Top 5 Myths About Big Data
Quick reminder about five commonly held, yet inaccurate beliefs, related to Big Data. [Sponsored content]
"It appears that Big Data is still a very big mystery to many, including some in the field. Here are the top five Big Data myths."
The Big Data Landscape - Forbes
With the recent IPO of Splunk (currently valued at just over $3 Billion), a lot of attention has turned to Big Data. Problem is, it’s tough to keep track of all the companies involved in the space.
How To Rein In The Riches Of Big Data
Good overview on how marketing departments can utilitize the deluge of data to their firm's advantage. Content is sponsored article by Adobe, on their excellent content marketing portal

"It’s no secret that brands are being deluged by what one expert refers to as “a tsunami of data.” B...
Why 'big data' is a magnet for startups
So-called "big data" opens up new ways to mine the Web and social media for consumers and business. Data gurus say these apps require a rethink in how computing systems are built.

VIDEO - Big data and your privacy visualized - Loss of Privacy
This 3 minute video does a terrific job visualizing the impact big data is having on our online privacy. A must watch.
Big Data’s Impact in the World
For those who can make sense of the explosion of data, there are job opportunities in fields as diverse as crime, retail and dating.
Big Data Research Brief: time to educate yourself | Enterprise CIO Forum
Research brief on the why CIO's should care about Big Data and why analytics should include big data.

Downloadable PDF file (no registration required).

IDG Survey commissioned by H-P.

Five big data predictions for 2012 - O'Reilly Radar
Big data predictions from Forbes for 2012:

The coming year of big data will bring developments in streaming data frameworks and data marketplaces, along with a maturation in the roles and processes of data science.

How Big Data can fuel bigger growth - Accenture Outlook
In the right hands and handled strategically, the massive amounts of information companies collect today can become a valuable new asset.
IDC's Dan Vesset: Big Data Players to Grow in 2012, Disappear by 2015
Bold prediction from Dan Vesset of IDC on the near and medium term future for big data.
Following Digital Breadcrumbs To 'Big Data' Gold : NPR
In the past couple of years, computing, storage and bandwidth capacity have become so cheap that it's altered the scale of what's possible in terms of collecting and analyzing data at every turn. The first in a two part series from NPR on Big Data.

Infographic - Finding high ground as Big Data swells - CenturyLink Experience Portal
By 2015, nearly 3 billion people will be online, pushing the data created and shared to nearly 8 zettabytes. Is your network ready for the deluge? Exploring this infographic is the first step toward building a tangible plan and it may be the difference between reacting and prospering in Big Data’...
The Future Of Twitter Is In Data, Not Advertising, Says New DataSift CEO
With 100 million active users and as many as 6,000 tweets per second, Twitter contains a huge trove of valuable data.

DataSift helps companies analyze and make sense of that data.

The Web's Crystal Ball Gets an Upgrade - Technology Review

Bitly's shortened links can forecast the next trend online—a partnership with Verisign is about to boost that predictive power.
Microsoft Riding Windows Embedded to Big Data Payoff - Windows - News & Reviews
Microsoft has big plans for big data with Windows 8:

In updating the road map for its Windows Embedded platform, Microsoft shows how it plans to tap into the Big Data opportunity created by a world of connected intelligent devices.
Case Study - How Etsy handcrafted a big data strategy
E-commerce site Etsy has grown to 25 million unique visitors and 1.1 billion page views per month, and it's generating the data volumes to match. Using tools such as Hadoop and Splunk, Etsy is turning terabytes of data per day into a better product.
For science, big data is the microscope of the 21st century - GigaOM
Johns Hopkins is taking a $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation to build a 100 gigabit per second network to shuttle data from the campus to other large computing centers at national labs and even at Google. The network will be capable of transferring an amount of data equivalen...
Accel Makes Big Commitment To Big Data With $100M Fund
Accel Partners has set aside $100 million to invest in start-ups that are trying to harness the power of big data, the firm will announce at the Hadoop World conference in New York this morning, aiming to consolidate its position as one of the earliest investors in these companies as the amou...
What is big data? Bloor Research Sets the Record Straight
Apart from industry hype it's easier to say what big data is not. To begin with it is not Hadoop (see preface to this series: What is Hadoop?). Nor is it simply having lots of data. And especially it is nothing to do with having lots of transactional data

Let's think about data growth for a mom...
Informatica makes first step to transforming data inside Hadoop » Ovum
Hadoop benefits elusive for typical enterprises; Informatica hopes to change that:

"Informatica takes an important baby step towards bringing data transformation inside Hadoop, a development that will lower the barriers for enterprises wishing to tap the power of MapReduce processing in working...
Healthcare has a problem: big data & the law of seven
"First, the doubling time of medical knowledge is currently estimated to be less than ten years and continues to decrease. Second, the volume of medical literature that a busy doctor needs to read to stay current keeps increasing and all too frequently different research reports present apparentl...
Big Traffic Bottlenecks to Plague Enterprise Data Centers: 10 Reasons Why - IT Infrastructure - ...
We all know about Big Data as it refers to growing workloads of structured and unstructured data pouring into data centers. Well, networks handling Big Traffic are what brings all this data into servers, storage arrays and cloud services.
From Bondi to the big bucks: the 28-year-old who’s making data science a sport
Kaggle is a platform where companies, researchers and governments can host competitions to help solve huge data-related problems. About 50 competitions have been run to date and members take just days to solve problems that have stumped scientists for years.
Q&A: Sybase Addresses Big Data-
Sybase has announced the newest version of its analytics database, Sybase IQ. This latest release, 15.4, is aimed at helping clients handle the challenges of mining big data. The vendor has expanded support for in-database analytics and IQ now integrates with Apache Hadoop, an open-source framewo...
The Glory of Big Data | Popular Science
Suddenly, we can know the world completely. And then what?

Big Data, Speed and the Future of Computing - New York Times
Big data computing is as much about speed as a surge in data, and that will bring sweeping changes in the computer industry. ...

Not today or tomorrow perhaps, but big data portends striking changes for the computer industry, predicted [John E.] Kelly of I.B.M. “It’s going to break all of the ...
Big data: Making even call centers intelligent - GigaOM
Does big data have a roll in making the inbound call-center experience more enjoyable for everyone involved?

Predictive analytics, says Deepak Advani of IBM, have a powerful potential role to play:

"Basically, it’s a matter of putting analytics tools to work for customer service reps without ...
Big Data and Little Data - Forbes
A "sponsored post" at Forbes from Praveen Asthana of Dell on "Big Data" and "Little Data". Ask the question: how exactly is big data different from "normal" sized data?

"Big Data refers to huge amounts of data, hundreds of terabytes, even petabytes (1,000 terabytes) of information. It usually ...
Building data startups: Fast, big, and focused - O'Reilly Radar
Very cool look at the emerging "big data" startup scene and its implications -

The emergence of data startups highlights the democratizing consequences of a maturing big data stack. Companies can now build offerings and turn their focus to developing analytics and services.
Web 2.0 Expo: LinkedIn's Big Data Lessons Learned - The BrainYard - InformationWeek
Former LinkedIn chief scientist DJ Patil shares advice on turning large-scale data into useful products.
Hadoop, Business Analytics and Beyond - Wikibon
A Big Data Manifesto from the Wikibon Community:

"From storage and server technology that support Big Data processing to front-end data visualization tools that bring new insights alive for end-users, the emergence of Big Data also provides significant opportunities for hardware, software, and ...
Getting Big Brother Right - Opinion
Big Data company Cataphora believes there are six reasons *employees* would want their communications and other digital activity monitored:

- If you’ve got nothing to hide, don’t hide anything.
- There is a lot of good information to be garnered from monitoring communication
- Even the best of ...
Do we need a line between big data and big brother?
O'Reilly have a new book out about Privacy and Big Data. GigaOm asks the important question -- should there be legislative firewalls between Big Data and "Big Brother":

We often laud big data when it's capturing and storing all sorts of new data types, but would the positive tone change if we ...
Privacy and Big Data
Comprehensive new book from O'Reilly on the privacy implications of the big data era:

Much of what constitutes Big Data is information about us. Through our online activities, we leave an easy-to-follow trail of digital footprints that reveal who we are, what we buy, where we go, and much more....
A New Way to Visualize Big Data
Line graphs and bar and pie charts and scatter plots all work well enough when there are just a few types of data or relationships to display. But in the ocean of big data they’re overwhelmed like dinghies in a storm. They’re limited to a flat world of two dimensions, an X and a Y, a vertical and...
Baseball, Big Data, And Learnings From Advanced Analytics | Fast Company
Gleaning insights from big data carries value across all aspects of baseball, from media outlets covering reactions to the game and players, to businesses marketing to fans, and to players and coaches themselves. Analyzing data to generate actionable insights in baseball affords major league team...
The Cutter Blog » Blog Archive » Gimme fast data, not big data
A helpful thought experiment from Cutter:

"All the focus on big data is missing the point. Yes, high performance computing architectures let us analyze very large data sets. And yes, that is interesting and helpful. But let’s go with a thought experiment here. Imagine the following:

- Real-ti...
Six Provocations for Big Data by danah boyd, Kate Crawford :: SSRN
Must read:

The era of Big Data has begun. Computer scientists, physicists, economists, mathematicians, political scientists, bio-informaticists, sociologists, and many others are clamoring for access to the massive quantities of information produced by and about people, things, and their intera...
Big Data: It’s both about size and technique | memeburn
We're in the age of the petabyte, exabyte and zettabyte. We're being overwhelmed with information, and we don't know what to do about it.
How social media and big data will unleash what we know | ZDNet
Are we prepared for what social media + big data will unleash? Good post from last spring at ZDNet still worth bubbling up:

Today social media generates more information in a short period of time than was previously available in the entire world a few generations ago. Making sense of it and un...
Big Data, MapReduce, Hadoop, NoSQL: The Relational Technology Behind the Curtain
What are the boundaries to big data? Is the future bright for relational databases? Good questions to ask.
IBM Beats Oracle, Microsoft With Big Data Leap
IBM announced Monday that its Hadoop-based InfoSphere BigInsights distributed data-processing and analysis platform is available immediately as a service on the vendor's SmartCloud Enterprise infrastructure.
Ehrenberg's 'Big Data'-Focused IA Ventures Nears Close on $110M Fund II
There's big money flowing into the big data startup scene:

Less than a year after raising a $50 million debut fund, New York-based IA Ventures has raised nearly 90% of a second fund with a $110 million target.The firm has closed on $97.75 million for IA Venture Strategies Fund II LP, according ...
'Big data' prep: 5 things IT should do now
Ready or not, big data is coming. Here are 5 things IT managers can do today to prepare for the data deluge of tomorrow. - Take stock of your data
- Let business needs drive data dives
- Re-evaluate infrastructure and data architecture
- Bone up on the technology
- Prepare to hire or retrain staff
Challenges and Solutions For Handling The Big Data Faucet
So how *do* you get a handle on the big data deluge? Some suggestions from Agile Analytics -

Between the millions of blogs, hundreds of sources of open social information streams along with the massive number of popular platforms for online conversations, companies will face a growing challenge...
Action-Enabled Enterprises in the World of Big Data | Sandhill
So what is an Action-Enabled Enterprise?

Even today, most organizations are building systems to react to data events. The demand for these systems is huge and growing as more data comes into play and, unfortunately, this demand is queued up at the IT project sausage machine and each one is buil...
IBM Seeks Bigger Stake In Big-Data Analytics
IBM has made a big bet on providing analysis of what are known as big data, and this week the company seeks to build on its position.

At a conference it is hosting in Las Vegas for more than 10,000 clients and partners, the Armonk, N.Y., company says it plans to unveil, among other items, a new...
Incorporating Big Data into an Enterprise Information Architecture - A Q&A Spotlight with Oracle'...
Ron Powell's interview with George Lumpkin, Oracle's Vice President of Product Managment, Data Warehousing. Ron and George discuss the trends in data warehousing, big data analytics and grid computing, and how Oracle's Exadata platform is taking these trends to a new level.
Random Musings on Big Data
Great post on what Big Data is and how it's different from old fashioned "data".

"My own definition of Big Data is quite simple. It’s the collection, capture, and analysis of billions of data points about any subject. Sure, databases have been doing this kind of thing for ages; the difference i...
EMC Live Webcast: How to Successfully Exploit Big Data for Business Advantage
Webcast from EMC on November 2, 2011:

Learn how to identify where and how big data analytics can be successfully deployed so that it will yield real business value.
Video: Michael Dell on Distilling Big Data
In this video, Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Inc., speaks with IWTV about how to distill Big Data into something meaningful and translate it into customers. David Berlind interviews Dell while at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco ...
Understanding Big Data analytics
Now that the cloud computing bandwagon is out of gas, vendors have jumped on the next one to roll down the pike: Big Data. And as with previous hype cycles, Big Data is now a source of confusion for users as vendors put forth their own unique and often conflicting definitions of the term. The...
The Big Business of 'Big Data'
Are we in a big data bubble? Yes, of course (and that's a good thing).
How big data will help manage a world of 7 billion people
This is a good review of the potetional applications of big data with respect to energy, food and water resource management:

"By this time next week, the world will have 7 billion people in it, and this population growth will fundamentally change the way populations use resources like energy, w...
#Oracle Is Buying #Endeca – Because It Wants To
Contratian and thoughtful article on why Oracle purchased Endeca.
Why cloud computing is expanding the powers of Big Data analysis (Wired UK)
According to Werner Vogels,'s chief technology officer, data analysis -- specifically "Big Data" analysis -- is the backbone of modern business. Without it, your survival chances are limited and, with the growth of cloud computing it's becoming easier than ever for startups and SMEs
US Government Nanotechnology Strategy Touts Big Data, Modeling » CCC Blog
Opinion - Barbara Jorgensen - Measuring the Value of 'Big Data' in the Supply Chain
As a consumer, I am concerned about the information that is collected and recorded about me and my habits. As a business journalist, I see the value of collecting this data.
Here Comes the Data Monster
"Big data" is the big new buzz phrase in technology, and Teradata is the Big Daddy of the field.

Big data refers to vast amounts of diverse, unstructured data that are difficult for traditional analytical systems to handle. Social media networks such as Google (ticker: GOOG) and Facebook, for i...
Really big data in the real world with Quantcast
There is a seismic shift going on within the online advertising market; not only is it growing in importance at the expense of more traditional channels, but the nature of the advertising displayed is changing rapidly. The advertising world used to be one based upon periodic agreements to buy slo...
Big-Data Success Stories: Splunk
In the second part of our series on companies in the big-data field that are showing progress, we take a look at Splunk, which helps companies analyze their data logs.
Big Data - Big Change or Big Hype? | SmartData Collective
In the Information part of Information Technology, Big Data is the Big Hit of 2011. It's also a wonderful phrase to play with: take the "big", place it in front of a few other words and suddenly you have a strapline... or a blog title! So, is it a big change for IT, or is it just big hype?

Big Data Technology Evaluation Checklist - Forbes
Anyone who’s been following the rapid-fire technology developments in the world that is becoming known as “big data” sees a new capability, product, or company founded literally every week. The ambition of all of these players, established and newcomer, is tremendous, because the potential value ...
IBM discusses bringing big data applications to businesses - ZDNet (blog)
Enterprises are recognizing the potential for leveraging the web sources for broader business intelligence, as well as their internal content, according to David Barnes, program director of emerging Internet technologies for the IBM Software Group.

The traditional type of analytics platforms th...
CMO role to become more data-focused and less creative | News | Marketing Week
IBM’s 2011 global CMO study claims that the majority of CMOs across the world still feel underprepared to meet a forecasted “data explosion” that will allow them to better measure the ROI of campaigns

The study found that 87% of CMOs in the UK and Ireland and 71% interviewed globally said they ...
Oracle Mimics HP With 'Big Data' Buy | Wired Enterprise |
Despite mocking and saying it already had solutions for the world's unstructured data, Oracle has escalated the "Big Data" arms race, acquiring Cambridge-based analytics outfit Endeca.
12 Top Big Data Analytics Players -- InformationWeek
When data grows into the tens or even hundreds of terabytes, you need a special technology to quickly make sense of it all. From Hadoop to Teradata, check out the top platform options.
How Big is Big Data in Healthcare?
So, why all the recent hype about Big Data in Healthcare? Have hospitals suddenly started to treat significantly more patients or double the number of lab tests and EKGs? Have Health Plans recently dramatically increased the number of patients that they provide insurance coverage to? Has there be...
Authors to Get Sales Data From Three Big Publishers | Publishing Digital |
Simon & Schuster, Random House and the Hachette Book Group said they would allow authors to access book sales data online, a service Amazon began providing last year.
Using Big Data To Save Consumers Money - MSDN Blogs [video interview]
White Paper: Big Data for the Future – Unlocking the Predictive Power of the Web
A blog post from Recorded Future...
Beyond Big Data: Gartner on "Extreme Information Management"
"There is no such thing as information overload," Beyer said, because IT organizations must deal with the data and can’t surrender. By 2015, organizations that build a modern information management system will outperform their peers financially by 20 percent."
How the cloud helps manufacturers handle 'Big Data'
‘Big Data’ has been highlighted as one of the key IT trends for the next few years for manufacturers and supply chain pros (How the cloud helps manufacturers handle ‘Big Data’ - Supply Chain Digital
Big Data, Analytics and the Path From Insights to Value - MIT Sloan Management Review
Big Data, Analytics and the Path From Insights to Value.
Big data can enable world-changing apps, says LinkedIn co-founder
LinkedIn’s co-founder discusses the LinkedIn Skills platform and what that means for big data and Web 3.0.
Anthropologist for Intel describes Big Data as a person [video]
If Big Data were a person, who would it be? What would they look like? Antropologist for Intel, Genevieve Bell, attempts to describe this hypothetical person.
Big Data Creating A Surveillance Society
A surveillance society is not only inevitable, it's worse. It's irresistible to corporations.
Big Data in the Dirt (and the Cloud)
A company called the Climate Corporation was formed in 2006 by two former Google employees who wanted to make use of the vast amount of free data published by the National Weather Service on heat and precipitation patterns around the country.

We took 60 years of crop yield data, and 14 terabyte...
Major investments show promise of big data in biotech - GigaOm
Cloud-based DNA-sequencing specialist DNAnexus has closed a $15 million second round led by Google Ventures and TPG Biotech. Elsewhere, we learned Wednesday that agribusiness giant Monsanto has deployed Cloudant’s NoSQL database as the underpinning of the company’s genomics system. Big data techn...
The Relationship Between Social Media Buzz and TV Ratings
As television becomes more digital social media will continue to play an increasingly important role in how consumers discover and engage with various forms of content, including TV.
'Big data,' digital tools may predict future
'Big data,' digital tools may predict futureSan Francisco ChronicleThe most optimistic researchers believe that these storehouses of "big data" will for the first time reveal sociological laws of human behavior - enabling them to predict political...
Really big data: The challenges of managing mountains of information
Here's how four organizations -- the Library of Congress, Mazda, Nielsen and -- manage their massive data stores.
How Amazon uses big data to prevent warehouse theft
Today at the Web 2.0 Summit, Alyssa Henry, VP of Amazon’s AWS Storage Services, gave one example of how Amazon uses its cloud storage and processing power to handle one issue that is little thought about but vital to its overall profitability: combatting warehouse theft.

To determine which item...
Interview - LinkedIn's Big Data Lessons Learned
Former LinkedIn chief scientist DJ Patil shares advice on turning large-scale data into useful products.
Interview - "Big Data: we have the technology, but not the vision" (Todd Walter, Teradata)
Big Data’s big questions, explored in a chat with Todd Walter, CTO of Teradata.
Are you ready for the era of ‘big data’? - McKinsey Quarterly
Radical customization, constant experimentation, and novel business models will be new hallmarks of competition as companies capture and analyze huge volumes of data. Here’s what you should know. A McKinsey Quarterly Strategy article.
How Yahoo Spawned Hadoop, the Future of Big Data | Wired
“There’s a change happening, driven by unprecedented volumes and velocities of
unstructured data. Traditional relational databases and business intelligence
software can’t handle this. The thesis is that Hadoop can.”
Big Data Means Big File Sharing - InformationWeek
Big Data means big file sharing. Enter: Aspera

From its roots in the media and entertainment market, Aspera is targeting the new offering to address the growing need for efficient "big data" transfer in industries ranging from defense to pharmaceuticals. Its first product, locally installed ser...