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Cycling and Health: Cycling and Type 2 Diabetes – is there any evidence?


After studying the grounds on cycling and health thoughtfully, there was a nagging doubt behind everyone’s mind on whether cycling will have a positive effect on Type 2 Diabetes. In order to answer that question, let us review a study conducted in England and some facts to draw a conclusion. 

We have to acknowledge that cycling has huge benefits to improve general people’s health by assisting them to obtain the required level of physical activity as part of their daily exercise regime. 

It is known fact that UAE health sector is a consistent stakeholder in reaching millions of patients and populations daily and their interactions plays an important role in disseminating information and knowledge in regard of health services. 

The landscape of health benefits of cycling are still way far from reaching its value. The concerned parties must actively engage with research, policies and plans for the whole population’s betterment through cycling. The authorities also have to support with the infrastructure for this benefitting healthy exercise. 

Type 2 Diabetes 

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease due to regulation of our body glucose or known as blood sugar. Glucose is the basic components broken down in the body that will feed our body’s cells and it need a key to enter our cells. The key is known as insulin but for type 2 diabetes patients, the key is broken because their body does not respond well to insulin and slowly at one point of time in the later stage their body will fail to make enough insulin. 

Cycling and type 2 diabetes 

Fortunately, there are researches linking cycling and diabetes by assisting patients managing their diabetes and exercise more effectively as part of their treatment and prevention measures. Continuous and routine exercise and activity especially cycling are very essential in helping people with type 2 diabetes to control their blood sugar level and improve their overall health. 

In one study involving 2682 men who undertakes cycling as one of their daily activity, the researcher confirmed that light effort in cycling conformed to the intensity threshold required. Furthermore, there is evidence that cycling exercises have all been shown to enhance mobility because cycling is categorized as a higher intensity physical activity that contribute positively to a person’s health. 

There is a beneficial effect of cycling with moderate intensity rendering those sub-populations who are at the point of an elevated risk of type 2 diabetes resulting from their obesity, increasing blood pressure, and a genetic history of the disease. They have to be patient and have play down their feelings to see results right away in the mirror or weighing scales. 

Apart from that, there is also strong evidence leading from training studies conducted in which it is concluded that individuals who train one leg and leave the other to rest has proven that the glucose intake is remarkably more than doubled in the trained leg compared to the resting leg. It is accepted that the health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks, when cycling is compared to being sedentary. 


The purpose of this blog is to create awareness for those individuals out there with health risks to adopt cycling for their well being purpose. We hope we are able to draw interest of those in the onset of type 2 diabetes to use the useful facts to kick start their exercise regime instead of living a sedentary life. Furthermore the evidence presented is expected to create interest for cycling on the ground of their prevalent benefits for health. It is our desire that this article will be read by anyone and everyone and persuade people to take proactive action in investing in cycle as an investment of UAE’s future health. Find the best bicycles for sale and have your health in mind and walk of life to cycle, safely and frequently.
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The Story of the Winter and Bikes in Dubai

Winter is coming. Not really to be honest, because we all know Dubai has only two weathers, hot and well, hotter but that does not get in the way of a true cycling enthusiast, does it? As the weather improves in Dubai, it’s time to put on your helmets and head out on your bikes and take advantage of this not-so-hot-weather. Don’t own one? No worries, here’s our guide to help you find your perfect ride.


Racing Bikes

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Suspension Bikes

How about a bike that can tackle obstacles like no other all the while you don’t feel the discomfort of the road? A bike that absorbs bumps and allows you to ride smoothly, even through tough terrain? This is where Mogoo Matrix comes into play. With its dual suspensions and disk brakes, this bike is perfectly capable of shifting through its Shimano gears with ease, while ‘riding like the wind’. As the largest online bicycle store, we recommend this bike to anyone who enjoys off-roading more than anything or perhaps just enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, on-road and off-road.

Foldable Bikes

Fancy a bike that fits in the trunk of your car? No problem. Mogoo Fusion literally takes half the place a normal bike would. We understand probability can be a major concern for a lot of our customers so we aim to produce a bicycle with the same capabilities of a traditional bicycle and same level of comfort but at the same time something you are able to carry around with you with no problem. With Mogoo Fusion don’t let that inconvenience stop you anymore.


Freestyle Bikes

Maybe you just enjoy a little freestyle once in a while? A bike that can handle 360’s with incredible ease? Why not take the Mogoo Ski bike for a ride? It’s your perfect companion, no matter who you are, you will find one to match your style of fun. So hope on and relive your childhood dream and feel the rush.


Cruiser Bikes

Simply prefer old school? Something to cruise around in a park maybe? Mogoo Fiesta will take you back in time and bring back the good old days. With its unique design and character the Mogoo Fiesta stands out in the crowd and will most definitely turn heads. It is an analogue in a digital age, for those who believe in old is gold.


For the little ones

Feeling out of place? Mogoo offers a wide range of bicycles and other toys for our younger generation, staying true to our ultimate goal, putting a smile on all our customers, irrespective of age, with our wide range of products and incredible variety.

We at mogoo understand and believe in this enthusiasm and passion for bicycles. Our goal is to produce the perfect ride suitable for all our customers, from the little ones with training wheels to the enthusiasts with a taste for adrenaline. We aim to please our customers by providing a wide range of products with a variety of choices. Our commitment to churn out the best of bicycles is our identity in itself.


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