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The Miraculous Web of Life Sustains ALL Species on Planet Earth – Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy Humans. WITHOUT NATURE WE DO NOT EXIST. PERIOD.  To the degree Nature is sick, so are we.  We humans must reintegrate into the greater web of life as a species within it and not separate from it, by returning to respect and restoring balance and harmony to that which supports all life on this planet ... Nature ... #GDP should be replaced by #EcoEconomics ... Putting front and center the concerns for how we are destroying and objectifying the natural world for profit  #Conservation #Ecosystems #Wildlife #Forests #Environment #Biodiversity #Ecoeconomics #CSR #GDP #Anthropocene
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Interpol demands crackdown on 'serious and organised' eco crime

Interpol demands crackdown on 'serious and organised' eco crime | BIODIVERSITY IS LIFE  – |
Ivory poaching and illegal logging requires needs tougher enforcement and intelligence input, says Interpol director...
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A VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO - Who Gave Us the Right? "Green - Death of the Forests" (:45min)

A VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO - Who Gave Us the Right?  "Green - Death of the Forests" (:45min) | BIODIVERSITY IS LIFE  – |

“If we never look at the consequences of our behavior, we can always maintain the illusion of our competence. ." Dietrich Dörner



Green is an unusual film. It contains no narrative or dialogue and yet helps us understand complex commodity chains. It is both a hard hitting portrayal of the causes and consequences of deforestation in Indonesia, and a film which captures the tranquillity and calm of wild nature.  The film takes viewers on an emotional journey, following Green's final days and revealing the devastating impact of fulfilling unbridled consumerism thru logging, land-clearing and palm oil plantations.

Stunning images of the natural world and its biodiversity are counter-pointed with scenes of their destruction and the resulting loss of all life in the forest. NOTE: This film contains upsetting scenes including cruelty to animals.


Producers BLOG for Educational Purposes:


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