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Healthcare Media: Review 2019

Healthcare Media: Review 2019 | buy adderall , moerphine, xanax without prescription |

''Media” has long been part of our moniker here at MM&M – it is, quite literally, the third M of a brand that started its life and remains, at its heart, Medical Marketing and Media – but 2019 marked the first year in quite some time that we attempted to cover it on more than a semi-regular basis.


Frankly, we picked a fortunate time to start, given the flood of transformative news during the year.


But don’t take our word for it. For the final Third M dispatch, before we change calendars, MM&M asked several of the smartest folks in and around health media to answer a few questions about the people and trends that stood out during 2019. Their responses did not disappoint.


Here’s hoping for a similarly scintillating 2020.


What was the most important, most welcome, weirdest, coolest or otherwise most interesting trend or event in health media during 2019, and why?

The physicians who embraced TikTok. There are about 20 doctors (as well as residents and medical students) who are using the popular video platform to share health information. What I find jarring is the juxtaposition of medical topics with the informal nature of the videos. However, I am far from the Gen-Z audience that makes up a significant portion of the TikTok demographic.


“The value of the platform for health education was highlighted by Dr. Rose Marie Leslie in September when she created a video on the dangers of vaping. It amassed millions of views and led to mainstream media attention from ABC News, among others. Clearly these physicians are doing something right because many of them have gained tens of thousands of followers on TikTok. We’ll be watching.” – Eileen O’Brien, managing director, social media, W2O


“Authenticity. From UX design to chatbots, the bar for creating an authentic experience for the consumer has been elevated this year. Authenticity in 2019 evolved beyond the selection of a credible spokesperson for messaging—it’s about infusing it into every brand attribute, using a variety of elements (e.g., voice and visuals) to create an inimitable and trustworthy consumer experience.” – Tabytha Gil, linguistic insights analyst, Ogilvy Health


“The rise of voice search, which essentially means two things. First, with respect to the voice search queries input via your mobile phone or tablet: There are a variety of different statistics out there, but most analysts estimate that approximately 30% to 55% of all U.S. search traffic is being driven by voice search at the moment. This means that both your SEO and SEM strategies need to evolve. This is especially so for health, as voice search is already prompting many more long-tail keywords. The specificity of these keywords is an important point to note, with patients more likely to speak complicated clinical search terms rather than trying to type them.


“Second, there is an entirely different type of voice search playing out across AI-powered smart speakers, like Amazon’s Echo or Show, or the Google Home and Nest Hub. In these scenarios, particularly when there is zero UI or no screen, how can a brand take advantage of voice-driven search queries? One can easily envision this working in an unbranded example, but the billion-dollar question is how can branded search results populate in a compliant manner? The entire voice search economy will be a fascinating one to watch in 2020, but make no mistake: Both Amazon and Google are hard at work figuring out a way to monetize this smart search inventory.” – Justin Chase, EVP, innovation, and media, Intouch Solutions


“The focus on awareness, education, and support around mental health, from organizational, partnership and consumer perspectives. Second, patient influencers and advocates are driving health actions, and brands started to notice. As for the coolest event in 2019, Healthline Media partnered with wellness advocate Nitika Chopra to create Chronicon, bringing together hundreds of influencers to the first daylong event devoted to people struggling with chronic health issues.” – Ingrid Eberly, VP corporate marketing, Healthline Media


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Your Doctor Is Instagram Famous. Do Likes Matter in the Exam Room?

When Pamela Ramom awoke from eye surgery in April, she exclaimed, “Oh my god, I’m going to cry.” Ramom had undergone LASIK and was overcome with the result. “I can see everything,” the 24-year-old remembered saying to no one in particular.

Ramom’s surgeon was Dr. Dagny Zhu, an ophthalmologist based outside of Los Angeles who specializes in cornea, cataract, and LASIK surgery. Zhu overheard Ramom and found her comments moving. Zhu asked Ramom if they could take a photo together to commemorate the moment, adding that she wanted to post the image on Instagram. “I thought it was cute that she loves her job so much,” Ramom says.

Ramom agreed and smiled shyly as Zhu sat down beside her, wrapping an arm around her patient. After the picture, Zhu asked for Ramom’s handle. That evening, Zhu posted the photo on Instagram to her 38,000 followers.

“As soon as that happened, I was like, ‘Oh, I really want to share this with others,’” Zhu says. “So I posted it the same day, toward the end of my clinic. I usually don’t do that. I think that’s the only post where I’m with a patient and sharing her experience.”

When Ramom was cleared to look at screens two days after the procedure, she picked up her phone and noticed she had dozens of new follower requests on her private Instagram account. While digging through her notifications, she saw Zhu’s post — where her handle was mentioned — and realized the doctor’s audience was far greater than she assumed. “I had no idea she had so many followers,” Ramom says. “A lot of people can see my post-surgery face.” She says she wasn’t upset by the post, just taken aback by its reach.

Many medical professionals like Zhu are leveraging Instagram as an educational tool and to promote their own practices. Just like Instagram users in industries like beauty, travel, or cooking, some doctors and nurses have achieved influencer status, racking up hundreds of thousands of followers and brand partnership deals in the process.

Despite the staggeringly large follower count of some health care influencers — New York City physician Dr. Mike Varshavski has racked up more than 3 million followers, for example — these medical professionals still see patients on a daily basis. Some doctors say they are on social media to build out their business; others say they do it to fight misinformation spread online. For patients, having an influencer in the exam room can create a unique medical experience. Whether it’s a positive one can depend on personal preference.

“At this point, it’s an honor to still have any of her time. She seems so busy.”

Ryan Dunkle had never DMed with his dentist before becoming a patient of Dr. Joyce Kahng. Dunkle was recommended to Kahng by a friend when he moved to Los Angeles about a year ago. The friend showed him Kahng’s Instagram, which today boasts 15,000 followers. Dunkle, 30, says he was won over by her authenticity. “I love the fact that she’s engaging with her clients,” Dunkle says.

One day Kahng might write about opening a woman-owned practice; another day, she might share her aspirations to start a family. Dunkle says he feels like he can connect with her on a deeper level, both in the exam room and online. They regularly keep in touch between appointments, replying to each other’s Instagram stories or leaving comments on posts. In doing so, Dunkle considers Kahng a friend. Because he’d like this level of closeness with as many medical professionals as possible, Dunkle hasn’t ruled out scouring Instagram for a chiropractor.

Kahng’s down-to-earth strategy is paying off. About 60% to 75% of her new clientele found her via Instagram. “They come in and they’re excited to meet me,” Kahng says. “It’s always fun, because we’re not starting from scratch. They know who I am, and because of that, I am able to relax.”

Kahng says her Instagram presence helps add to her credibility, especially as a young dentist. In the past, she felt she had to put on an uncomfortable air of professionalism to prove her worth. Now her online followership validates the fact that people enjoy learning about her as well as dental health. Kahng makes an effort to reply to every comment and direct message, as long as they’re not “creepy” or requesting medical advice.

Medical influencing comes with its own ethical challenges, including patient privacy and consent when it comes to sharing images, medical advice, and product endorsements. Advisory groups are helping to ease medical professionals into the online world. One nonprofit, the Association for Healthcare Social Media, is in the process of creating online best practices for medical professionals, says the group’s president, Dr. Austin Chiang, director of the endoscopic bariatric program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital who has more than 23,000 followers on Instagram.

“With social media, we have to begin recognizing that this is where patients are spending their time and getting their information,” Chiang says. “We have to think about how we’re acting professionally on there. Are we disclosing our conflicts of interest? How do we properly make it clear to our followers whatever content we put out there is sponsored content?”

Chiang prefers to keep his posts informative and educational, sharing broad tips backed by science in the hopes of debunking health fads, which tend to proliferate online.

A mix of down-to-earth selfie videos and instructional infographics attracted 29-year-old Sohrab Jamshidi to his therapist’s Instagram about a year ago. At the time, she had about 6,000 followers, but over the course of their sessions, her follower count ballooned to more than 620,000. As a result of her burgeoning online popularity, the therapist (whose name Jamshidi declined to reveal) relinquished her Philadelphia office space and now holds virtual sessions with patients via Skype. “At this point, it’s an honor to still have any of her time. She seems so busy,” Jamshidi says.

Jamshidi is supportive of all the opportunities social media has afforded his therapist and says he feels lucky he was able to become a client while she was still accepting new patients. He’s like a fan who listened to a popular band before they were famous. Outside of their sessions being moved to video, social media celebrity hasn’t changed their relationship, Jamshidi says, except for one thing: the encroaching fear that his therapist may outgrow the people she cares for.

“I’m so afraid I’m going to lose her,” he says. “That’s the big thing in the back of my mind.”

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How to Create a Successful Healthcare Marketing Plan: Things you Must Consider - 

How to Create a Successful Healthcare Marketing Plan: Things you Must Consider -  | buy adderall , moerphine, xanax without prescription |

Marketing is the heart of any organization for its growth including the healthcare industry. Due to technology development, recent statistics proves that 70% of users look up health-related information through online. This proves that, online presence is necessary for all marketers who aim to grow their healthcare business. Let’s go through these top healthcare industry marketing strategies that you must use for your healthcare business to make it successful.

Email Marketing

Everyone in the marketing space knows email marketing is one of the powerful and efficient marketing channels that most of the businesses rely on when it comes to reaching targeted prospects and generating more leads. Email marketing can be used for different objectives based on various needs, especially when marketer’s target industry is healthcare. Scenting email continually is a must and good practice to keep healthcare professionals engage with the business brand. Across various industries, email marketing has achieved UN-measurable success due to its cost-effectiveness and its reach. However, few businesses get mess up with their first email marketing campaign due to lack of experience and understanding. Here are the few important email marketing tips for every marketer who about to start an email campaign for healthcare business.

  • Setting campaign goals

The email campaign without a goal can’t be measured and also can damage your brand. Therefore, healthcare marketers should understand the priority of setting goals for your email campaign by analyzing the requirement of business before getting started.

  • Identify Targeted Audience for your Business

From patients to medical devise manufactures, the healthcare industry has quite a variety of targets when compared to other industries that excite.  Depending on different types of a medical product, service and field specification, every business will have their own target audience. So, before starting an email campaign, marketers should identify and narrow down to whom the service should get reach. Most of the healthcare businesses define their audience based on demographics, geography, and behaviors.

  • Invest your time in building healthcare list

Once your audience is targeted and gets to know, to whom your product or service should get reach, the next thing every marketer need is data. You can build the list with your marketing skills or you can get a list from the trusted healthcare data provider which can be the instant solution and also you should be careful about the accuracy of the list, can avoid spam or incorrect address which will help your campaign to acquire good results.

  • Choose the email type

There are a variety of email campaign be like email newsletter, promotional emails, event invitation and announcement emails that marketers can send to their audience based on business requirements and goals.

  • Structure your Email Campaign

Structuring the campaign is one of the most important parts of email marketing. Structuring an email campaign includes a clear call to action button, images, attractive template design, catchy subject line, and relevant content will take prospects to the business website for further details.

Content Marketing

Almost every marketer knows that content is one of the powerful ways to describe the product or service and make the key prospects to get engaged with the business. Here are the few tips that bring your content alive and make the key prospects to get engage with your business.

  • Listen and Interact with your audience

The purpose of any marketing program is to get the key prospects and convert them into their customers. If you engage with an audience on social media or any other platform through your content, you can get to know the patients who are struggling with medical emergencies and also the customers who unsatisfied with your healthcare service or product that helps you to understand and implement better strategies in business.

  • Document the strategy

Documenting a content marketing strategy is one of the best practices that help you to set a baseline for success. Also, it allows you to share it with the hospital organization and explain the goals of your program.

  • Measure and report

As a marketer, you need to know that “Are people are reading and engaging with your content? “ Also, you need to measure the output of your content “return on investment” by analyzing increased hospitals lookup and booked appointments.

Social Media Marketing

Social media opens many opportunities for healthcare by its massive user engagement and also it allows businesses to built connections share and develop a business relationship with key prospects. Recent research proves that 70% to 75% of US consumers look over the internet for healthcare advice before visiting the hospital. Also, through social media, patients and manufacturers can develop a first impression of the hospital or physician before the meeting.

By engaging your business in the social media platform, a healthcare organization can help revitalize the word of mouth referrals and has the power to eliminate barriers by the lack of communication.

Mobile Marketing

In the healthcare industry, mobile marketing has shown its proven results through SMS, calls and various healthcare-related apps. So, before starting mobile marketing, the healthcare provider will first have to acquire the contact data (phone number) with the patient’s permission. Once marketers get data, they can connect patients through personal messages and can be used for Personal appointments, appointment reminders, and other need for personal communication. Mobile marketing allow marketers to target group of audience by using text blasts for updating health tips, appointment opening and more.

Also, mobile marketing has the ability to conquer b2b in healthcare through social media, emails, text message, etc… As a marketer we should understand 80% of people use their mobile to access the social media and emails. This allows manufacture to share their healthcare product videos and information that helps to find key prospects and make them engage with the business.


Marketing strategies are very important for any industry to run successful business campaigns. Online marketing will be one of the best platforms to increase b2b business customers due to its measurability and accurate targeting. Also, business can increase relevant customer base with less investment.

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Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram are now Guides to Mental Well-being 

Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram are now Guides to Mental Well-being  | buy adderall , moerphine, xanax without prescription |

People with serious mental illness face barriers to mental health treatment and are often reluctant to seek professional help.


Especially, if they have a co-occurring disorder, meaning they may struggle with any combination of addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., according to Buivydas.


“Many people are instead seeking support and information regarding their illness via the internet, especially on social media,” he says.


Pinterest, a well-known social network where people can find inspiration and ideas for interests and hobbies, made a move to remove posts related to self-harm. As a result, user reports on that type of content decreased by 88%.


Pinterest also launched a feature called “compassionate search” where users can combat stress and anxiety through healthy journaling and meditation. Additionally, when a user searches for the tag “self-harm” or anything similar, it leads them to healthy they’ll find 10 new coping exercises that can help them work through difficult emotions and feelings.


Similarly, back in April 2018, Instagram tackled their growing issue of drug-related hashtags.


Users were using hashtags like #opiates, #fentanyl, #oxycontin, and more to sell drugs. After mounting pressure from the FDA, senators and health advocates, Instagram removed those hashtags and any post or message related to those hashtags.


"Today, social media is the biggest outlet for people to seek support groups and like-minded individuals. But, sometimes those ‘support groups’ and like-minded people are doing more harm than good."


“These individuals may have conditions that can affect their ability to actively participate in their communities and/or build positive social relationships. Social media allows people with and without disabilities to connect with friends and family who are near and far. People struggling with serious mental illness can use social media to communicate with friends, find peer support, or receive health-related information. Indeed, social media can also support people with severe mental illness and their care teams as a positively oriented tool to find support and connect with events and opportunities in their community.”


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John Randle's curator insight, June 29, 3:42 AM

Rescooped by john from Social Media and Healthcare!

3 Steps to get your Voice Search Right

3 Steps to get your Voice Search Right | buy adderall , moerphine, xanax without prescription |

"Change is inevitable. Progress is optional" - Tony Robbins


One of the major draws of emerging and creative technology for brands is the ‘new factor’; the opportunity to be the first company to launch on a new platform – to boldly go where no brand has gone before.


The voice landscape has boomed in recent years due to its intrinsic link to traditional web search, a shift in consumer demands and major investment and hardware releases from Google and Amazon. Both giants have also opened up their platforms for companies to create their own voice apps called Google Actions and Alexa Skills.


The new voice app products have provided brands with a more relatable channel, with visible results, to invest time and money into. For example, the voice experience created through them could be a content marketing push, a utility, a customer service or a way to consume the brand’s product.


However, as with any new technology, brands are cautious with the amount of budget and time they invest, with most of the money being pulled from limited ‘innovation’ allocations. 


The current route most brands experimenting with voice are taking is the following:

  • Launch a voice app that performs a simple task
  • Track usage and gather user feedback
  • Regroup to understand what has worked and what hasn’t and build a plan for moving forward


How to get started – options to consider when investing in new technology


Regardless of the medium (whether it be VR, Voice, Podcasts, or a new social platform), the same methodology can be followed.


Option 1 - Limited scope on initial launch then expand


Launch with a limited set of functionalities, with a view to launching more features in the long term. For example, an e-commerce brand could launch a voice app that solely allows the user to check the status of existing orders. If results are positive, the brand might then invest more into adding functionality which allows in-app purchasing.


Option 2 - Launch a trial period


If you are unable to commit to a longer-term project, then launch for a specific period of time. For example, a brand may not be able to commit to launching a weekly podcast for a year. Instead, they could commit to just six episodes and launch as Season One of the podcast. If successful, Season Two could then follow.


Option 3 - Unbranded / Prototype


Often for brands, half the battle of creating and launching into a new technical platform is getting sign off from brand, marketing or compliance teams. This is often harder with new platforms as people are afraid of the unknown. In order to overcome this potential barrier, an option here is to start by pushing something to live under the guise of a ‘faux’ brand.


Learnings can then be gained and can help you to build a use case for getting the real sign off for release. Alternatively, a prototype for internal usage, which although might not have all the bells and whistles of the final product, can be a more cost and time-effective way to test and produce in a similar way.


While it is necessary to tread carefully with new tech innovations, it’s also crucial to think long-term. 


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