Australia's Political Involvement
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Australian Muslims: Multiculturalism and Politics -

Australian Muslims: Multiculturalism and Politics - | Australia's Political Involvement | Australian Muslims: Multiculturalism and Politics As Governor General Quentin Bryce noted at Ed Husic's swearing in ceremony, his appointment was “a wonderful day for multiculturalism and everything it stands for in our...

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The issue raised by this page is one of racial division and misrepresentation in Australian society. The concern at hand in particular being raised here is that many believe Muslims and people of Arabic descent are treated unfarily, and so the position by this article is supportive of community efforts to assist our fellow Muslim Australians. However, I disagree with the view brought forward that Muslims are discriminated against any more than the supposed 'white' Australians in today's society. I feel this is because while discrimination has been present in the past, we have moved as a nation to become a multicultural society, and we would be stupid to think otherwise.

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Political: What would it be like to live in Australia as a Muslim?

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Does Truth Really Matter in Politics?

Does Truth Really Matter in Politics? | Australia's Political Involvement |
The following remarks on truth and democracy were presented at the opening of a brainstorming session entitled Does Truth Really Matter in Australian Politics?

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This article on the validity of truth and facts in politics, provides insight into the idea that politicians are not necessarily required to be truthful. In this article, the author gives recognition to the fact that politics is a very subjective situation. Here, people put forward their personal agendas, supposedly with the aim of improving Australia, and as such are allowed, and often even required, to warp the facts in order to make their opinions heard. The core of this issue is that whilst society and the media may attempt to prevent a person from seeking power on the basis of their deceitfulness, the underlying fact is that all politicians distort the information presented to us to make their case seem the best one.

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With the political mess in France due to the Cahuzac affair, this is the perfect time to broaden the view on truth and politics

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Very good read. 

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How much has changed in gay rights?

How much has changed in gay rights? | Australia's Political Involvement |

"Four decades ago gay sex was illegal in every state in Australia. So called poofter-bashing was rife. There were many cases in which gay men were severely beaten by the police whose job it was to protect them.

The TV series Number 96 caused a sensation by including the first openly gay character ever seen on Australian television. And 42 years ago, the Australian Dennis Altman wrote a book called Homosexual: oppression and liberation, which became a key text for the gay liberation movement here and in many other countries.

Now, with same sex marriage a widely discussed topic in Australian politics, it's easy to look back and think everything's been achieved.

This week, the same Dennis Altman published a new book whose title is a question: The End of the Homosexual? It examines how much has changed and what's still to do.


I asked Dennis Altman first about the likelihood of same sex marriage becoming legal in Australia."

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In this ABC article, a discussion takes place on the topic of gay rights and so-called 'marriage equality'. The perspective illustrated in this text is one supporting equality of marriage, which ironically is a contradiction of terms in itself. The interviewee believes that gay marriage will be accepted into Australia inevitably, however, the Christian values and morals in this country will fortunately prevail for a number of years to follow. I think one of the concerns on this issue is that if we refuse to side with Christian values on this issue, what is to stop society from then legalising abortion, drugs and other antisocial and unethical ideologies?

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Change in gay rights in Australia❤️❤️  

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this article falls into the political category because its talking about gay rights in Australia. 

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A big political discussion going on right now is gay rights, and Australia is no outsider to the topic.

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Australia: The FTTP dream is over: Coalition victory kills Labor's NBN | Delimiter

Australia: The FTTP dream is over: Coalition victory kills Labor's NBN | Delimiter | Australia's Political Involvement |

The long-held vision dreamt up by senior Labor politicians Stephen Conroy and Kevin Rudd in 2009 of a universal fibre broadband network covering Australia is officially dead, with a solid election victory set to sweep the Coalition into power and a technically inferior fibre to the node plan into Australia’s streets.


Although the return of Kevin Rudd to the Prime Ministership several months ago gave the Australian Labor Party a significant boost in national polling at that stage, exit polling throughout Australia today has shown a clear and decisive victory for the Coalition. Respected ABC election analyst Antony Green called the Federal Election for the Coalition earlier tonight, and other major media outlets have followed.


At this stage it appears as though the Coalition will enjoy a sizable majority of close to 40 seats in the House of Representatives which, historical results suggest would mean it would be likely to maintain two terms in power. The situation is much less clearer in the Senate as Senate results take significantly longer to tabulate than results in the lower house.


Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s seat of Wentworth — one of the safest Liberal seats in the country — is also seeing a minor swing towards Turnbull, meaning it is likely that Turnbull will be appointed Communications Minister in a new administration led by Tony Abbott, as the Opposition Leader has publicly intimated several times.


The news will have immediate and drastic consequences for Labor’s NBN project, which the Rudd and Gillard administrations have pursued as one of the Federal Government’s major projects in its current form since mid-2009.


Turnbull has consistently stated that the Coalition plans to “complete” Labor’s NBN vision more rapidly and more cheaply than Labor itself could. However, the Coalition’s NBN alternative is largely based on radically different technology than Labor’s vision, and will deliver vastly reduced broadband service delivery outcomes to many Australians.


Click headline to read more--

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This article highlights the issue of clashing political policy between the Labor and Liberal parties on the topic of the proposed NBN which is currently underway. In the article, it is drawn to our attention that Labor's 'vision' for nation-wide fast broadband networks is sinking faster than the Titanic. This has occurred as the newly-elected Liberal government has recently announced its desire to complete the almost-finished project in a way that prevents further money being wasted on this seemingly futile project. Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes this project did little to improve the state of the Australian economy, as Labor previously claimed, but rather forced the country into a worse state of debt than before.

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This article discusses how Labor's National Broadband Network dream is over after it's defeat to the Coalition.