Top 5 Machine Learning Platforms for Developers
According to Gartner, organizations and data scientists rely on data science and machine learning platforms to build and deploy data science models using
AI researcher argues machine learning discoveries require checking
The accuracy and reproducibility of scientific discoveries made with machine-learning techniques should be questioned by scientists until systems can be developed that effectively critique themselves.
AI, machine learning, and deep learning: The complete guide
All about the business benefits, technology frameworks and models, and application of artificial intelligence for better business outcomes
Can Machine Learning Double Your Social Impact?
Most popular programming language frameworks and tools for machine learning
More than 1,300 people mainly working in the tech, finance and healthcare revealed which machine-learning technologies they use at their firms, in a new O'Reilly survey.
OpenAI’s new language system writes really great fake news
An impressive new language AI writes product reviews and news articles. Its creators are worried about misuse.
Data Digest: Data Science Limits, Tools, and Data Sources
How to stay realistic with data science, today’s leading data science tools, and how Twitter data is applied to research.
How to master machine learning and data science |
Learn to draw powerful conclusions from mountains of raw data
Data science is a growing field - here's how to train people to do it
Data science is experiencing significant growth. It is imperative that universities train graduates who can work in this expanding field.
Sensors and Machine Learning Are Giving Robots a Sixth Sense
Robots with chemical sensors could be highly accurate in smell and taste, but building in a robot’s sense of itself and its body is far more difficult.
10 Ways AI & Machine Learning Are Revolutionizing Omnichannel
Disney, Oasis, REI, Starbucks, Virgin Atlantic and others excel at delivering omnichannel experiences using AI and machine learning to fine-tune their selling and service strategies.
NLP to break down human communication: How AI platforms are using natural language processing
Many programs such as chatbots and virtual assistants are made possible through the use of natural language processing or NLP
Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence: Definitions and Importance
Machine Learning is an area of AI with a goal to develop computational techniques on learning as well as the construction of systems capable of acquiring knowledge automatically.
OpenAI let us try its state-of-the-art NLP text generator
OpenAI's new family of language models achieves state-of-the-art performance on a number of NLP tasks -- and sometimes generates convincing original text.
How big data & machine learning may help companies prevent cyber breaches
As cyber crime becomes more sophisticated and even a method of warfare, technologies such as machine learning, big data, and blockchain will become prominent, according to analysis by consulting organization Frost & Sullivan. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has also opened up numerous po...
How big data is improving remote IT support | Articles | Chief Technology Officer | Innovation En...
Data management, security and compliance have long been a mainstay of IT's remit, but it's only recently that they are starting to be able to use big data.
Predicting consumer behavior with big data
Businesses of the past operated like a rookie playing darts, throwing something and hoping it sticks.
​How to differentiate between AI, machine learning, and deep learning
Tech leaders need to put AI and its subcategories into practice--and into common business vocabulary that everyone can understand.
3Q: Machine learning and climate modeling
As machine learning expands into climate modeling, MIT EAPS Associate Professor Paul O’Gorman answers what that looks like and why it's important now.
How to avoid unrealistic data science project expectations: 8 tips
Organizations are enthusiastic about hiring data scientists, but must remember that data-driven projects will not solve every problem.
How to make the most out of machine learning by investing in people and technology
Machine learning is poised to pave the way for many exciting opportunities for businesses, but there are many hurdles to be crossed before getting to the finishing line. Many organisations are stil…
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Industry, 2019: Market Research, Statistics, Tren...
How Natural Language Processing Is Transforming Business Intelligence Tools
Natural Language Processing has been on the rise — from simple text to speech conversion to powering intelligent voice assistants, we have seen various applications of NLP. Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa have become widely popular among users. Today, NLP has become a core component of all s...
UI + AI: Combine user experience design with machine learning to build smarter products
4 principles for finding efficiently combining the best product design methods with the pragmatic applications of machine learning:
Microsoft is tapping machine learning to curb ‘email overload’
Technology giant Microsoft is exploring ways of tapping machine learning to help employees of companies globally sift through the large amount of emails they receive on a daily basis, the company's research division said in a blog post.
How to decide if a data science degree is worth it, and choose the right program
Data scientists are in demand, but a master's degree in the field may not open as many doors as you think.
Data science and the currency of the future
Data science, or the ability to manage large amounts of data, is a skill set that is still evlolving as our data consumption continues to grow year by year and we underst.
Machine Learning to Promote People Learning
Artificial intelligence is the most effective technology to enable desired behavior change.
How NLP can help you to overcome anxiety and depression | London
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP to its friends) has rocketed into the wellbeing zeitgeist, without much of an introduction. 
New NLP approach should help Facebook’s machine army to really get vous..ahem you •
Facebook has shared an implementation for cross-lingual language model pretraining with the machine translation community to get NLP to the next level.
Understand the Future of Work through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Inquirer Bus...
The world is digitally connected faster than ever. Technologies are disrupting the world in an exceptional speed, having great impact particularly in the transformation of business models, companies,
Four Natural Language Processing Techniques To Increase Your Understanding
Here's a look at how some tech companies are using the power of NLP to change the future.
Robot hand uses machine learning to detect wearer's intention
A robot hand developed by Korean researchers can detect user's intention by using machine learning. It could help the disabled who lost hand mobility.
Review: Azure Machine Learning challenges Amazon SageMaker
Microsoft Azure’s plush, Python-based environment covers the full machine learning and deep learning development cycle
Five Reasons to Go to Mega-PAW, the Premier Machine Learning Conference - Predictive Analytics Ti...
When deciding on a machine learning conference, why go to Mega-PAW Vegas 2019? This five-conference event – June 16-20, 2019 at Caesars Palace – delivers brand-name, cross-industry, vendor-neutral case studies purely on machine learning's commercial deployment, and the hottest topics and techniques.
Learning Math For Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Programming
Khan Academy and Yup were great resources
Secure Data Inputs Improve Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning
With the privacy of data in mind, there are some very solid options for helping developers to improve the security and effectiveness of their AI and ML applications
Information theory holds surprises for machine learning
New research challenges a popular conception of how machine learning algorithms 'think' about certain tasks.
GitHub: The top 10 programming languages for machine learning
Online code repository GitHub has pulled together the 10 most popular programming languages used for machine learning hosted on its service, and, while Python tops the list, there's a few surprises.
The AI And Machine Learning Nirvana: Reachable With The Right Approach
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are often hailed as an operational nirvana, and they can be -- if organizations use and prepare for them carefully.
Guided automation for machine learning
Implementing a web-based blueprint for semi-automated machine learning, using the open source Knime Analytics Platform
Why Facebook's '10-Year Challenge' Is A Disaster For Big Data Surveillance
Whether the response to this latest viral meme is a change of direction or a bump in the road, it's too early to tell. But it's definitely an awakening of sorts. For the first time, Big Tech might not have its hands so firmly on the steering wheel. The thing is, though, no-one else does either.
Yahoo fait désormais partie d’Oath
Cognitive Computing Market 2025- Global Analysis and Forecasts by Technology, Deployment Type, En...
The global cognitive computing market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the leading market players and offers key trends and opportunities in the market.
The rise of machine learning in TV and film production | Comment
Jade McQueen from content management platform Box lays out a series of practical benefits to media companies of utilising AI/ML
Machine learning conference helps keep SA competitive
Capitec Bank and Praelexis recently hosted a high-profile Machine Learning Summer School in Stellenbosch, featuring expert speakers from around the world.
Researchers Revamp Fundamental Methods Used In Machine Learning
Kernel methods are used for pattern recognition in machine learning to make them more adept and applicable to the constantly changing world of technology.
How AI, machine learning improve real-time communications traffic
Organizations looking to modernize their networks can use AI and machine learning to improve legacy quality of service for real-time communications traffic with end-to-end network visibility and dynamic rerouting.
Google Gives Wikimedia Millions—Plus Machine Learning Tools
When the tech giant helps Wikipedia, it’s also helping itself.
How Companies Are Using Big Data to Boost Sales, and How You Can Do the Same
People used to think that big data was only for big business. They were wrong.
How Disruptive Technologies Like AI and NLP are Transforming Customer-Oriented Forecasting?
Artificial Intelligence with speech recognition, Natural Language Processing and and weighed outcomes, identify customer’s preferences The technology of AI/ML is well versed in learning from patterns that subscribers show in their behavior over time and offering personalized contents recommendati...
Big problems? How could AI and machine learning help? • The Register
Get a deep discount on deep learning
How to automate machine learning
KNIME’s blueprint for guided automation allows business analysts to train, test, and tune machine learning models via web browser
Seven things every executive should know about Machine Learning | ITProPortal
Do you struggle with building smart applications on top of your data lake? Big Data but not enough insights? Too much talking, not enough walking?
How To Build A Successful Machine Learning Product Like LinkedIn -AIM
With more than 200 million users logging in every month, the task of collecting, handling and serving the data accurately without any latency gets hectic.
Deloitte: Agencies Could Use Natural Language Processing to Derive Insights From Unstructured Dat...
13 Industries Soon To Be Revolutionized By Artificial Intelligence
Experts from Forbes Technology Council offer their predictions on which industries are about to be revolutionized by artificial intelligence (AI).
Derive Maximum Value From Artificial Intelligence With A Center of Excellence 
The key to making the most of artificial intelligence is to build the right Center of Excellence (CoE) that supports organizations by driving artificial intelligence initiatives from formulation to execution.
NVIDIA BrandVoice: A New, Faster Approach To Data Science And Machine Learning
Data science is key to a successful transformation into an AI-powered enterprise. GPU-accelerated data science enables a faster method to improve the efficiency of data science initiatives. Learn how RAPIDS, a new data science platform for enterprise, enables an accelerated data science pipeline.
The Rise of Automated Machine Learning
No matter what industry you're in, autoML can help you use machine learning successfully and extract and leverage business insights hidden in places where only machine learning can reach.
Putting Machine Learning to Use for Network Management
Will machine learning one day help our network management systems predict what a network is going to do?
NLP in News Feeds
The amount of news information a person can routinely access these days would have been unimaginable a hundred years ago. But we still have just 24 hours in a day, and only a single pair of eyes to read, and so the question arises: how to get as much valuable news as possible in a limited time?
Machine learning critical to drive data efficiency
Chisoo Lyons, Vice President, Analytics, FICO, outlines her prediction for 2019.
Explainability V/s Interpretability In Artificial Intelligence
Over the last few years, there have been several innovations in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Gain Long-Term Vision
While we wait for robots to take over the world, AI companies have focused on using this technology to engage us in conversation, understand what we want to buy and help us tackle fraud. It is now time to put AI to real work.
NLP with a fashion twist: Zalando's natural language processing framework
Who says natural language processing and fashion don't overlap? Zalando research brings the latest flair to the scene with their framework based on PyTorch.
Using machine learning for the early detection of anomalies helps to avoid damage
The analysis of sensor data of machines, plants or buildings makes it possible to detect anomalous states early and thus to avoid further damage. For this purpose, the monitoring data is searched for anomalies. By means of machine learning, anomaly detection can already be partially automated.
Management AI: Anomaly Detection And Machine Learning
The machine learning systems coming to market now are beginning to provide simpler interfaces that allow people other than data scientists to work with anomalies, fine tune to minimize false positives and false negatives, and otherwise manage their businesses with improved accuracy.
Top 5 ways humans bias machine learning
Tom Merritt explains the five ways human error can create issues with machine learning.
Moving Beyond Social Media Towards News As "Big Data" In The Cloud Era 
Today we typically equate "big data" and "social media" but that is largely because of social data's widespread machine-friendly availability, yet this over reliance has constrained the questions we can ask about human society. With a bit of creativity, news media can become truly "big data."
2018/19 Innovations in Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT and Data Analytics - ResearchAndMarkets....
Why Big Data And Machine Learning Are Important In Our Society
There is a universe of data out there and humanity is developing the technical tools to deal with it.
What We Learned From Top Execs About Their Big Data And AI Initiatives
A new industry survey captures the state of corporate Big Data and AI investment.
Amazon’s Rajeev Rastogi on how machine learning is solving delivery, payment issues 
With more than 100 million users registered on its platform, Amazon knows what Indians buy and how one region differs from another. The key driving this know-how is data, which is propelled by the company's machine learning (ML) initiatives. These measures will lay the foundation of artificial in...
NLP in the Enterprise – The Heart of an Intuitive Business
At Google’s annual developer conference I/O 2018, the audience watched in amazement as CEO Sundar Pichai played out the recording of a real conversation between Google Duplex, the company’s personal assistant and a hair salon employee. Instructed by the user, the assistant had placed a call to th...
Three 'Next Practices' That Leverage AI And Machine Learning
These practices have the potential to address limitations in managing your current setup while transforming your process in a way that allows you to both meet service-level targets today and create scalability for tomorrow.
Artificial Intelligence as a Service Market Growing Opportunity 2019 to 2025 – Bitcoin Journal
Marketing trends for 2019: NLP boosts the power of chatbots and voice 
We're likely to see natural language processing (NLP) reach a level of advancement in 2019 that finally makes more complex applications look both possible and appealing. 
Data Science: What to Expect in 2019
Data science is rapidly changing. Advances in AI and machine learning mean that data can be applied in brand new ways to modeling systems to do much more.
Here’s Why Machine Learning Wins Hands Down Against Conventional Programming
We look at the key ways in which machine learning programming dramatically differs from conventional computing.
Facebook's open-source natural language processing framework
Facebook open-sources PyText to help developers build and deploy natural language processing systems.
Here's what AI experts think will happen in 2019
Another year has passed and humanity, for better or worse, remains in charge of the planet. Unfortunately for the robots, TNW has it on good authority they won’t take over next year either. There’s always 2020. In the meantime, here’s what the experts think will happen in 2019: Here be gadgets No...
Guide to AI in customer service using chatbots and NLP
Discover the benefits and skepticism surrounding AI in customer service and learn about the push for natural language processing (NLP) and chatbots.
Big Data 2019: Cloud redefines the database and Machine Learning runs it 
Artificial intelligence and the cloud will be the great disrupters in the database landscape in 2019.
Big Data 2019: Cloud redefines the database and Machine Learning runs it 
Artificial intelligence and the cloud will be the great disrupters in the database landscape in 2019.
NLP vs. NLU and the growing ability of machines to understand
In the question of NLP vs. NLU, the difference comes down to the use of machine learning to understand human text and speech at deep levels. With that level of understanding, the possibilities are limitless.
Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence In Business: Year In Review, 2018 –
This past year saw the early stages of AI and ML adoption in the business world begin to solidify. While the growth will continue in 2019, it is still early stage growth. Expect to see more mainstream adoption of many techniques in the next three years.Sourced through from:
Facebook Talks Open-Source NLP in Device Debut
Facebook turned a proprietary natural language processing (NLP) code out for public consumption last week, enlisting third-party developers to push the social-media platform into the market for consumer communications.Facebook’s move to open the source code for the PyText NLP it uses to process b...
10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Sales
62% of highest performing salespeople predict guided selling adoption will accelerate based on its ability rank potential opportunities by value and suggest next steps according to Salesforces’ latest State of Sales research study.
Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence In Business: Year In Review, 2018
This past year saw the early stages of AI and ML adoption in the business world begin to solidify. While the growth will continue in 2019, it is still early stage growth. Expect to see more mainstream adoption of many techniques in the next three years.
The Future Of Big Data Is In The Hybrid Cloud: Part 1
The evolution of big data eventually led to the emergence of cloud computing.
What is NLP and Does it Work?
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a way of changing someone’s thoughts and behaviors to help them achieve certain outcomes. Since the first time introduced in 1970, neuro-linguistic programming has seen massive popularity. NLP includes treatment of phobias
Apple says artificial intelligence and machine learning 'critical area' as it promotes AI chief
Apple officially names John Giannandrea its head of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Three Ways To Use AI And Machine Learning To Create Customers For Life
It’s exciting to see how B2B companies are taking a page out of Netflix’s book and adopting a similar approach when it comes to the customer experience.
NLP Augments the Power of Chatbots and Voice in 2019
In 2019, it is widely assumed that natural language processing (NLP) will reach a level of advancement that will finally make more complex applications look easy and possible to achieve. This trend will benefit not just chatbots but also its hugely promising but so far disappointing technology co...
This Is The Future Of AI According To 23 World-Leading AI Experts
Martin Ford's Architects of Intelligence book gives a rare glimpse inside the minds of 21 leading researchers in AI. Through our conversation, Martin discusses key highlights of his new book.
Using natural language processing to fight financial crime
Screening solutions which integrate NLP can play a key role in the fight against financial crime, says Jim Burnick, managing director of FCC of technology group Pitney Bowes Software.
Gaining Actionable Understanding of Your Brand’s Personality
By J. Galen Buckwalter, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Advisor, Soulmates.AI and CEO of Everyone responsible for a brand knows it has a personality, but turning that knowledge into actio
Facebook open-sources PyText NLP framework –
Facebook AI Research is open-sourcing some of the conversational AI tech it is using to power its Portal video chat display and M suggestions on Facebook Messenger. The company announced today that its PyTorch-based PyText NLP framework is now available to developers. Natural language processing de…
2019 Predictions for Machine Learning