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\\ What to know before you visit a jazz club What the hell do I wear? Is there a password? Why is everybody clapping before the song’s over? There’s nothing like the buzz of anticipation (and anxiety) to proceed your first visit to a jazz club. Going to one for the first time may feel like a daunting concept, but chill; you’ll find audience members as interesting as the artists, an anything goes attitude and of course, music that says “screw you” to limitations. \\ How to prep for a jazz club visit Honestly, just rock up. Whether it’s a sit-down vibe or a bit more animated, just because you haven’t headed to a jazz club before doesn’t mean you can’t meander in like a boss. Although there’s nothing wrong with swotting up on the artist’s Facebook page or downloading the album on Spotify first. \\ Look the part at a jazz club It’s okay to wear black roll necks, velvet jackets and cravats – with some irony; that outdated jazzism has been long relegated alongside awkward lift music. There’s always going to be shows to bring out the sequins for – really, you should read our alternative review of Sun Ra Arkestra’s recent gig – but most venues won’t insist a dress code on you. For some clubs, dressing up is actually pretty unheard of – take basement bar Small’s in NYC (below) – you’re more likely to see local students busting out a solo in baggy jeans and caps than a slick suit. No need to question your wardrobe decisions – maybe just avoid your 1ft tall Canadian mountie hat a la Pharrell if you intend on bagging a front-row spot. \\ Look the part at a jazz club It’s a safe bet to say that most sizeable cities have a club.... Continue Reading

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