Gluon Network - crossing borders of visual art, research and industry /// #mediaart | Digital #MediaArt(s) Numérique(s) |

Gluon is an organisation that realizes projects on the crossing borders of visual art, research and industry. For the realisation of its programme Gluon is supported by an extensive network of national and international research institutes, museums, public authorities, businesses and artists. Five partners are currently involved in its operation ab initio: the Research Institute iMinds, Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, iMAL, BOZAR and ZEBRASTRAAT.

Gluon is a ‘workshop of the future’ that supports multidisciplinary initiatives, in which artists play an important role. By connecting artists, researchers and entrepreneurs, innovative ideas arise that an individual could not think of on his own. This results in artistic, educational and social innovative projects which will lead in the future to a sustainable, more beautiful and prosperous society.

Gluon supports initiatives of companies, artists, designers and researchers based on interdisciplinary collaboration. Gluon is also looking for new projects from public authorities, companies or cultural institutions, and finances these collaboration projects. Gluon offers infrastructure, expertise, production materials and shows the results of the completed projects in prestigious cultural institutions.