Scientists use new data mining strategy to spot those at high Alzheimer's risk
The push to develop treatments for Alzheimer's disease has been a promising and disappointing endeavor over the past two decades, yielding a greater understanding of the disease yet still failing to generate successful new drugs. (via:
Difference of Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Mining
Data is almost everywhere. The amount of digital data that currently exists is now growing at a rapid pace. The number is doubling every two years and it is c…
Python Data Visualization Tools – Alex Wilson – Medium
Using data to find correlations is a valuable skill. But being able to convey these findings to other people who don’t have intimate familiarity with the data set is also very valuable. Knowing this…
Top Data Mining Algorithms Identified by IEEE & Related Python Resources
IEEE International Conference on Data Mining identified 10 algorithms in 2006 using surveys from past winners and voting. This is a list of those algorithms a…
Conjoint Analysis, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Optimization in Data Requirement | BIG Data, Dat...

Great teaching videos.

Big Data and astrology? Your health correlates with the month you were... - Network World
Network World
Big Data and astrology? Your health correlates with the month you were...
Google Launches Cloud Dataproc, A Managed Spark And Hadoop Big Data Service | TechCrunch
Google is adding another product in its range of big data services on the Google Cloud Platform today. The new Google Cloud Dataproc service sits between..
Few topics in recent years have garnered as much attention as the topic of HR analytics.
The Precision Agriculture Revolution
"Precision agriculture" is revolutionizing farming as we know it.
Training Bankers to Be Data Scientists
As banks move analytics closer to the front office, bankers need to change the way they think about the customer.
How energy companies and utilities are using the 'Internet of Things' to be more efficient and sa...
The lowly energy meter is becoming a leading device in the transition to the Internet of Things.
The Ultimate Battle: R vs Python; Which is Better for Data Analysis?
Data analysis is of course an important part of Big Data. Analyzing your data streams and combining different data sources for new insights can be done with a variety of tools and programming languages.
Here's Every Meteorite Fall on Earth in a Single Interactive Visualization

Example of data scientist faux pas:  Meteors choose to fall so unevenly...!

City Layouts Created with OpenStreetMap Data
Topography, architecture and traffic routes give every city a unique structure.
'These conditions create the typical and individual inner structure of a city. I didn’t only want to show these structures in the conventional way from above, but also including the exact three-dimensionality of topog...
Best Online Collaboration Tools - 370+ Tools Organized and Ranked By Category
Software tools, web apps and services for online collaboration.

Curated by BEST curator on <===> Robin GOOD <===> #curation.
The Talent Dividend | MIT Sloan Management Review
The 2015 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that talent management is critical to realizing analytics benefits.
How Big Data and the Internet of Things Create Smart Cities
The Internet of Things may be giving over to the Internet of Everything as more and more uses are dreamed up for the new wave of Smart Cities.
In the Internet…
An Innocent Looking Error In Your Application of Predictive Models - 1
I see ton of such misunderstanding and misuse of models. Though started as an instructional aid to my students, I find it useful for all the practitioner's predictive models.The fast growth in applications of predictive models is resulting in almost like intellectual anarchy, where the systemati...
16. Learning: Support Vector Machines - YouTube

Excellent teaching...advanced mathematics rigor into one of the greatest methods in ML

District Data Labs - Modern Methods for Sentiment Analysis


Baseball teams use in-depth data to win
Most teams have full-time data analysts and high-tech devices to help guide better decision making both on and off the field. Which teams aren't fully on board? Just look at the bottom of the standings.
20 Big Data Repositories You Should Check Out
This is an interesting listing created by Bernard Marr. I would add the following great sources:

DataScienceCentral selection of big data sets - check out the…
Booming Big Data Market Headed for $60B - Datanami
The exploding big data market is expected to top $60 billion by the end of the decade, growing at an annual rate of 26 percent, according to a survey by th
Big data analytics can prevent health care fraud. Here's how - VentureBeat
Guest For health care organizations tasked with the responsibility to protect patient details and medical information, data is their best friend.
How Microsoft's using big data to predict traffic jams up to an hour in advance | VentureBeat | B...
Microsoft has partnered with the Federal University of Minas Gerais, one of Brazil’s largest universities, to undertake research that could predict traffic jams up to an hour in advance.
Big Data to Revolutionize National Intelligence
Big data has a few answers to national security issues apart from the usual enterprise security solutions devised using data analytics and Big Data.
Cost, integration issues halting big data projects
Big data projects are being held back by the high cost of setting up infrastructure to support the capturing of potentially hundreds of millions of data points each day.
How 'Big Data' is an inescapable force that is shaping the future - The National
In the digital world, everything a person does can be recorded and analysed and more than ever, this data is being used - for both good and bad.
From Big Data to Intelligent Applications
Is there a bigger purpose for all the work that small and large companies are doing in the Big Data domain? Bigger than trying to find needles of insight in haystacks of data?My answer is a definite _Yes_.
Internet of Things is Forcing Companies to Rethink Big Data Projects | CloudTimes
The big data is one of the realities that will change the world of business. The data have become a new way to experience better than ever for consumers. The
4 Reasons Data Driven Small Businesses Are Embracing Big Data
Small businesses are thinking bigger about their data – and it’s about time.

The term big dat...
5 companies that really understand big data

From Agenda....

How Big Data Affects Email Marketing – And How Your Brand Can Capitalize On The Trend
Consumers are using their phone to check email on a nearly 24-hour cycle. While this certainly gives your brand the opportunity to reach the customer at any point in time, it also presents one major…
Massive Data Visualization Brings NYC's Busiest Street To Life - Co.Design
On Broadway visualizes New York's iconic street from millions of Instagram photos, Twitter updates, Foursquare check-ins, and more.
Bing Remains Horsepower in Predictive Modeling
Having a successful track record in predictive modeling is important if Bing intends to replace Google as the industry standard for predictive technology.
Datafloq - HR Can Derive Valuable Insights From Big Data
Companies that implement an internal big data strategy will reap the benefits from it and outperform peers on employee productivity.
Big Data Deployment Trends - Network Computing
A recent Enterprise Strategy Group survey shows a diversity of IT infrastructure choices for big data.
Cisco Bets Big On Selling Hadoop - InformationWeek
Cisco will resell Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR Hadoop distributions along with its Unified Computing Systems for big data.
Data visualization: Science on the map
Easy-to-use mapping tools give researchers the power to create beautiful visualizations of geographic data.
Splunk Leads Tiny Big Data Market - InformationWeek
Splunk marks another big year, taking in more revenue than the top three Hadoop distributors combined. That's why startups want to follow in its footsteps.
How Google's using big data and machine-learning to aid drug discovery
Google is working to expedite the discovery of drugs that could prove vital to finding cures for many human ills, in conjunction with Stanford University's Pande Lab.
Infographic: Wearables in Healthcare | mHealth - HIT Consultant
Infographic visualization created by Boston Technology illustrates the facts, trends, different types, challenges and future of wearables in healthcare.
Big Data winners using inline analytics to derive large ROIs from their investment
Big Data winners using inline analytics to derive large ROIs from their investment #BigData
Live Marketing Facilitates Big Data into the Automotive Market Space | PR LOG FEED
Live Marketing is proving to be the Visionary Pioneer in the Automotive Big Data Community, by helping Large Groups Make that Data Actionable.
IBM Aims For $40 Billion Annual Revenue From Cloud, Big Data, Security, And ... - Tech Times
As IBM sheds off its unprofitable hardware units, the computing company aims to make 40 percent of its revenue from new businesses by 2018.
ESPN The Magazine and rate 122 teams on the strength of each franchise's analytics staff, its buy-in from execs and coaches and how much its approach is predicated on analytics.
Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things (Infographic)
Visit the post for more.
Why Business That Use 'Big Data' Make More Money #Infographic
You have probably heard people talk about 'big data.' If your eyes start to glaze over when that term is mentioned, get your Big Data 101 Intro lesson here.
22 free tools for data visualization and analysis

Wow ...

The Top 10 Big Data Challenges [Infographic]
The Top 10 Big Data Challenges [Infographic] - Digital Commerce, Marketing, Technical
Big Data in Excel - Excel 2010/2013 Power Pivot

EXCEL POWER BI could be the 2015's acceptance of big steps among traditionally looked down tools.  Is large rectangular data same as big data?  Ok, here is the terminology.  LaRD = Large Rectagular Data.  LaRD is not same as BD.

8 big trends in big data analytics

Worth reading, minus unnecessary reinventing of words.

Big Data Prediction: Story Telling to be the New Innovation in 2015 - SmartCoders Blog

Is it ok to sacrifice, some amount of time in improving accuracy (not in correct results) for creating the story telling slides...?

Postal Service IG wants more analytics muscle -

Analytics, analytics, analytics, ...

What Is Big Data Really Supposed To Achieve? - Forbes

Simple answer is the last two references.

Data Monopolists Like Google Are Threatening the Economy

Data are competitive resources.

35 books on Data Visualization

Ranking and context ... will be great.

Big Data is changing the way we look at food
Researchers looked at whether Indian food differed from the scientific consensus on most other global cuisines which rely on "positive food pairing".
TeradataVoice: Four Big Priorities For Implementing Next Generation Big Data Analytics
The world of big data is changing so quickly that we really need to look beyond today’s analytic capabilities and chart where enterprise-grade architectures are headed in the future. Even the vocabulary is changing!
25+ Free Data Mining Tools for Analytics - Ranking Not Included (Re-titled)

Would be useful to have some kind of ranking and context rich association.

What will it take for the telecoms industry to step into the big data revolution? | Information Age
The telecoms industry faces a major challenge in turning big data investment into action
Why Business That Use 'Big Data' Make More Money (Infographic)
You have probably heard people talk about 'big data.' If your eyes start to glaze over when that term is mentioned, get your Big Data 101 Intro lesson here.
Max Kuhn’s talk on R machine learning

Comes with the script...

Predictive Modeling in Law Enforcement
No predictive model is going to be 100% accurate unless by chance. The nature of predictive modeling is to learn from the past and see into the future.
How Big Data Keeps Planes In The Air
Data collected by sensors on one aircraft covers more than 300,000 parameters. How can an aircraft manufacturer benefit from all this data?
Advanced big data analytics gains ground in European corporate IT
UK and European IT is set to engage more this year than last with more advanced forms of information management, says the TechTarget IT Spending Priorities survey for 2015.
Big Money for Big Data: Marketers Will Spend $11.5 Billion in 2015 | BadBlue
Big Money for Big Data: Marketers Will Spend $11.5 Billion in 2015
4 reasons why cloud spending is set to explode this year - BetaNews
The Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast report predicts fiercer competition in 2015 between traditional on-premise software vendors, pushing expenditure up to $3.8 trillion.
The Big Read: Big data making a great difference in healthcare
SINGAPORE — It is a recurrent challenge of public hospitals here: Waiting times for patients at the emergency department.
Big data trend now being applied to managing human resources
A growing number of human resources executives are starting to dig deep into computerized statistical data on employees, to make decisions regarding salaries, promotions, and even benefit programs, a trend that excites some and worries others.
Big Data analytics for transforming the gaming industry
A true gamer always hopes to take the longer wrong route before taking the right one, because that is how you enjoy a game to its fullest. The gaming industry has evolved from board games and low ...
State Agencies Use Data Mining To Mitigate Misuse of Health Benefits - iHealthBeat

The less expensive, smart wits way of dealing with crime and punishment is "Data Mining and Information divulging".  One more reason why data sciences is a fascinating field.

Beautiful Self Explaining Radar Variation: This chart shows the sleeping Graph: Patterns of the ...
How do you compare?
Big Data and the Mining Industry | SmartData Collective
It’s no secret that big data has led to major changes within the business world. Companies are utilizing the benefits from data analytics to positively impact their bottom line, resulting in growing revenues and greater efficiency.
Cool: A Brief History of Big Data Everyone Should Read
The history of Big Data as a term may be brief – but many of the foundations it is built on were laid long ago. Long before computers (as we know them today) were commonplace, the idea that we were ...
A Great Find: Machine learning classifier gallery. Bravo...! Go... SVM
RT @DiegoKuonen: MT @fjnogales: Visualization to understand what #MachineLearning classifiers do w/ different data #…
10 Powerful Facts About Big Data - InformationWeek
Big data means many things to many people, but how broad is its impact? Consider these figures on big data and the gurus who splice it.
Yikes! One Minute Test Failing Graph, from ...?
Courtesy of NASA GSFC
As more Millennials assume leadership positions around the world, organizations are becoming increasingly concerned with how to ensure their success.
Have You Heard of One Minute Test for Understanding Graphs? Tale of Three Graphs And The Revenge...

It is fun to notice that not all data science works will get same attention.  Go for one minute test.

President Barack Obama's Big Data Keynote -- Strata + Hadoop World 2015 - YouTube

President Obama on 2015 Strata Hadoop World and Introducing Dr. DJ Patil as Federal Govt. First Chief Data Scientist.

Big Data's future expects self-service applications for business users ... - SiliconANGLE (blog)
Big Data's future expects self-service applications for business users ...
Leadership development and Big Data
Big Data is the latest cure-all for everything in business including leadership development. But development plans are based on ratings of potential.
How the Brooklyn Public Library used data visualization to build a better library - Diginomica
The Brooklyn Public Library tells the story of their digital journey (and analytics challenges), and how data visualization from Tableau changed their work.
Rate of adoption for various technologies (From 2/10/98 NYT - could use an update) • /r/dataisbea...

Take a closer look at this beautiful graph for technology adoption.  The title of the graph could be improved.  If you have to re-title it, what would it be?  There is some interesting patterns that could be separated out here.

Evaluating the MapR Vision: Big Data Architecture as a Product - Forbes

Dynamics of tools vs. product development

Fear can't dictate big data law - CNBC

Good point.  Consumers should be part of such regulations.

How to fund the data revolution

Is it a social injustice in not getting priorities in order by not funding the right data, right intelligence, right public policy. 


The best policy is letting data speak itself. 

Open data: how mobile phones saved bananas from bacterial wilt in Uganda
As disease threatened crops across the country, an initiative from the government and Unicef was able to communicate fast to stop it - demonstrating how open data can transform development
How to make infographics: a beginner’s guide to data visualisation
More NGOs are using maps and charts for campaigning. Rachel Banning-Lover explains how to visualise development data
Bringing Big Data to the Fight Against Benefits Fraud

Multisource data, analytics, fraud detection, ... no where to hide. Analytics a great deterrent.  Analytics based 30K most probable IDs yield $46.5MM where as traditional method  identified 48K IDs yielding $29MM. 

Big Data Underwriting for Payday Loans

Big data and payday loans...!  Even with this approach, the cost of loan is 100% for 22 weeks of pay back!  Huge opportunity for consumers to own the space. Peer to Peer financing..., using big data? 

The Next Frontier in Banking: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Right now, we are in the midst of a sea change with regard to three types of technologies: big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).
mining M2M big data: dig deep to find the gold | Orange Business Services

M2M is just the tip!

Oracle steps up its big-data push with new products - InfoWorld
New tools aim to make it easier for enterprises to wrest value from their information stores
FICOs New Launches Attempt to Tackle IoT, Big Data Hurdles -
Fair Isaac (FICO) launched FICO Big Data Analyzer and FICO Data Management Integration Platform to harness the power of Big Data and enable users to employ analytics tools easily.
Big data: Think Smarter, not bigger | The Big Data Hub

Small is beautiful; big is plentiful!

Mobile big data: the hidden B2B marketing opportunity - Fourth Source
Big data has always been big business, but the potential it holds for the mobile marketing industry is now growing faster than ever before. The numbers spe
30 Simple Tools For Data Visualization

Another round of review of charting products.

Sustainable Improvement Through Big Data - INSEAD Knowledge (blog)
If managed wisely, big data can help manufacturers make continuous, and ultimately sustainable, improvements in processes and product quality.
10 Really Cool Data Cartoons You Have to See!

Hilarious...!  Got to see them.