In the 1 8 6 0 s, aided over the Civil War, " New York " - style baseball expanded in to a country wide fixture and spawned baseball's first governing body, the nation wide Association of bottom Ball Players, was formed. The NABBP existed as an novice league bobby cox jersey for twelve years. By 1 8 6 7, extra than 4 0 0 clubs experienced been members, regardless of the actuality that most using the strongest clubs remained all those dependent within your northeastern element using the country. In 1 8 7 0, a schism produced in between specialized and novice ballplayers, wonderful after the 1 8 6 9 founding using the first specialized baseball team, the Cincinnati red - colored Stockings. The NABBP split into two groups. the nation wide Association of specialized bottom Ball avid gamers was shaped in 1 8 7 1. [ 1 5 ] Some placido polanco jersey look at it to possess been the first significant league. [ by whom ? ] Its novice counterpart disappeared wonderful after only a few years. In 1 8 7 6, the nation wide League of specialized bottom Ball Clubs which nevertheless exists was established, wonderful after the nation wide Association proved ineffective. The emphasis was now on " clubs " as opposed to " players ". Clubs could now enforce participant contracts, stopping avid gamers from jumping to higher - paying clubs. For their part, clubs experienced been required to hold out the complete schedule of games, as opposed to forfeiting scheduled film games once the club was no lengthier within your operating using the league championship, which happened often below the nation wide Association. A concerted work was made to curb gambling on film games which was leaving the validity of last results in doubt. The earlier many years using the nation wide League experienced been tumultuous ken griffey jersey, with threats from rival leagues as well as a rebellion by avid gamers toward the hated " reserve clause ", which limited the costless movements of avid gamers in between clubs. cut - throat leagues shaped often as well as disbanded regularly. one of the most effective was the American Association (1 8 8 1 1 8 9 1), occasionally referred to since the " beer and whiskey league " for its tolerance using the purchase of alcoholic beverages to spectators. for a lot of years, the nation wide League and American Association champions met within of a postseason championship series the first try at a entire world Series .