Prosciutto is one type of ham produced in Italy. This ham is sliced very thin and served uncooked. In the Marche the most known ham is the Prosciutto di Carpegna
This prosciutto is made in the town of Carpegna, Italy and is considered more flavorful due to the abundance of pepper used in the spice and pepper mixture. To make Prosciutto di Carpegna, the pig is raised and slaughtered in Lombardy, the Marches or Emilia Romagna. Salt is rubbed into the fresh ham by hand and left to rest for one week. More salt is rubbed into the ham, and it is then left to cure for two weeks. After two weeks, the outside of the ham is rubbed with a mixture of pepper, spices, flour and lard. The ham is then left to age at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius for 14 months.

Via Mariano Pallottini