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Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche
Visit Italy's Hidden Gem Before The Secret Gets Out!
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Rescooped by Grahame Edwards from Le Marche another Italy!

Overdosing on truffles in Marche

Overdosing on truffles in Marche | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Some people hate them, some people are so obsessed they pay 1,000′s of euros for them. Of course I am talking about truffles. While, I didn’t think it was possible to overload on truffles, but I suppose I was wrong. In one day in the marvelous land that is Marche, I got a true 360 degree truffle experience. In fact, so much so that I not only saw how it was found, color and type variations – but I also tried copious amounts of it and had it rubbed on my face. Yep, I am 100% serious. [...]

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National Park of Sibillini Mountains

The flora and fauna of the Sibillini embody the "wild spirit" that makes every experience of these mountains unforgettable. The enchanting vegetation tends t...
Grahame Edwards 's insight:

This stunning national park happens to be on our doorstep...hop in the car from Bella Vallone and take in the awe-inspring landscape. 

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Rescooped by Grahame Edwards from Le Marche another Italy!

Offida, a gem in southern Le Marche

Offida is one of the southern Marche's smaller gems. Offida has pre-historic origins, was dominated by Romans and was a feud in the 11th century.  Offida is rich in monuments, starting from the castle’s walls and the stronghold, built according to a design by architect Baccio Pontelli.
Santa Maria della Rocca is today one of the most precious testimonies of the Romanesque architecture in the whole region and is one of the area's most important examples of Piceno monastic art. The building began as a Longobard castle before being passed to the Abbey of Farfa around 1000. The present building dates back to 1330, it has three high, slender polygonal apses, with a Gothic portal at the foot of the central apse. Inside, visitors may admire interesting frescoes dating back to the 14th century and belonging to the Bologna school. The frescoes around the apse were attributed to the monk Fra Marino Angeli of Montalto Marche, who worked in Offida in 1423. The upside-down sarcophagus used as altar dates back to the Roman age and represents the God Silvano. In the surrounding area is the beautiful crypt, composed of three naves, which become five in the transept .[...]
The unusual triangular main piazza dominated by the beautiful town hall - one of the finest examples of 15th century civic architecture in the Marche. The Municipal Palace (13th-14th centuries) has on its main front a porch with cylindrical columns and round arches made of brickwork. The arches hold a slender loggia.
The Sant’Agostino Sanctuary dates back to the 14th century and was re-built in the 18th century, it shows on its left side Romanesque-Gothic characters. Inside are paintings by local artists of the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as a precious reliquary of the Eucharistic Miracle occurred to Luciano in 1273.
The Church of Addolorata has a Renaissance porch and an earthenware cornice with a 16th-century fascia, adorned by 15th-century friezes.
Back in the town centre, a web of narrow alleyways beckon you to explore - look out for the numerous Renaissance details while you wander about. Then to round off a visit you could always buy some of the hand-made lace - pizzo a mano.
Lace making is one of Offida's most common crafts. Women can still be seen, seated at their doorways in old town passageways, working intently, often with great rapidity, with bobbins, threads of white or grey yarn and pins on designs of flowers and animals.

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Grahame Edwards 's insight:

Another beautiful place to visit when you come to stay at Bella Vallone! 

Rescooped by Grahame Edwards from Le Marche another Italy!

How to do Le Marche, Italy, on a budget |

How to do Le Marche, Italy, on a budget | | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Stretching for around 100 miles along the Adriatic coast, with hilltowns to rival those of Tuscany and Umbria, Le Marche is a gorgeous and affordable region to explore, writes Donald Strachan

Via Mariano Pallottini
Grahame Edwards 's insight:

Great to see our lovely region getting some great press - and remember you can stay with us for as little as 55 euros per night per couple - what are you waiting for :)

Mariano Pallottini's curator insight, March 30, 2013 5:17 AM

Great long article, a veritable travel guide to Le Marche. What to do & see in: Urbino, Ascoli Piceno, Ancona and the Conero peninsula, Pesaro, Filottrano. The article is full of great suggestions.

Sarah Topps's curator insight, March 30, 2013 5:45 AM

What a great article for our favourite area of Le Marche! And whilst you are here, why not come and stay with us at the Hideaway?


Via Mariano Pallottini @marchebreaks

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2009 Umani Ronchi Casal di Serra Vecchie Vigne Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore

While Allie get's 'strawberry shortcake', Peter find 'rhubarb shortcake' on the nose of a wine with much to say. With shortcake as the common denominator in terms of aromatics, they debate a bit on the black licorice notes found (or not) on the palate. Tune in and tip back with Peter & Allie as the 2009 Umani Ronchi Casal di Serra Vecchie Vigne Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore is tasted & talked about.

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Le Marche Renaissance Master Raphael in the largest exhibition of paintings every organized outside of Italy

Le Marche Renaissance Master Raphael in the largest exhibition of paintings every organized outside of Italy | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

One of the largest exhibition of paintings by Renaissance master Raphael ever organized outside of Italy will launch at a major art and trade initiative with Japan.
The “Italy in Japan 2013″ series, presented by the Embassy of Italy in Tokyo, aims to promote Italian culture, lifestyle, and wine, as well as business, research and innovation. After the program begins on March 1 with the Raphael show,
further exhibitions will present the works of Leonardo, Michelangelo, and other Italian art masters.

Raphael Sanzio (1483-1520) was one of the great painters of the Italian Renaissance. Raphael brought the Renaissance painting style to maturity, creating a model for later painters. Due to the importance and rarity of his works, today it is extremely difficult to organize an exhibition dedicated to his works, even in Europe, the home to the majority of his extant oeuvre. This is the first large-scale Raphael exhibition held outside of Europe.

This exhibition features more than 20 works by Raphael, from examples from his study period that were heavily influenced by Perugino, to his time in Florence when his work was spurred on by contact with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, to his later years, after his arrival in Rome in 1508 and his work on the large-scale projects for the Vatican. In particular the exhibition features one of Raphael's most famous images of the Madonna and Child, the "Madonna del Granduca." In combination with the works by Raphael, approximately 60 works by those active around him have been assembled for this exhibition, including prints made after his paintings and decorative art works designed on the basis of his plans. This exhibition will provide a splendid opportunity for visitors to learn about the entirety of Raphael, an artist who exerted a massive influence on all later artistic expression.

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Maria Goretti: the sad story of the little Le Marche Saint

Maria Goretti: the sad story of the little Le Marche Saint | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Maria Goretti (October 16, 1890 – July 6, 1902) is an Italian virgin-martyr of the Roman Catholic Church, and is one of its youngest canonized saints. She died from multiple stab wounds inflicted by her attempted rapist after she refused to submit to him. 

Goretti was born Maria Teresa Goretti on October 16, 1890 in Corinaldo, in the Province of Ancona, then in the Kingdom of Italy, to Luigi Goretti and Assunta Carlini. She was the third out of six children.

By the time she was six, her family had become so poor that they were forced to give up their farm, move, and work for other farmers. Soon, Maria's father Luigi became very sick with malaria, and died when Maria was just nine. While her brothers, mother, and sister worked in the fields, Maria would cook, sew, watch her infant sister, and keep the house clean. It was a hard life, but the family was very close. They shared a deep love and faith for God. She and her family moved to Le Ferriere, near modern Latina and Nettuno in Lazio, where they lived in a building, "La Cascina Antica," they shared with another family which included Giovanni Serenelli and his son, Alessandro.

On July 5, 1902, finding eleven-year-old Maria sewing alone, Alessandro Serenelli came in and threatened her with death if she did not do as he said; he was intending to rape her. She would not submit, however, protesting that what he wanted to do was a mortal sin and warning Alessandro that he would go to hell . She desperately fought to stop Alessandro, a 19-year-old farmhand, from abusing her. She kept screaming, "No! It is a sin! God does not want it!" Alessandro first choked Maria, but when she insisted she would rather die than submit to him, he stabbed her eleven times. The injured Maria tried to reach for the door, but Alessandro stopped her by stabbing her three more times before running away.

Maria's little sister Teresa awoke with the noise and started crying, and when Serenelli's father and Maria's mother came to check on the little girl, they found the bleeding Maria and took her to the nearest hospital in Nettuno. She underwent surgery without anesthesia, but her injuries were beyond the doctors' help. Halfway through the surgery, Maria woke up. She insisted that it stay that way. The pharmacist of the hospital in which she died said to her, "Maria, think of me in Paradise." She looked at the old man: "Well, who knows, which of us is going to be there first?" "You, Maria," he replied. "Then I will gladly think of you," said Maria. Maria also expressed concern of her mother's welfare The following day, twenty hours after the attack, having expressed forgiveness for her murderer and stating that she wanted to have him in Heaven with her, Maria died of her injuries, while looking at a very beautiful picture of the Blessed Mother, and clutching a cross to her chest.[...]

Read more

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N.23 - Successful "Case History" of foreigners buying a property in Le Marche - Karen & Grahame

N.23 - Successful "Case History" of foreigners buying a property in Le Marche - Karen & Grahame | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Two brits swap Dubai for La Dolce Vita!

Karen & Grahame used to help organisations in Dubai restructure and improve performance, Grahame running their management consulting business and and Karen heading up a Human Resources practice.

Dubai was a very fast paced life, where the couple grew a very successful business, however, Dubai was also a very transient place and the couple craved something a little bit more European.

So as they looked for a slightly slower pace, where they could have four seasons instead of usual Middle East two (hot and hotter) they narrowed down places that would enable them to be closer to their family and friends in the UK. Having originally short-listed Umbria, it was fate or a case of the destiny, (poor map reading and navigation skills of Karen actually), that they stumbled upon Le Marche and fell in love with the un-spoilt beauty and simplicity of the place.

With the help of Kevin Gibney and Luca Brancadori they found and restored their perfect home. They bought a ruin and oversaw the reconstruction while still living in Dubai running their management consulting company. But with a great team on the ground here, in two years the local team here delivered a beautiful restoration.

The couple opened Bella Vallone – offering beautiful holiday rental accommodation 2 years ago and have shared their little slice of paradise with guests from all over the world. Having lots of open space has also enabled the couple to share their new home with seven local rescue pets, who love running through the open fields.

So it seems Karen and Grahame have changed their fast-paced life in the desert for the quieter awe inspiring countryside of Le Marche. The couple still do have interest in developing new business however, and as they get ready to launch three new interesting businesses here, Karen has says “this time its different, when I take my morning coffee break I open the office door and can soak up some of Italy's most breath-taking countryside – it feels like a good balance to me”

Via Mariano Pallottini, Good Things From Italy
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8 or maybe Infinite Places to see in Le Marche in 2013

8 or maybe Infinite Places to see in Le Marche in 2013 | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

The central Italian region of Le Marche will conquer you with its beauty.

There is some spectacular sightseeing here, with the limestone peaks pitted by deep gorges, ancient, spectacular caves, and dramatic torrents of water pouring into stone pools beneath. The region is bordered in the west by the Apennine mountain range with ski resorts and hiking trails.

The highest point is Monte Vettore in the Sibillini Mountain range, reaching 2476 metres.

The mountains drop to to the coast in gently rounded hills, topped with fortified towns more than a millennium old. The region is full of history, art and culture with Romanesque and Renaissance churches, abbeys, monasteries and sanctuaries surrounded by sweet, gentle hills, fertile slopes of olive groves and vineyards.The Hills drop again to the long, broad, shallow beaches. The 180km of Adriatic coastline is lined with a stretch of spectacular blue flag beaches and the Conero peninsula, with its rugged limestone promontory represent the most spectacular place by the coast.

Every few kilometres you come across pretty hilltop villages, fields of gold, sparkling rivers and lakes, castles, fortresses and medieval walled towns.

You can visit le Marche following the footsteps of Many of the greatest artists, architects, musicians and writers: Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael), Carlo Crivelli, Lorenzo Lotto, Donato Bramante, Rossini, Giacomo Leopardi and Gentile da Fabriano (Just An Example)

Every plan of your visit can not exclude Food and wine tastings. Le Marche has many restaurants with excellent quality and value and boasts an exquisite wine collection including "Verdicchio di Matelica" and "Verdiccio dei Castelli di Jesi", Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, Rosso Conero, Rosso Piceno, Passerina, Pecorino.

Here is a list of useful links to visit the Marche with different approaches, considering the areas with the greatest characterization within which lie, however, unmissable countless tourist destinations.


What to see;


Urbino wwwUrbania wwwGradara wwwPesaro wwwFano www




Ancona wwwMonte Conero National Park wwwLoreto www




Grotte di Frasassi wwwFabriano www




Macerata wwwRecanati www




Treia wwwCingoli wwwAppignano di Macerata www




Fermo wwwTorre di Palme wwwPorto San Giorgio wwwPorto Sant'Elpidio www


Ascoli Piceno


Ascoli Piceno wwwGrottammare wwwCupra Marittima wwwSan Benedetto del Tronto www


Sibillini National Park


Sibillini National Park www

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Le Marche, Uncharted Territories

Le Marche, Uncharted Territories | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Le Marche is probably one of the most underrated regions of Italy. This land is famous for its tiny villages, immeasurable countryside and typical products such as the famous Rosso Conero red wine, Verdicchio white wine, fried olives from Ascoli Piceno and so on. For those who want the chance to experience an unforgettable wine tasting, Le Marche is your best bet. The entire region, with its unspoiled beauty and evocative scenery, is internationally renowned for the production of a smooth variety of white wine, Verdicchio, whose name derives from “verde” (green), recalling the hue of the grape from which it is made. You can see wine being made in Castelbellino, Morro D’Alba or Cupramontana, little known towns situated inland from the Adriatic coast. Here the grape harvest s transforms the raw material into a masterpiece. At Azienda Agricola Alessandro Moroder you will meet a family that has produced wine since the early 1950s and be the direct protagonist in the creation of the product you’ll get to taste: first you’ll pick the grapes in the fields and then see the whole sophisticated procedure that ends up in a stylish bottle of pure, intense and deeply colored wine.

The region is also full of interesting spots worth visiting. Cupramontana, for example, is the hometown of Luigi Bartolini, the author of the novel Ladri di Biciclette, Bicycle Thieves, upon which Vittorio De Sica based his famous film of the same name. In addition, the village offers an annual grape-based festival called Festa dell’Uva, where you can take advantage of tons of stands and grab free samples of traditional Italian wines. Le Marche is also a region for music lovers: one of the most recent, brand-new celebrities is Giovanni Allevi, born in Ascoli Piceno, the performer of the main soundtrack of the new Fiat 500 commercial.

Full article

Via Mariano Pallottini
HolidayinMarche's curator insight, March 2, 2013 5:07 AM

Be sure to look up Giovanni Allevi - the most hauntingly beautiful piano pieces I ever heard!

Scooped by Grahame Edwards!

Escape The UK Floods & Head To Le Marche!

Escape The UK Floods & Head To Le Marche! | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Want to get away from this damp, horrible UK weather, well look no further than Le Marche, Italy.  With soaring temperatures in Italy right now, you can be guaranteed some 'real' Summer weather and whats more you will experience authentic Italy at it's very best.

Le Marche is a virtual treasure chest, rich in history, bursting with nature, art, folklore, and culinary traditions. Here you will find incredibly picturesque hill-top towns and villages enjoying panoramic views of lush, verdant valleys.

Renaissance palazzos and beautiful churches with fine works of art appear around every corner, and watching the impact of the changes in seasons on the mountainous countryside is a phenomenal experience and a privilege. Italy of course is well known for its wide and deep sense of culture and history. Le Marche is a major contributor to that, and within the region there are several prehistoric settlements, roman ruins and so forth. There are some 3000+ years of history and various sites provide evidence of prehistoric human Palaeolithic and Neolithic settlements. There are settlements of the Picena, Roman and Barbaric civilisations, fifty-seven historical town centres (Centri Storici), with countless abbeys, castles and fortresses, patrician villas, some seventy plus art galleries and both archaeological and ‘theme’ museums, all of which play their part in preserving the rich history for today's visitors.

Looking for somewhere to stay? Take a look at the beautiful accommodation at Bella Vallone.  With breath-taking views from beautiful cottages and apartments, four poster beds and private gardens......go on, take off your wellington boots and come and soak up La Dolce Vita - Le Marche style!  



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Le Marche Best Wines: Stefano Mancinelli Verdicchio dei Castelli di ...

Le Marche Best Wines: Stefano Mancinelli Verdicchio dei Castelli di ... | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |
Cristal clear straw yellow, clear and dense. Complex aromas with echoes of parfumes of peach, banana, pineapple, melon, mimosa, lime, broom and aromatic herbs.
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The Ultimate Girls Getaways

The Ultimate Girls Getaways | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Discover the Secrets of Le Marche with the ultimate girls getaways!

There is something very unique about embarking on a pure dolce vita journey with a group of like-minded women who embrace life and travel.

Whether you start as friends or strangers, our exclusive Women & Vines Itinerary is full of exciting opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, re-energise and rediscover yourself.

From shopping in luxury brand discount stores, sampling local wine in the vineyard, practising a smattering of Italiano in a medieval piazza before relaxing for the evening with a glass of Prosecco and of the region’s most exquisite food.

Experience Italia Vero!

Email us at or call us now on
+39 3394430210 for more information on our 2012 holidays!

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Southern Le Marche on Instagram

Southern Le Marche on Instagram | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Discover Le Marche ... picture after picture. Marchebreaks is an Instagram profile trying to prove, anyway, an axiom: Le Marche is a land of unique beauty and grace. Most of the photos are taken in southern Le Marche. Small villages, weird lights and incredible landscapes, people, activities, business and curiousities. Each photo is linked to Foursquare and with the geolocalization you can try to visit those places you liked the most.
Be careful, this profile is highly addicting ;

Via Mariano Pallottini
Grahame Edwards 's insight:

Around every bend and over every hilltop, Le Marche delivers stunning views, friendly folk and a unique Italian experience.  If you want to experience authentic Italy then head to Le Marche.  www,

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Le Marche is the 2nd Region in Italy for Cleanest Beaches

Le Marche is the 2nd Region in Italy for Cleanest Beaches | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

The award, the Blue Flag, is given annually to beaches and marinas that satisfy a number of essential criteria covering aspects of:


Water QualityEnvironmental Education and InformationEnvironmental ManagementSafety and Services


The international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) reported that has risen this year the number of Italian beaches to be awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award for clean water and pristine sands.

Italian seaside resorts awarded a Blue Flag in 2013 were 135, four more than last year, for a total of 248 top beaches. Some 86% of last year's Blue Flag beaches were confirmed this year while nine new entries included resorts in Carrara, Tuscany, Francavilla al Mare in Abruzzo and a lake beach resort in Levico Terme, in the north-eastern Trentino-Alto Adige region. The northwest coastal region of Liguria has the cleanest beaches in Italy, 20, two more than last year, followed by the central Marche region with 18 and Tuscany with 17, one more than last year.

Pristine eco friendly beaches could be considered another reason to visit lovely Le Marche.

More infos on ;

Via Mariano Pallottini
Grahame Edwards 's insight:

Come and dip your toe... in the best part of Italia!


Ursula O'Reilly Traynor's comment, May 19, 2013 4:54 AM
Interesting scoops! Thank you!
Sarah Topps's comment, May 23, 2013 12:12 PM
Your very welcome Ursula!
Ursula O'Reilly Traynor's curator insight, September 27, 2014 2:42 AM

Congratulations, le Marche!

Which region in Italy came first for cleanest beaches?

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10 Reasons to Travel to Urbino: A UNESCO Site in Le Marche

10 Reasons to Travel to Urbino: A UNESCO Site in Le Marche | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

In Le Marche, not far from the Adriatic Sea, the savvy traveler will find the small hill town of Urbino. It is perched between the Foglio and Metauro Rivers.
Le Marche enjoys more than 100 miles of clean Adriatic coastline with long stretches of sandy beaches. The regional capital is Ancona where an annual “Summer Jamboree Festival” is held with bands from all over the world. 
Urbino was declared a dukedom in the middle of the 15th century. Raphael and Bramante were famous local Renaissance artists. Urbino’s historic center has a magnificent array of medieval and well-preserved Renaissance buildings nestled in a picturesque countryside setting that was unscribed by UNESCO in 1998.

Urbino was the birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio in 1483.[...]Visit the elegantly proportioned Palazzo Ducale that was built for Duke Federico da Montefeltro and his wife Battista Sforza as a defensive structure in 1460 designed by architect by Luciano da Laurana and Francesco di Giorgio Martini..[...]The palace houses the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche (The Marche National Gallery) and holds the most significant collection of Marchigiana art. This museum is the home to works by Raphael, Piero della Francesca, Tizano, Paolo Uccello and Luca Signorelli..[...]The elegant, Neo-Classical Duomo was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1789. It was done by Giuseppe Valadier, Architect of the Holy See..[...]Have a “Vino con Vista” at La Vecchia Fornarina close to Piazza della Republica. It is the oldest restaurant in Urbino. Order some fish stew with a glass of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi (DOC) , a crisp white wine. Order some red Piceno (DOC) vino at the Mamiani Hotel on Via Bernini and enjoy the beautiful view..[...]Visit the Umani Ronchi Winery. Try some Medoro Marche Sangiovese or Le Busche Marche Bianco ( Visit the International Wine Label Museum in Cupramontana.[...]A haven for Foodies, the cuisine has been influenced by Romagna to the north and Abruzzi to the south. From polenta to porchetta and white truffles, the regional specialties of the Marches include:In August, attend the “Sagra delle Frittelle” of Massignano in the Ascoli Piceno fortress. This Fritter Fest is a 50 year old Italian Food Festival. The Macerata Opera Festival is held in Sferisterio from July 15 to August 15[...]More notable holy places include: the 14th-century Oratory of St John the Baptist with outstanding frescoes by Luca Signorelli and the 14th century Church of San Francesco with an interior that was redesigned in the 18th century. .[...]Attend glorious “Holiday Festivals and Events” in the town of Candelara in December in the province of Macerata and also in the town of Fano in Giardini Amiani..[...]

Via Mariano Pallottini
Grahame Edwards 's insight:

We still have a couple of weeks available this Summer - so drop us a line at - see you soon :)

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Le Marche: Italy’s culinary hidden gem – a tour into its cuisine

Le Marche: Italy’s culinary hidden gem – a tour into its cuisine | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Beautiful seaside towns and resorts, long beaches for summer vacations, stunning countryside for walking tours and a strong seafood culinary tradition: Le Marche is all of that and much more. Nestled between the Adriatic shore and the Appennines ranges, the Italian region features typical food coming both from the inland and the seaside. For your next holidays in Italy, think about cooking vacations or gastronomic tours in Le Marche and don’t forget to taste the following recommended dishes.[...]

Try Vincisgrassi, a special kind of lasagne.
If you want to try lasagne as you have never tasted, Vincisgrassi is the traditional first course from Le Marche that you was looking for.
The recipe was first cited by Antonio Nebbia in his book “Il cuoco Maceratese” in 1783. As you many guess by the title, the recipe must have been created in the town of Macerata, but you can find it in many other tourist destinations of Le Marche. It seems to be named after Windischgratz, the Austrian general who is told to have enthusiastically eaten it after a victorious battle against Napoleon.
The secret which makes Vincisgrassi such a delicious dish, must be the flavourful tomato sauce placed among the layers of pasta since it is enriched with ragù made from pork, veal and chicken. If that wasn’t enough mushrooms and truffles are added to give a plentiful savour.
Order Vincisgrassi lasagne as main course in any typical restaurant in Le Marche region… every bite will be a mouthwatering experience for your palate!

Crisp olive all’ascolana – Stuffed and fried olives.
Large, crunchy, stuffed: they are “olive all’ascolana”, a delicacy of Le Marche region which received the DOP recognition in 2005. This famous appetizer can be ordered at restaurants, bars, pubs and you can find them listed in the Antipasto or Aperitivo section since Ascolana olives are used to be served as an antipasto along with other fried snacks or as finger food in cocktail hours.
The soft crisp external part hides a green olive and a heart of meat. You could even find the recipe to prepare it at home but… don’t make it that simple! The authentic recipe dating from the seventeenth century uses exclusively olives ascolane tenere – from Ascoli indeed – filled with pork, veal, chicken and vegetables.

Flavourful Brodetto all’Anconetana – A fish soup that you will never forget.
If you drop by the coastal towns of San Benedetto del Tronto, Ancona, Porto Recanati and Fano, you will be overwhelmed by the unique flavour of seafood coming from any restaurant, as you have a nice stroll in those quaint villages. So don’t think twice, time has come for you to stop and taste the regional delicacy Brodetto all’anconetana. This tasteful fish soup cooked with 13 or more different varieties of seafood – including mullet and cuttlefish – is a local tradition as old as fishing. Expert chefs in any Le Marche town have created signature versions of Brodetto all’anconetana, giving the opportunity to make an unforgettable gourmet journey. It is recommended to savour Brodetto with the DOC white wine Verdicchio, which best emphasises its characteristics.
Don’t miss to try other typical seafood dishes such as Stoccafisso all’anconetana (salted fish) and Mosciolo (mussel).[...]

Via Mariano Pallottini
Appassionata's curator insight, March 27, 2013 6:16 AM
Makes my mouth water just reading this............
Mariano Pallottini's curator insight, March 30, 2013 5:26 AM

Emilia Delizia organises culinary food tours in Le Marche region, if your group would like to discover the food, wine and majestic landscape of this region, our company would be delighted to put together an itinerary to die for. Emilia Delizia also organises cooking classes focussing on traditional dishes  suchs as Vincisgrassi, Brodetto all’Anconetana, and the cripsy Olive all’Ascolana. 

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Pasta of the Last Minute: Linguini Fini with Sardines & Pickled Cherry Peppers

Pasta of the Last Minute: Linguini Fini with Sardines & Pickled Cherry Peppers | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Linguine Fini with Sardines & Pickled Cherry Peppers Recipe


1 lb linguine fini (cappellini, spaghetti, linguine, or trenette may be used)1/2 cup + 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, divided1 pkg. {3.75 oz (105 g)} of skinless & boneless sardines, drained & roughly chopped5 cloves of garlic, diced or grated – divided4 pickled cherry peppers, cored, seeded, and roughly chopped1/2 cup Panko bread crumbs3 tbsp fresh parsley, choppedsalt & pepperreserved pasta water


Make the bread crumb topping:
In a small mixing bowl, combine 1 diced/grated garlic clove, bread crumbs, and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Season lightly with salt & pepper. Mix thoroughly.
In a small frying pan over med-high heat, lightly toast the bread crumb mixture. Do not allow to get too dark or it will ruin the dish. Remove from heat and set aside.
Bring a large pot of heavily salted water to boil. Add the pasta and stir.
In a large frying pan over med heat, add the remaining olive oil. Once hot, add remaining garlic and sauté for 1 minute.
Add the pickled peppers to the pan and continue sautéing for another minute before adding the sardines. Continue sautéing until the pasta has cooked 2 minutes less than the package’s cooking instructions indicate for al dente. If you’ve timed everything correctly, you should sauté the sardines for no more than 5 minutes before the pasta is ready.
Drain the pasta, reserving 1 cup of the pasta water.
Add pasta to the pan containing the sardines and peppers. Gently toss to evenly coat the pasta. If too dry, add enough pasta water to create a sauce. Continue to sauté until the pasta is al dente, 1 to 2 minutes more.
Remove from heat, add 2/3 of the bread crumb mixture, and toss.
Place on a serving platter and garnish with remaining 1/3 of the bread crumb mixture.
Serve immediately.

Via Mariano Pallottini
jasmin's comment, February 21, 2013 6:40 AM
Very nice recipe. I like to share you for easy breakfast recipes.
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Le Marche Properties For Sale: 18th Century Mill, in need of restoration, Camerino

Le Marche Properties For Sale: 18th Century Mill, in need of restoration, Camerino | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

This 18th century mill is situated in a beautiful and peaceful valley just 5 minutes from the university town of Camerino, an historic centre in Le Marche. Unlike most mills, this has stunning views up and down the valley and circa 5000 sqm of useable garden. The mill is rectangular in shape covering around 200 sqm on 2 floors, allowing for a 3 or 4 bedrooms, with many of the original features still in place, such as the old beams and terra cotta flooring. The walls are in good shape but the rest of the house requires full restoration for which plans, but not building permission, exist.

Via Mariano Pallottini
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Federico Barocci: divinity in the details -

Federico Barocci: divinity in the details - | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

If there is a greater thrill than discovering a lost work by an old master it is perhaps discovering a lost old master instead. This is essentially what the National Gallery is presenting with its new exhibition of the work of Federico Barocci.

In his lifetime Barocci was the most celebrated artist of the generation that immediately followed the High Renaissance deities of Michelangelo, Leonardo, Titian and Raphael. His patrons included Pope Pius VI, the Emperor Rudolf, the Duke of Urbino and even a saint, Filippo Neri. While his work strongly influenced later artists such as Rubens and Bernini it is little known today outside Italy, and specifically his home region of Le Marche and the hilltop city of Urbino. Of his 80 finished paintings Urbino alone has more than Britain, France, Spain and America combined, and many of his altarpieces remain in the churches for which they were painted.
Geographical isolation is, however, only one reason why Barocci has slipped from sight. Apart from a few portraits and a single late painting of Aeneas fleeing Troy, his pictures are exclusively religious, which did not endear him to Protestant taste. Nor could his distinctive style – fondant colour harmonies and an emotional sweetness – outshine the shadowy dramas of Caravaggio and his adherents. So while Barocci holds an important place in art history as the missing link between the strained distortions of Mannerism and the dynamism of the baroque, he has left little impression on the public consciousness. The National Gallery's exhibition, which contains some 20 paintings and 65 drawings, pastel studies and oil sketches, sets out to return him to notice.
Barocci deserves it. His birthplace, Urbino, was also that of Raphael, the beau ideal to whom all painters aspired. Raphael had died some 15 years before Barocci was born in 1535, but the noble tenderness of his style remained a formative influence. So too did his family's profession as scientific instrument makers. The painter's father specialised in astrolabes and clocks, and their motions are echoed in Barocci's compositions, with figures placed around the pictures like the numerals on a dial. He also studied the works of Correggio and Titian, absorbing some of the former's sentimentality and the latter's colour. In Rome, where he went to further his career, he met Michelangelo and probably had access to some of his drawings. His example meant that Barocci began to reconcile the two Renaissance artistic opposites of disegno (design) and colorito (colour).
According to Bellori, Barocci's first biographer, Michelangelo first noticed the young painter when he alone among a group of students hung back while the others rushed to gain the great man's attention. The encouragement Michelangelo gave him was one reason behind his fellow painters' jealousy, which, apparently, came to a murderous head in 1565 when they invited him to a picnic and poisoned his salad. Whether or not the poisoning was real, Barocci suffered stomach problems for the rest of his life – although he lived another 47 years. The discomfort was such that he vomited after every meal, slept fitfully and was plagued by nightmares, and could paint for only two hours a day.

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Barocci: Brilliance and Grace | National Gallery

Barocci: Brilliance and Grace | National Gallery | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |

Federico Barocci (c. 1526, Urbino – 1612, Urbino) is celebrated as one of the most talented artists of late 16th century Italy. Fascinated by the human form, he fused charm and compositional harmony with an unparalleled sensitivity to colour.
The exhibition will showcase Federico Barocci’s most spectacular altarpieces, including his famous 'Entombment' from Senigallia and 'Last Supper' from Urbino Cathedral, thanks to the cooperation of the Soprintendenze delle Marche.
The display assembles the majority of Barocci’s greatest altarpieces and paintings, together with sequences of dazzling preparatory drawings, allowing visitors to understand how each picture evolved and revealing the fertility of Barocci’s imagination, the diversity of his working methods and the sheer beauty and grace of his art.

'For exquisite and original colour harmonies, for tenderness of sentiment, for compelling and vertiginous compositions, Barocci has never been surpassed. He rendered the sacred both divinely beautiful and irresistibly human'
Director of the National Gallery, Dr Nicholas Penny
Barocci’s works, drawn from life and inspired by the people and animals that surrounded him, are characterised by a warmth and humanity that transform his religious subjects into themes with which all can identify.
He was an incessant and even obsessive draughtsman, preparing every composition with prolific studies in every conceivable medium.
Highly revered by his patrons during his lifetime, Barocci combined the beauty of the High Renaissance with the dynamism of what was to become known as the Baroque, a genre he was instrumental in pioneering. When he died in 1612, he was not only among the highest paid painters in Italy, but also one of the most influential.

Via Mariano Pallottini
Mariano Pallottini's curator insight, February 5, 2013 2:34 PM

27 February – 19 May 2013
Sainsbury Wing
Admission charge
Daily 10am – 6pm (last admission 5.15pm)
Fridays 10am – 9pm (last admission 8.15pm)
Book tickets
Experience the charm and sensitivity of Barocci’s masterpieces – never before seen outside Italy.

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Le Marche: Italy's One Stop Shop - Perfect Getaways

Bordering Umbria in the west, this soaring mountain range forms a large part of the Monti Sibillini National Park, a playground of outdoor activities and wildlife adventures with scenery as dramatic and jaw-dropping as the ...
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5 Reasons to Love the Fall in Italy and in Le Marche | Internet ...

5 Reasons to Love the Fall in Italy and in Le Marche | Internet ... | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |
Why we love Italy in the autumn, especially late September, October and November, from the lower prices and crowds to the beautiful weather in Italy!Thinking of.
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International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012 | Le Marche another Italy

International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012 | Le Marche another Italy | Bella Vallone - Luxury Holidays In Le Marche |
The city of Fabriano has announced its second edition of the ‘International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012’ an event that the Tourism Councillorship of the Municipality of Fabriano will open on June 2nd 2012, at the Paper and...
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Friends of Marche, Italy Actualités sur le groupe | LinkedIn

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