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Here's the Tech CEO best of the best list via Business Insider. Tech startups CEOs give a great view of what's next.


Here's two from the full list that were quite fetching in ingenuity and business style.  It's also an easy to browse, via click, article. ~  Deb




Jamie Wong speaks multiple languages and has spent her life traveling the world. Now she's building a startup that makes it much easier for everyone to do the same.]


Vayable basically shortens the process of planning a vacation from 30 hours down to about 5 minutes. It makes it easy to plan "experiences," like touring the Louvre with a French student instead of riding a tour bus around town.


Patrick Collison's Stripe has become the go-to provider for accepting payments online. It makes it dead simple to add a way to pay for things on just about any app.


That's great for other founders, because payments are typically the most tricky part of building an application, and can take months to finally get off the ground. With Stripe, it's just a few lines of code.

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