Eduardo Kac is a pioneer of bio art. The School of the Art Institute professor has pushed boundaries—and buttons—throughout his career. He is best known for his series of "transgenic" works, art that blends natural and created elements in highly unexpected ways. These works include a green fluorescent rabbit, a synthetic gene built on a Morse code translation of a sentence from the Book of Genesis, and a genetically engineered petunia that contains Kac's DNA. Join curator Hamza Walker and Kac for a conversation on his radical art practice and the many questions it poses for our genomic time.

The annual Richard Gray Visual Art Series recognizes a significant gift from founding CHF board member and distinguished art dealer Richard Gray. Thanks to the generosity of Lorraine and Jay Jaffe, Eduardo Kac will also visit a Chicago-area classroom and lead an interactive experience with the students.

Video produced by Pentimenti Productions.

This program was recorded on November 9, 2013 as part of the 24th Chicago Humanities Festival, ANIMAL: