‘DNC emails could have come from internal leak - not Russia hackers’ | BOCA NO TROMBONE! | Scoop.it
Annie Machon: Well, it seems very ‘intelligence-light,’ shall we say. They are going to claim that they need to cut out the actual smoking gun, the evidence from this report. I don’t think anyone would be surprised at the depth of the penetration of the internet, the gathering of information that is done across the internet. As the former technical director of the NSA [William Binney] the whistleblower has said publically many times: if indeed there had been hacking, there would be traces that could be found. The fact that those traces have not been found - have not been reported without any particular scientific methodology behind it - does make the report very evidence light. Also, there has been a lot of other information coming out as well, which does indicate this could be a leak inside, rather than an external attack from outside.

Via ThePlanetaryArchives/BlackHorseMedia - San Francisco