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Your Website from Standard to Stand-Out When you own a business, you’ll know exactly how important first impressions are. And for modern businesses, your website is the cover that people will judge you buy. Your website can be a lot of things for your business. It can be an information portal, a shop, or a showcase of your best work. It’s also one of your business’ most valuable communication tools, so you want it to hit the right from the off. These days, your standard website no longer cuts it. So how can you make it stand-out? Take a look at the following ten steps to help your website create that lasting first impression. 1. Transform your typography Remember the days when Comic Sans was considered edgy and cool? Those days have long gone. Fonts and typography have become much more creative over the years, with brands owning and using fonts to great effect. The right typography can make your website look exciting and fresh, while also helping to enforce your brand effectively. Take a look at some incredible examples of how typography can be used in web design to great effect. Be sure your font is large enough and

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