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Burned Alive

Burned Alive | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
When Souad was seventeen she fell in love. In her village, as in so many others, sex before marriage was considered a grave dishonour to ...
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

A 17 year old girl
     named “Souad” fell in love with a boy in her village. She was born
     between 1957 and 1958 and raised in a small West Bank village. A normal age
     for a girl to get married Is at 14 or 15 and every girl had to be married
     off in order. Her sister was still not married by the age of 16 and a guy
     next door kept asking Souad's father for her hand in marriage. Once she
     knew about this guy she started falling in love with him. She would stare
     at him when he would leave for work and she would watch him come home. She
     dreamed of great things with this man. She imagined a world of
     “freedom”. Women were looked very much down on and were not treated
     as equals. A women could not leave the house without her man and if she was
     married she couldn’t even look people on the streets in the eyes. She ended
     up engaging in premarital relations with the guy next door which was a sin.
     Once her family found out, they were furious. While she was outside doing
     laundry her brother came behind and poured gasoline on her and then set her
     on fire. Everyone in the village was okay with it because she sinned. A
     couple of village women found her and rushed her to the hospital. After
     that day her life changed for ever. She was saved. She now shares her story
     of what happened to her because she is not the only woman abused.


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Sold | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
Zana Muhsen, born and bred in Birmingham, is of Yemeni origin. When her father told her she was to spend a holiday with relatives in Nort...
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

i would lke to read this book becasue it was very simmilar to Burned Alive and i really liked my book. This book looks like a light read with a great story behind it.  I also think this book can teach you a lot about culture and different religions. 

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Fate of women still tied to arranged marriages in post-Taliban Afghanistan

Fate of women still tied to arranged marriages in post-Taliban Afghanistan | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
Just before she leapt from her roof into the streets of Kabul, Farima thought of the wedding that would never happen and the man she would never marry. Her fiance would be pleased to see her die, she later recalled thinking.
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

 This article is about a teenage girl and her desperate attempt to get out 
     of an arranged marriage. Farima is a 17 year old girl raised in 
     Afghanistan. She tried to commit suicide by jumping of the roof of her 
     house but only ended up breaking her back. She was taken to the hospital 
     where she had her surgery and recovered well from it. Her fiancé treated 
     her horrible. She was very close to her family and he demanded she stops 
     talking to them after the marriage. He tried buying her love but she did 
     not want to be with him. She went to court because she wanted to be legally 
     separated from this man. The judges asked her why she wanted to leave him. 
     She replied by saying how terrible he treated her and that marriage would 
     be hell. Her mother stood up for her in front of all the judges and they 
     got the separation papers signed. Women everyday try to commit suicide or 
     run away because they get abused by their husbands. Running away is a crime 
     and women go to jail because of it everyday. Only the man has permission to 
     divorce their wife, a women needs the courts approval. Overall women need 
     more freedom and should not be treated the way they are in Afghanistan  

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The Major and Minor Sins - Koran

The Major and Minor Sins - Koran | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
Just as the Koran and the Sunnah emphasize virtues and good deeds, they also emphasize a long list of bad and evil deeds
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

The Major and Minor Sins” by Duaa Anwar is an article about sins 
     in the Koran. The Koran, very similar to the Bible, has both major and 
     minor sins, as Anwar made clear in this article. Major sins, such as 
     murder, theft, and adultery or simply not praying to Allah, are frowned 
     upon in this religion, but people can still be forgiven for committing 
     these sins. The Koran states, “If you avoid the great which you are 
     forbidden, We will remit from your evil deeds and make you enter at a noble 
     gate.” (4:31) There are also minor sins listed in the Koran. Sins including 
     harmless lies, negative thoughts, and gossip are easily forgiven by Allah. 
     Anwar says of forgiveness, “These are the sins that can be washed 
     away with ablution, regular prayer, or lots of general good deeds.” 

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Provocative Photo

Provocative Photo | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

My photo relates to all the research i did because men abused women through out my entire book. This picture shows a Taliban man shooting a women in the head. This is really sad because it amazes me how cruel people can be and how anyone can kill a human being and be okay with it. 

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The Taliban's War on Women - Afghanistan - Documentary - Women's Rights

The Taliban's War on Women - Afghanistan - Documentary - Women's Rights | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
Taliban violence against women in Afghanistan has never gone away. Disturbing stories of suppression and brutality show a society hanging in the balance. It's over a decade since the US invasion of...
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

This documentary talks about how the Taliban is violent against women 
     in Afghanistan. There is a video clip of the Taliban killing an innocent 
     women in front of all these man and that was morally wrong. That shooting 
     did not define her as a person and what they did was wrong. Another story 
     she shares is how she interviewed a women that the Taliban tried killing 
     they put a gun to her head but before the shooter clicked her trigger he 
     stopped because he noticed that she was pregnant and said “it is a 
     sin in the Koran to kill a pregnant women so we will kill her afterwards” 
     These are some of the difficulties women go through. A famous story is of a 
     girl who got shot in the head all because she wanted to go to school and 
     get an education. Overall, this video portrays the horrors and everyday 
     struggles that innocent women go through under the rule of the Taliban. 

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Fondation SURGIR - Accueil

Fondation SURGIR - Accueil | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
La fondation SURGIR est active contre les violences coutumières dont sont victimes les femmes à travers le monde tels que les crimes d’honneur et les mariages forcés.
Yoanna Avramova's insight:


In this organization they talk about helping women out by tracking down 
     girls, women, and little children to rescue them. On the side of the page, 
     it gives you stories of some of the victims. One of the stories that caught 
     my eye was a story in that took place in Yemen. A father burned his 
     daughter to death for talking to her fiancé before the wedding. The father 
     was arrested after his daughter’s death in the village of Shabaa in Taiz 
     province. A local website states that the couple was caught talking on the 
     phone, which is not allowed according to their religious and traditional 
     customs. Men that killed women were calling their cruel murders 
     “honor killings” because women did them wrong. Every year women are 
     subjected to horrible forms of violence such as not being able to get an 
     education, arranged marriages, sexual abuse, lack of freedom, forced 
     pregnancy, and genital mutilation. These are all the horrible things SURGIR 
     is working on improving the lives women all around.



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Welcome to Save Yours Rights

Welcome to Save Yours Rights | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
A human rights charity campaigning to end forced marriages.
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

This organization is all about helping women that have been forced into 
     marriage that they don’t want to be in. Forced marriage is not only just in 
     the Muslim culture, there has been a wide range of cases including Hong 
     Kong, U.S, China, and different parts of Africa. Main cases are from 
     Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. People are forced into marriages that they 
     don’t want to be and they ended up committing suicide or running away. The 
     majority of cases were women but 15% were man. SYR is a non-profit 
     organization helping young women escape forced marriage. A lot of the women 
     have suffered a great deal of pain such as emotional, psychological, and 
     physical pain. Hopefully this organization can help a ton of women in their 
     time of need.

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‘The Courage to Say No to Misogyny’ : Afghan Women's Mission

‘The Courage to Say No to Misogyny’ : Afghan Women's Mission | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

This article, written by Malalai Joya, emphasizes the 
     importance of women's rights in the Middle East and the story of a brave, 
     fourteen year-old girl who stood up to the Taliban. Malala Yousafzai was 
     shot and killed by Pakistani Taliban for standing up for her and the many 
     women whose rights are violated everyday. As an activist herself, Joya was 
     incredibly appalled that something like this could happen to such a young 
     girl. Taliban officials targeted this innocent fourteen year-old girl all 
     because she was calling attention to the harsh conditions women are being 
     put through in Pakistan. Although it was the Taliban’s intentions to make 
     an example of this brave girl, it actually had an opposite effect. As a 
     result, people all around the world are noticing the cruelties that women 
     are being put through, thanks to Malala. Joya stated, “But it was a 
     failed attempt because, across Pakistan and around the whole world, people 
     are on Malala’s side and they are condemning her enemies.” In addition, a 
     lot of women are afraid to stand up for their rights, but after hearing 
     about this horrible act the Taliban committed, they are angrier than ever. 

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West Bank

West Bank | Avramova West Bank | Scoop.it
Yoanna Avramova's insight:

This region i would not recomment for visiting because from everything that i've read.If you're  a women you would not get treated well. Men have control over everything and this is a place i would not want to go as a girl but if you're a man its a different story. 

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