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Big Data for Bloggers

Big Data for Bloggers | Big Data |
Have you noticed? Big data is the new buzzword. Apparently, it’s so hot you should “make out with it,” according to Mitch Joel in his new book, CTR ALT DEL.

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Don Dea's curator insight, May 27, 2013 11:29 PM
Google Analytics

It’s free, and it’s getting deeper every day. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started with Google Analytics.

At the most basic level, you can draw insights on who is visiting your blog, which content is the most popular, and where you can improve.

Once you dive deeper into the data, you can figure out whether all that time you spend on Twitter is actually driving people to your blog using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics.

Customer Surveys and Interaction

If you’re a blogger, your customer is a reader, perhaps a commenter or member of your community. Maybe they downloaded your eBook or signed up for an online course. Every time you interact with them, you have an opportunity to gather intelligence.

Whether it’s a quick one question “how did you like that book” sent in a followup email, or a more in-depth customer survey, you have the ability to pull together data to feed your future efforts.

John Jantsch said in an article a year ago, “Until a business of any size gets serious about listening to their customers, talking to their customers, and measuring every possible data and touch point, the promise of more data will only serve to distract.”

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5 Free Excel Add-Ins to Help Digital Marketers Decipher Big Data - ClickZ

5 Free Excel Add-Ins to Help Digital Marketers Decipher Big Data - ClickZ | Big Data |



To turn your raw data into an asset, many powerful add-ins have been built to plug in to Excel.

GeoFlow for 3D geographic visualization: The Excel team just released a new free Excel add-in called GeoFlow that displays geographic data using Bing Maps to tell your story in a 3D visualization. The visualizations attract attention, are easily understood, and can even be incorporated into dashboards.PowerPivot and Power View for massive data crunching: Another key tool in Excel is PowerPivot, included with Excel 2010 and 2013. PowerPivot is pivot tables on steroids. PowerPivot can load even the largest data sets from almost any source and process this massive amount of data in seconds. After the initial learning curve, it's surprisingly lightweight.Bing Ads Intelligence for rich PPC data: Need keyword ideas or bid estimates by position? Bing Ads intelligence, a free add-in from Bing Ads, can give you the number of searches per search term, cost-per-click data, keyword ideas, age/gender data, and even more.Excellent Analytics pulls in analytics data directly into Excel: Spending too much time on reports? Excellent Analytics lets you pull Google Analytics data directly into Excel. There is a free, open-source version that has been downloaded tens of thousands of times by marketers looking to automate reporting.SeoTools for Excel for robust SEO-specific tasks: Last but not least is a free set of SEO tools, fittingly called SeoTools for Excel. This donation-supported toolset adds many SEO-specific tasks to the Excel ribbon. Mitch Monsen from WhiteFireSEO says, "It has one of the most robust feature sets I've seen in an extension, and Nielsen is updating it constantly. It has mind-boggling scraping capabilities (get a proxy if you plan on using them a lot) and a ton of on-page analysis tools."
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CYDigital's curator insight, May 3, 2013 10:33 AM

THIS IS GREAT STUFF!!!! We're all Excel jockeys, and this is a tremendous collection of Excel add-ons to make our lives easier. Look: it's certainly NOT a Big Data solution...more like a Little Data solution, but that's OK as these add-ons will be very helpful. We're looking forward to jumping into Excellent Analytics.

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Nich Fitzgerald's curator insight, May 4, 2013 2:43 AM

Why is it important to use tools that you are not use to in creating data bases ? 


Name three businesses in which the tools mentioned can improve that said business ? 

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