Project Serengeti Update Powers Up Hadoop, Clouera and More
While the cloud has been an important focus for VMware, the virtualization company hasn’t fallen behind the big data curve either. And Project Serengeti is playing an increasingly important role in this initiative as the open-source solution that...
"Big Data" Bundle From SAP Capitalizes on Power of Hadoop, Speed of In ... - Sacramento Bee
Sci-Tech Today"Big Data" Bundle From SAP Capitalizes on Power of Hadoop, Speed of In ...Sacramento BeeNEW YORK, Oct.
Physicists demonstrate an actual tractor beam in the lab
It seems like we're getting closer to the Star Trek future by leaps and bounds these days.
Python subprocess not executing when daemonized - Stack Overflow
The script is pretty short, if you exclude the code for reading command line arguments, comments and other color modes it is less than 75 lines. I would just convert it to Python. Like the comments suggest, the best way would be to ...
OSClass - Customise Plugin | HTML | MySQL | PHP | Software Architecture
I am using an open source classified application called OSClass: I would like a new custom plugin created for me that extends the fields (#php #freelance OSClass - Customise Plugin by bradica: I am using an open source classified...
67 Open Source Replacements for Really Expensive Applications - Datamation
Open source software goes head to head against its proprietary alternatives.
Get Started with OpenShift | OpenShift by Red Hat
RT @ronak: Get Started with #OpenShift! It's so easy!
Voxeo Labs Announces Ameche - The world’s first Telco Communications PaaS | Virtual-Strategy Maga...
Voxeo Labs Announces Ameche - The world’s first Telco Communications PaaS | Virtual Strategy Magazine is an online publication devoted entirely to virtualization technologies.
Simplifying Big Data for the Enterprise - SQL Server Team Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
Insider news about SQL Server and Microsoft's Information Platform (SQL Server blog: Simplifying Big Data for the Enterprise: Earlier this year we announced partnerships with k...)...
Big Data + Social: Coming Together - Social Media Tools and Trends | ExactTarget Email Marketing
RT @jeffbullas: Big Data + Social: Coming Together via @kyleplacy...
The Legal Whiteboard: The Rise of Legal Analytics, or the First Signs of Big Data in Big Law
The Rise of Legal Analytics @wihender || evidence based scorecards for law firms (HT @jeffrey_brandt )...
What every marketer needs to know about Big Data in the travel industry | Tnooz
Big Data. There's no escaping it. It's catchy. It's generic enough that everybody is using it for everything. It's a one-size-fits-all phrase. Right?
Big Data, Big Money: IT Industry to Increase Spending
According to a new study, big data will drive $232 billion in spending over the next four years.
Speaking in the Big Data session at @spatialAtgov will be our Product Manager - Chris Tagg. Great Program lineup!
Dataversity - Big Challenges in Data Modeling: Data Modeling – Description or Design?
Big Challenges in Data Modeling with Graeme Simsion

We invite you to join us in this monthly DATAVERSITY webinar series, “Big Challenges with Data Modeling” hosted by Graeme Simsion.
Microsoft Reveals Big Data Play at Strata #stratany2012
Following Microsoft’s big data strategy is a bit like watching the US presidential election. We’ve endured months of shifting opinions, surprise partnerships, secrets and leaked information.
Monitor python scrapper programs on multiple Amazon EC2 servers ...
So, to reduce the redundancy and for easy management , I want to place the code in a separate server from which it can be executed on other EC2 servers and also monitor theses python programs, and logs created them ...
Oracle's StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 takes tape storage capacity to ... -'s StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 takes tape storage capacity to"Oracle's new StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 delivers major enhancements in simplicity, scalability and availability that enable customers to...
Python rectangle collision handling with pygame - Stack Overflow
I've been doing extensive research on this topic for the past few days and I can't seem to find an answer for my exact problem. So, I have a simple game set up where I have the player at 0, 0 with a width of 10x10 ...
Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity | McKinsey Global Insti...
A McKinsey & Company Technology & Innovation article.
Can Big Data Save Lives?
There’s a reason why governments and companies hold personalized data; unless checks are instituted, Big Data to Big Brother may be short step away...
Dachis Group - Big Data Expert
Big Data Expert - Big Data is all the rage these days and there's certainly no shortage of companies offering exciting positions to work with petabytes using the latest technologies. But, not all Big Data is created equal!
About Brisk: Hadoop Powered by Cassandra | DataStax Cassandra 0.8 Documentation
Apache Cassandra 0.8 Documentation on About Brisk: Hadoop Powered by Cassandra provided by DataStax...
What Do 'Honey Boo Boo' Fans Buy? Down and Dirty with Big Data, Part 2 - Forbes
ForbesWhat Do 'Honey Boo Boo' Fans Buy? Down and Dirty with Big Data, Part 2ForbesMy last post, “Getting Up Close With Big Data,” featured some examples of what the wizards at Rocket Fuel know about people and their interests based on whether they...
Big Data for Beginners - how to start - Business Intelligence and much more
IT uz nie je len sluhom biznis poziadaviek.
WCF servicebinding able to receive XML with Bare bodystyle - Stack ...
I am building a WCF service that is implementing the SPML standard. This means that one endpoint needs to be able to receive a number of XML request that is interpreted to Add/Modify/Delete commands. All XML request is ...
Generate HTML like treegrid from XML with XSLT transformations ...
I have to create html that looks like treegrid from a given XML. Example of treegrid: TreeGrid. My xslt is almost done, i just need to apply some margins to look like there are levels. The XML is:
Daniel Graham Teradata PARTNERS 2012 On Site Interview
More Info; Invitation Daniel Graham, Teradata R&D Enterprise Systems, talks with the River after
trouble loading remote xml due to namespace - Stack Overflow
I've been working on loading this XML for a long time with no success. Am I using the AJAX / Jquery and 'find' methods correctly?
Java plugin users on Mountain Lion nudged firmly toward Oracle -
IBNLiveJava plugin users on Mountain Lion nudged firmly toward Oracletuaw.comWe made mention of this last Tuesday night when the relevant software update hit, but apparently that level of attention wasn't adequate: scores of stories across the tech...
HBase at Hortonworks: An Update | Hortonworks
HBase is a critical component of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and a core component of the Hortonworks Data Platform. HBase enables a host of low latency Hadoop.
Case Study | RSuite CMS and MarkLogic Power Online Automotive Repair at Mitchell1
Case Study | RSuite CMS and MarkLogic Power Online Automotive Repair at Mitchell1 Ajay Singh, Director, Alliances & Partner Enablement
Python complicated dictionary sorting - Stack Overflow
Python complicated dictionary sorting #python...
python - Can I vectorize this 2d array indexing where the 2nd dimension depends on the value of t...
Can I vectorize this 2d array indexing where the 2nd dimension depends on the value of the first?
python - Why does heapify run in linear time and not n(log n)? - Stack Overflow
Why does heapify run in linear time and not n(log n)?
Alternatives to drowning in "big data" - iMedia Connection
iMedia ConnectionAlternatives to drowning in "big data"iMedia Connection"Big data," the buzz phrase of the year, is at once promising and frightening. Email marketers in particular love the promise of super-relevant, lifecycle-sensitive campaigns.
Zoolz online social cloud storage Review | Best Cloud Storage 2012 |
Zoolz is free online social cloud storage 4 GB personal social cloud that you can expand to 20GB free by inviting friends. It is a new and easy way to protect and connect.
A Khosla-backed big data energy startup you should know about - GigaOM
A Khosla-backed big data energy startup you should know aboutGigaOMAre big data, analytics, and machine learning the answers to reducing the energy consumption of our homes?
What is MongoDB? | MongoDB | Zettabytes 2063
MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented database designed with both scalability and developer agility in mind. Instead of storing your data in tables and rows as you would with a relational database, in MongoDB you ...
Intro To Hadoop
These are slides from a lecture given at the UC Berkeley School of Information for the Analyzing Big Data with Twitter class.
Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center
If you're looking for the beating heart of the digital age--a physical location where the scope, grandeur, and geekiness of the kingdom of bits become manifest--you could do a lot worse than Lenoir, North Carolina.
Agile Remains Fragile with Communication as the Biggest Challenge [Infographic]
A survey conducted by Serena Software has revealed that whilst projects using Agile are working well, they could be much better and some of the biggest challenges include upsteam and downstream communication.
Teradata Expands Big Data Analytics With New System - Investor's Business Daily
eWeekTeradata Expands Big Data Analytics With New SystemInvestor's Business DailyTeradata (TDC) on Wednesday unveiled a new computer system and software targeting the Big Data analytics field, products that stem from its $263 million acquisition of...
Surge 2012 ~ Kate Matsudaira ~ Big Data Without Big Database
These days it is not uncommon to have 100s of gigabytes of data that must be sliced and diced, then delivered fast and rendered quickly. Typically solutions ...
Takeaways from Recent ZDNet TechLines Broadcast Panel on Big Data
Big data is everybody’s priority these days, and it’s always exciting to see what different organizations are doing with it.
Big Data and The Shopping Particle - YouTube
How can #Big #Data help retailers unlock the #ShoppingParticle?
Big Content
Big Content: The interest in Big Data at our recent Catalyst conference shows that enterprises have recognized t...
Steal that idea: 5 Smart ways presidential candidates mine Big Data
RT @McK_CMSOForum: What CMOs can learn from the US presidential campaigns.
Gartner: Big data to drive $34 billion of IT spending in 2013
Big data is forecast to drive $34 billion of worldwide IT spending in 2013, according to research firm Gartner, with the figure for 2012 standing at $28 billion.
IBM Study Spotlights Big Data as Top Reason to Deploy Cloud "Platform as a ... - Sacramento Bee
IBM Study Spotlights Big Data as Top Reason to Deploy Cloud "Platform as a ...Sacramento BeeNEW YORK, Oct.
Big Data to Drive $28 Billion in IT Spending in 2012: Gartner - eWeek
eWeekBig Data to Drive $28 Billion in IT Spending in 2012: GartnereWeekThe rise of big data—a broad term that encompasses the mountain of information flowing into businesses—has posed particular challenges for organizations of all sizes, and investments...
Big Data Milestone from Hadapt, Tableau Team-Up
Hadapt, a two year startup that integrates Hadoop into traditional BI environments, just unveiled the second release of its Adaptive Analytical Platform. Version 2.0 is a huge improvement over the first, thanks to a number of new features.
CIOs Come Out of the Back Office with Big Data - Wall Street Journal (blog)
CIOs Come Out of the Back Office with Big DataWall Street Journal (blog)Sears and other companies such as General Electric and Chevron are using Big Data to either reduce costs or generate revenue.
xslt - Remove duplicate PL/SQL code from Oracle Forms to expedite ...
Rewriting a system to migrate away from Oracle Forms. The new system must provide the same functionality of the current system, and more. The current system is undocumented: no business requirements, sparse (and ...
Gartner, IBM, Teradata make Big Data announcements - ZDNet
ZDNetGartner, IBM, Teradata make Big Data announcementsZDNetGartner also says that by 2020, Big Data will be a completely mainstream and embedded technology, rather than the standalone, somewhat fetishized category that it is today.
Salesforce Looking To Dump Oracle Tech - Business Insider is ramping up a "big project" with Oracle's rival.
Pirate Bay ditches servers and switches to the cloud - CNET
PoliticoPirate Bay ditches servers and switches to the cloudCNETIn the midst of threats of a possible police raid, the Pirate Bay decided to armor itself and become literally raid-proof.
Apache Hadoop Hive ODBC Driver Preview | Progress DataDirect
Leverages benefits of Hadoop Hive scalability. Improves runtime performance for complex queries. Apply for Hadoop Hive ODBC Driver Preview now!
Technology Series
25 Apache Performance Tuning Tips at Uptime & Performance Tips
Linux basic command: Install Apache on Ubuntu 10.04
Linux basic command - Give you the basics and advanced on linux. Including the operating system, commands and software packages for linux.
10 Ways To Complement the Enterprise RDBMS Using Hadoop - Dion Hinchcliffe's Next-Generation Ente...
IBM Emerging Technologies - jStart - On The Horizon - Apache Hadoop
IBM Emerging Technologies client engagement team's website.
Reading/greping a file in ruby more tha once - Stack Overflow
Use rewind. Positions ios to the beginning of input, resetting lineno to zero. f ="testfile"). f.readline #=> "This is line one\n". f.rewind #=> 0. f.lineno #=> 0. f.readline #=> "This is line one\n" ...
How to run Ruby programs in MAC OS Terminal - Stack Overflow
Ruby is interpreted, so you don't need to worry about a separate compile step. ruby hello.rb is the execution command. The standard interactive shell (REPL) is irb .
SAS Questions Big Data Approaches of SAP, Oracle - Enterprise Apps Today
SAS Questions Big Data Approaches of SAP, OracleEnterprise Apps TodaySAS Questions Big Data Approaches of SAP, Oracle. | | Bookmark. October 16, 2012 By Drew Robb Feedback.
Lawmakers’ Privacy Concerns Will Cost Advertisers a Lot of Money
Big data may be a big buzz word right now, but the underlying developments in this space have large implications on the consumer market.
xml - Use C#.Net 2010 to invoke methods on a remote web service ...
Just about any type of C# project should work. You just need to right-click on the project and select "Add Service Reference". Then you can put the url into the Address textbox, give it a name, and hit ok.
LINQing .NET and Hadoop - Visual Studio Magazine
LINQing .NET and HadoopVisual Studio MagazineHBase and Hadoop are now standard tools for accessing Big Data. But HBase can be accessed only through Java client libraries, and there's no support front-end data query through languages like LINQ.
Decision Time for Doctors: The DynaMed Clinical Reference API - ProgrammableWeb (blog)
Decision Time for Doctors: The DynaMed Clinical Reference APIProgrammableWeb (blog)The EBSCOhost API for DynaMed provides access through the two protocols of SOAP and REST, both of which return data in XML.
Hadapt Boosts Hadoop With Interactive Apps - eWeek
eWeekHadapt Boosts Hadoop With Interactive AppseWeekbased Hadapt said the new release features interactive applications on Hadoop via Hadapt Interactive Query, which the company claims is an industry first.
Hadoop and the Cloud - Virtualization Review (blog)
Hadoop and the CloudVirtualization Review (blog)Hadoop and the Cloud. Hadoop is one crazy name for one crazy technology. Apparently the technology was named after a toy elephant, though it still sounds like it tastes pretty good!
Healthy Big Data: Putting Patients In Control
For centuries, healthcare has largely been in the hands of professionals. People get sick, they go to the doctor’s where he or she tells them what medicines to take or what type of surgery they need to have.
IBM’s Revenue Misses, Again; Shares Drop
Another quarter, another revenue miss for IBM.
Big Blue reported third-quarter revenue of $24.7 billion, which fell short of the $25.3 billion figure analysts polled by Thomson Reuters were anticipating.
Cloud in five years' time - ZDNet
Cloud in five years' timeZDNetCloud is delivered on mobile, includes social. Ask a techologist for a definition of cloud and you'll soon get dragged into discussions of virtualization, automated management and even data center design.
OpenStack Summit: Open Cloud Platform Gets Big Push - PC Magazine
TheHostingNews.comOpenStack Summit: Open Cloud Platform Gets Big PushPC MagazineOne of the more interesting trends in cloud computing is the emergence of OpenStack, a set of open-source projects to set up public and private cloud computing solutions.
Remove Xml declaration from web service response - Stack Overflow
I have the following web service. The output has the XML declaration at the top of the file. I need to get rid of it for my mobile app to work correctly. How do I do it?
Mobile Milestone: The Number Of Smartphones In Use Passed 1 Billion In Q3, Says Strategy Analytics
We are just getting into reporting season, where some (but not all) handset makers tell us how many handsets they’ve sold in the last three months, but Strategy Analytics has taken a punt to say that Q3 will be the quarter that we have hit a major...
JP Morgan urges super funds towards big data - iT News
JP Morgan urges super funds towards big dataiT NewsClients risk losing disengaged customers. J.P.
Beginning XML, 5th Edition Free Downloads - Flmsdown
Beginning XML, 5th Edition Wr-x; 5th Edition (July 2012) | ISBN: 1118162137 | PDF + EPUB | 864 pages | 52.1 MB A complete update covering the many advances to the XML language The XML lang.
Unweaving the Web » Starting with Hadoop
Recently I gave a talk about the Hadoop ecosystem at Igalia's Master Open Sessions. The presentation is available here: “The Hadoop Stack: An overview of the Hadoop ecosystem”. Together with the presentation I promised ...
Raspberry Pi: The Small Computer With The Big Ambition (To Get Kids Coding Again)
If you’re a hardware hacker who knows your apples you’ll have heard of the Raspberry Pi – and maybe even bought one already. It’s the super cheap mini-computer which featured prominently at our Hackathon event last month.
INTERNET INITIATIVE : IIJ Launches the IIJ GIO Hadoop Solution - 4-traders
INTERNET INITIATIVE : IIJ Launches the IIJ GIO Hadoop Solution4-tradersTOKYO-October 15, 2012-Internet Initiative Japan, Inc., (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774) one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers,...
Oracle Corp's Larry Ellison Looks To Take Over AEG Empire - International Business Times AU
Oracle Corp's Larry Ellison Looks To Take Over AEG EmpireInternational Business Times AUOracle Corp.'s Larry Ellison, who is well known for his rich taste in some of the finest things in life, is now set to take over the empire of a fellow...
Gloves-off PR: Oracle calls Autonomy CEO a liar
Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) has accused Autonomy (LON:AU) CEO, Mike Lynch, of either lying, or forgetfulness. In the continuing battle between Oracle and Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ), it seems Larry Ellison has found another way to get under HP's skin.
Cloud Fever Grips Oracle
Financial express latest business and finance news: Cloud Fever Grips Oracle...
Oracle CEO: We are focused on cloud, not deals - Tech News | Techgig - News hub, for providing the best and the latest handpicked technology news from all over the world.
Great Plains Integration
Moving data between Salesforce CRM and Great Plains Accounting and keeping them synchronized can be a real pain, but it's a big part of the daily workload of many Salesforce and SaaS Application Administrators.
Cloud Data Warehousing as a Service - The Herald |
Cloud Data Warehousing as a ServiceThe Herald | HeraldOnline.comTraditional data warehousing solutions - even modern alternatives such as Hadoop - are too expensive, complex and take too long for many companies to implement, so the idea of quickly...
Meet the New Boss: Big Data - Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)
Meet the New Boss: Big DataYahoo! News Blogs (blog)Big tech companies are jockeying to serve the growing market. Last month,International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) agreed to pay $1.3 billion for Kenexa Corp.
Running word-count example on a Hadoop commodity-hardware ...
Running word-count example on a Hadoop commodity-hardware cluster and on a Hadoop local installation. September 20th, 2012. Last weekend I spent some hours assembling old computer parts to create my commodity hardware cluster for ...
mongoDB getLastError() with javsacript and node.js not working ...
I've got a node.js application using mongoDB and I have a function that is used to drop all documents in a collection and then repopulate the collections in my db with some sample documents. I use this to test my app with known data once in a ...
Space-Time Insight: Analyzing Data From Sensors, Power Grids and Weather Feeds
Earlier this week, Space-Time Insight raised $14 million to further develop its geospatial and visual analytics software. EnerTech Capital, Novus Energy Partners, and ClearSky Power & Technology Fund, join existing investors, Opus Capital Ventures...
OpenStack Is Not A Proprietary Cloud, Kemp Argues -- InformationWeek
Former NASA CTO and Nebula founder Chris Kemp says private clouds will need to be based on a flexible, general purpose set of open source code that can work with public clouds.
Cost effective BIG Data Processing
TPC Comparison: HPC vs. AWS EC2 vs. AWS EMR
Easy website generated in Ruby on Rails | CMS | Paypal API | Ruby ...
I need prepare basic website engine in Ruby on Rails hosted on Heroku. Everything can be generated by scaffold. I want use twitter bootstrap 2.04. Also there.
xml - XSL 1.0 Multilevel grouping with empty tags - Stack Overflow
If for your individual element keys like RACENAME you use a concat as well: . then this will ensure you have a non-empty key ...
Open Source iPhone Control For Easy Custom Status Bar Messages
Not too long ago I mentioned an excellent control allowing you to place a progress bar within the status bar .
google - Adding XML attributes to GMap3 infoBubbles - Stack Overflow
I wanted to add the other attributes into the infobubble from the XML file, but whereever I try and add them, it breaks the on-click marker?
Testing Tools Take to the Cloud
Almost everything is moving to the cloud. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many companies have begun considering cloud-based testing tools.