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Donald Trump and the Republicans are so fixated on blowing up everything that Barack Obama touched, that they don’t give any thought to how many people are caught in the explosion. While it may have seemed that their efforts to annihilate the American health care system with a poorly-constructed, hastily assembled, fundamentally awful bill ended in failure back in August, they’re back. And they’ve doubled down on a bill that would:

Give states the option of ending protection on pre-existing conditions
Allow insurance companies to raise rates when someone becomes ill
Implement a formula that robs blue states to fund red states
That last point makes the bill especially attractive to some Republican Senators. Even though the bill would hurt people in their owns states, it would hurt people in California and New York so much worse. In fact, the bill is specifically designed to attack the states that have done the most to help their own citizens. The more programs and assistance a state has implemented, the more it’s punished. The more slothful, stingy, and insensitive a state has been, the greater its reward. That’s an idea Republicans can sell.

As the New York Times puts it …

It is hard to overstate the cruelty of the Graham-Cassidy bill. It would eliminate the mandate that even healthy people buy health insurance, end the subsidies that help people purchase coverage and stop the expansion of Medicaid. It would offer states block grants they could use to help people get insurance but would leave people at the mercy of individual state legislatures and, over all, would provide $239 billion less than what the federal government would spend under current law between 2020 and 2026, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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