Boston bombing
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Boston bombing suspect taunting the public uses twitter account to tweet 'stay safe'

Boston bombing suspect taunting the public uses twitter account to tweet 'stay safe' | Boston bombing |
Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev has tweeted since the Boston Marathon bombings on what two friends of his tell CNN is his Twitter account.

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littlebytesnews's curator insight, April 19, 2013 2:09 PM

Now he's taunting the public through his twitter account?? Can't they track him through his twitter account???


Boston Bomb Suspects’ Father Lashes Out Again--Claims sons innocent and being framed by cops!??

Sister of suspected Boston Marathon bombers lives in NJ, 'I don't know what's gotten into them' |


This disturbing video was taken from Suspect 2′s (19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s) social media page //he lists worldview as Islam ...wait I thought Islam was a religion?? I'm a Catholic and Christian but I don't use my religion to dictate my worldview, other than my belief in respect for others...opposing oppression, tyranny and terrorism/killing of innocent lives. But, people don't need religion to know that you should respect others, and oppose these things...but it sure helps to have a strong foundation with morals and beliefs based on these beliefs. Islam is not based on these beliefs and does not teach love and respect for others!


Dead Boston bombing suspect was a ‘very religious’ Muslim boxer;wouldn't take shirt off so girls don't get bad ideas...


FBI Surveillance Video Related to Boston Bombings Shows Suspect in White Hat Believed To Have Left Bag with second bomb ;


Blaze Exclusive w/Video: Saudi National Once Considered ‘Person of Interest’ To Be Deported or Not Be Deported?


Unoffficial photos released of potential suspects:  

Are these the 'Suspects' the Same as The ones the FBI is investigating?


UPDATE:Fox: Steve Emerson,Terrorism Expert,says Saudi questioned yesterday going to be deported next week...


FLASHBACK: In 2010, al-Qaida magazine recommended pressure cookers as homemade bombs&as recently as last


RT @littlebytesnews: Gaza’s Jihadiya Salafia group further said that al-Qaida is being credited for the attack in its affiliated online ;


8yro Martin Richards, First Victim Named in Boston Marathon Bombing At Least Three Dead and Over 140 Injured


Breaking:Saudi suspect ruled out...Pressure cookers with ball bearings used to maximize casualties-Al Qaeda magazine described similar attack last mont in online magazine


Worst. President. Ever… Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack Cements Obama Legacy as Complete Failure


Possible Al-Shabab Link to Boston Terrorist Attack--See Tweets praising #Bostonbombings

 Muslims Praise Boston Bombing - They hate us,why let them come here?


Jordan extremist praises Boston bombing |


The One Fund...Help Boston Bombing Victims |

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19 April, 18th Anniversary Of The OKC Bombing - Conservative Byte

19 April, 18th Anniversary Of The OKC Bombing - Conservative Byte | Boston bombing |
18th Anniversary Of The OKC Bombing

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