | C2M : veille Digital Media |

Helix v15 offers DASH support for both live and on-demand profiles. More interestingly, it will also offer support for both ISO Base Media File Format (ISO BMFF, or fragmented MP4) as well as MPEG-2 Transport Streams (M2TS).


The Helix Client SDK for Android can be used in Android applications to create an end-to-end delivery solution that includes the Helix server and a client app. Interestingly, the Helix SDK can be used to deliver HLS content to Android OS 2.2 and higher. Google has added integral support for HLS in Android OS version 3 or higher, but has not addressed the larger addressable market of pre Android OS 3.0 devices.


Finally, Helix has digital rights management (DRM) support for a number of device types, including devices based on several key operating systems: Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Real's DRM leans heavily on Verimatrix's DRM solutions, using Verimatrix VCAS for HLS devices—via the ViewRight plug-in—as well as the ViewRight Client on PCs and set-top box devices. In addition, Real says that PlayReady support should be available in an upcoming dot release.