Poll: Obama retakes lead after short-lived Romney Tampa bounce - The Hill's Ballot Box | BellaireAPGOPO | Scoop.it

In the week before the GOP Convention, Obama led in the polls with 46%, while Romney had 42%.  The Convention's bounce landed Romney with 44% and Obama with 42%.  Now, Obama leads (slightly) with 44%, Romney right behind him with 43%.  I agree with the 39% of registered voters that said the convention was good.  I am not a Republican and I wasn't swayed by the convention, but I thought they did a good job making Romney more likeable.  I was surprised that only 32% said they found him more likeable after the convention.  It was a one-point gain from Friday, but I expected higher.  Obama's likeability dropped one point to 47% from Friday, so I guess the Republicans did a good job bashing him.  Overall, this is a very tight horse race and I think it'lll stay that way.