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Volvo Oklahoma City (OKC) Used Car Dealership Edmond OK - Swedish

Swedish Imports of Edmond has been offering personal service, Volvo sales, parts and repairs in the Oklahoma City metro for 20+ years.
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The Latest News On Non-Shedding Cats

The News About Non Shedding Cats

The joys of owning a cat are many. They are clean and magical animals that will bring countless hours of joy. For those that suffer from allergies to these wonderful creatures, having one is not all that fun. Cat fur that is shed from a cat gets everywhere. It is found on clothes, the carpet and even the couch. For cat lovers, there are "Hairless" cats that have little to no hair and do not shed or when they shed it will not noticed by you.

1. Sphinx

If you want a cat that is different and has very little fur, this is the cat for you and your family. This cat breed has a little bit of fuzz all over its body and looks different from most furred cats. The shed fur is tiny; so small that you will not notice it at all. This cat is a great companion and a joy to have. It is active and loves to play with any family member.

2. Don Sphinx

Another "hairless" breed of cat is the Russian Don Sphinx. This cat breed has a genetic condition that makes these wonderful cats hairless. There are some that sport some fuzz, but they are rare. This cat is a loving pet that loves to be the center of attention. If you are looking for a friendly nearly hairless cat, then look no further than this one. The temperament is an additional bonus along with its unique looks. If there is a problem with this breed it is needing to be bathed once a week, to prevent grime build-up.

3. Peterbald

There is another non shedding cat that comes from the vast land of Russia. It is the Peterbald. This cat breed is a combination of the Don Sphinx and the Oriental Short Shorthair.

4. Cornish Rex

Of course, if the idea of cats not shedding is appealing, but do not want a cat that looks like it comes from out of this world, then the Cornish Red will be a great fit for your family. This cat is not hairless, but does not shed that much. Its fur is extremely silky to the touch. This cat is curious and adventurous that loves activity. This cat also forms strong bonds with its family. This may be the cat that you are looking for that will fit into your family.

5. LaPerm

The LaPerm has a full coat that tends to curl on the bells ears and neck. While this breed has a full coat of fur it does not shed it that much. This cat is an even-tempered cat who's breed started in 1982. Curly, the 1st LaPerm was born on a farm where cats caught the many mice that were always into the grain. She was given no special treatment and stayed outside. It was not until she got hurt she was brought into the house and the breed started. This cat breed is very friendly and even-tempered. LaPerms love to lay around and to play with their families. These personality traits may enhance your family's life.


Austin works with Pet-Vet Supply, thesource for dog grooming Oklahoma City trusts. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit

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Ignition Coil Symptoms And Their Underlying Causes

Most ignition coil symptoms indicate an underlying vehicle problem that warrants a trip to a mechanic. An ignition coil system is made from a primary and a secondary coil that transmit energy to the engine. Starting a car's ignition sets off an electrical reaction that begins in the battery. The primary coil gets a supply of electricity, leading to a magnetic field. This allows an electrical current to reach the secondary coil. At this point, the voltage has enough strength to activate the spark plug. The resulting spark ignites a mixture of air and fuel that allows the engine to turn over. Any problems with this system can lead to a car that does not start properly.

1. Stalled Engines

One of the most frequent ignition coil symptoms is engine stalling, which entails an engine starting but then losing power. A stalled engine can lead to a failed engine without the needed inspection and repair from a technician. This problem can be especially dangerous because the engine can stall without warning, increasing the chances a driver will get in a collision. Stalling occurs when one of the engine coils is not working correctly, leading to an inconsistent current to the engine from the spark plugs.

2. A Misfiring Engine

Spark plugs can sometimes misfire, causing erratic engine functionality. When the pistons do not fire on a consistent basis, the engine can start sputtering while the car is running. If the driver puts the vehicle in park but leaves the engine running, the car can often shake. Accelerating can also cause the car to lurch from one side to the next.

3. A Car That Does Not Start

Another sign of a malfunctioning engine coil is a vehicle that is difficult to start by turning the ignition key. Turning the key normally gives the spark plug its needed charge. If this component does not receive this energy source, the engine will not turn over.

4. A Backfiring Car

The combination of oxygen and fuel needed to ignite an engine relies on the spark plug. A faulty spark plug does not give the engine pistons a consistent energy source. Any trapped and unburned fuel is forced through the exhaust system, creating what mechanics call a backfire. A backfiring car does not always indicate ignition coil failure, but it is a sign of other possible problems. These issues can lead to further mechanical issues in the future.

5. Poor Fuel Use

Ignition coil problems often lead to decreased fuel economy since a misfiring engine is not an efficient one. A certain percentage of fuel is lost through the exhaust system, and a vehicle owner may notice that he or she needs to refuel the car on a more frequent basis. A faulty ignition system can increase weekly gasoline expenses in addition to other risk factors.

Noticing ignition coil symptoms early can save a driver money in the long run. An experienced mechanic can diagnose these problems and give each customer a reasonable cost estimate. A moderate repair bill is worth removing the dangers associated with a malfunctioning coil system.


Matt works with:— A reputable dealer of Chevrolet trucks. He has covered automotive design trends for 15 years, and enjoys writing about auto repair.

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