German plans for EU army ‘dangerous fantasy that diverts money from NATO’ – Brexiteers | BOCA NO TROMBONE! |

Brexiteers campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union are incensed at leaked German plans for an EU army, arguing that an additional center of European defense would see the US withdraw NATO funding.
Their comments come after German plans for a European military HQ and the pooling of equipment to serve such a force came to light.

Despite a German defense official telling the Times he had no knowledge of a delay, critics claim the plan had been marked for publication in June but was put back to avoid influencing Britain’s EU referendum.

Former British Foreign Secretary Lord Owen warned the move could see the US withdraw funding from NATO.

“What is needed is a far greater European commitment to NATO, not the creation of a military establishment within a dysfunctional European Union,” he told the Times.

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