Language Is Lack. Diversity In Audio-Operating Systems. 


Humankind = Technological Beast. Automatization + Optimization = Legal Trust. Brain Gives Birth To Technology. Technology Control = Technology. Internal Loop = Internal Error. Trust = Error. Error = Creativity. Default. 


We set up far automatized systems that intra-communicate. On a daily basis we deeply trust on our technological achievements as we consider these being complete - Systems that control themselves by using interpretation and looping. Input = Output = Input = Output. Chinese Whispers. We conclude that systems that operate on the one hand and also control themselves on the other are technological incest. But try a different perspective: Humans intent to invent optimized technology for a certain reason that subsidiary carries the possibility to metamorphose and release creativity of great worth. Technological creativity cannot be anticipated by humankind. Next level.

Johannes Bier | Köln International School of Design 
short term project feedback machines by Prof. A. Muxel