Global Eyes Photo Competition | Assisting new Tasmanians to Get Outside |

The individuals that bring the world to our doorstep and offer us the opportunity to see Tasmania through fresh eyes.


Global Eyes is a photographic competition/exhibition exploring living in Tasmania. This is an opportunity to use photo images and a few words to convey the experience of being a new student in Tasmania.


It can be an expression of the any of the exciting, frustrating, hilarious and interesting daily experiences that you have had.


All you have to do is send a photo and an accompanying 100-200 words that gives meaning to the image.  Why it is important to you? The story behind that time/place/experience or how is made you feel. Was it an important time/experience that reflects your time in Tasmania?  It could also be an image taken elsewhere that creates contrast to your Tasmanian experience that you then explain in the words.  The words can be anything you like: just designed to give meaning to the photo and the story of your experience.  Technical expertise in photography is not the focus... it is about conveying a message. Please enjoy Global Eyes, it is meant to be fun and let others share reflections of your experience.