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Envision success in mind and it will help you to stand out. Learn how to achieve goals and make it come to reality
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Call Tracking

Try call tracking with memorable 800 numbers and enhanced call routing today!
Sheryl Roberts's curator insight, April 6, 2013 3:45 AM

Enabling you to return missed calls and recapture lost leads is a great way to help business succeed.

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3 Tips for Leading Successful Change

3 Tips for Leading Successful Change | Business: More Information! |

Via Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson's curator insight, March 26, 2013 1:48 AM

When attempting to implement change in their business practices or processes, many business owners overlook the key factor that must be taken into account, if  proposed changes are to have any chance of being successfully implemented.

As research has repeatedly shown, a large proportion of most change initiatives fail, and this failure is usually the result this key factor being over-looked at all stages of planning and implementing proposed changes.

This excellent article, identifies human behaviour as the key factor most often over-looked by those charged with managing the change process in businesses everywhere, and it provides three tips to follow so that your next change process succeeds.

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Finances of Toronto business improvement group questioned -

Finances of Toronto business improvement group questioned - | Business: More Information! | Finances of Toronto business improvement group questioned One of the largest neighbourhood business organizations in Toronto is facing questions about the benefits its members are receiving in exchange for the levy they are required...
Sheryl Roberts's insight:

Business improvements needs a better handling of finances as well as valued customers

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Big Money Is Moving To Socially Responsible Investing

Big Money Is Moving To Socially Responsible Investing | Business: More Information! |

Mega-sized endowments, pension funds and hedge funds have the ability to move the markets and change investing trends. So when two of the largest begin moving into a style or sector, it can be fruitful for us regular retail investors to pay attention.

In this case, two of California’s largest pension funds (CalPERs & CalSTERs) have recently made environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues a major theme to their investment process. While ESG investing has been generally been disappointing in the returns department over the last decade or so, the pension funds shift into the portfolio style certainly could bring better prospects in the years ahead.

Overall, California’s decision could be the catalyst to make ESG investing more main stream and profitable.

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Via W. Robert de Jongh
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6 Small Business Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

6 Small Business Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity | Business: More Information! |

Via Daniel Watson
Sigrid de Kaste's curator insight, April 10, 2013 10:45 PM

Is it a 'gift' or a personlity trait, or can we all 'learn' it? Time Management is an immense strain on a lot of business owners

Here some worth while tips for you

claire butterworth's curator insight, April 16, 2013 4:23 AM

A key skill, that every business owner needs to master for the sake of their business, is the skill to make inspiring formal and informal presentations.


The secret to making really good presentations, is to understand and practice the six fundamental elements, that every presentation must address in order to be of value to the audience.

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Charlie Gilkey's curator insight, November 10, 2014 11:45 AM

There's more and more both anecdotal evidence and research coming out to show that writing your plan helps you solidify and encode what needs to be done better than just typing it out.


Then again, typing it out is far superior to having it roll around in your brain forever.

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Get Established Before It's Too Late

Get Established Before It's Too Late | Business: More Information! |

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If your answer is yes, then, you are just one of those business owners who are willing to take the risk and ready to take the challenge to achieve their goals in business. For some entrepreneurs, it may take for a while to step up and be on top, but for some, it is easier.


Learn what the large companies are doing that kept them in that level. When you've reached the top, it doesn't mean you will stop. Rather, keep in mind that more opportunities will open once you're there. Continue to create more ideas for the customers in order to become more reliable and established.


Established companies prefer to use vanity numbers for their business phone. It benefits the corporation and the customers as well. It is a great step a small business can take when an entrepreneur decides to get a vanity number. Getting an 800 number is easy. You can choose from the variety of true numbers. You can even prefer to choose your own prefix. It could be a repeater number, these numbers are impossible to forget. Or choose the brand name or the product name for it to be simple, unique and easy to remember. Vanity numbers have been widely used in the industry. It is a great tool for branding recognition. It creates an impact to customers and the industry. Existing or potential customers would think that a business is reliable and has been in the industry for quite a while. Hence, the market wouldn't hesitate in giving their trust to your business. Vanity numbers enhance customer service. Increasing customer satisfaction. As soon as the campaign is presented, we can never be sure if possible and existing customers will be able to take note of the number that they could reach. But, with vanity numbers, it is easier for them to memorize and recall at the same time. At this point in time, you are thinking customers are treated as king. After all, without them, no business would even exist. A virtual phone system is provided to continue assisting the customer's concern. Calls can be routed to the right location. Call centers have been using the system to focus on each customer calling. Call tracking can record each call that has been made. Call tracking is an excellent tool to provide quality service. Keeping a record of the customer's information so you will have a knowledge how you will be able to assist and offer. Not only can customers call, marketers will be able to contact the customers in return in order to give promotions and update on your business.


It is never to late to reach the top. The road to success doesn't take overnight. Always remember, to have a progress in each step. Take care of the customers, because they determine whether your business will work or not. Just take one step at a time to realize your visions. Customers can take your business on top and become an established corporation else, they can bring you down. 

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