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Digital #MediaArt(s) Numérique(s)
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Rescooped by Jacques Urbanska from Experimental music software and hardware!

Elektrosluch 2 - Record the invisible electromagnetic world

It has 2 electromagnetic pick-ups (microphones) to create stereo image on board and amplifier for use with headphones or with other instruments. Compared to older version, main features are stereo amplification, on-board pick-ups, high-fidelity amplifier, better filtering and tighter design. It runs on one 9V battery (included).

Listen to electromagnetic fields! Get one here:

Via nay-seven
nay-seven's curator insight, May 18, 2015 6:27 AM

There's a complete invisible world around us made of electromagnetic sounds . This device lets you discover it .Must be easy to plug an audio recorder to add these sounds to your audio sources material.

Scooped by Jacques Urbanska! : source of the nula filecasts (repository) // #soundart #fieldrecording : source of the nula filecasts (repository) // #soundart #fieldrecording | Digital #MediaArt(s) Numérique(s) |

source of the nula filecasts, a growing collection of files containing sound art, field recordings, video works, photographs, items found and and manipulated, appearing at sporadic intervals.

This site is the online presence of the project, which consists of a ser­ies of file­casts, each an as­semb­lage of sounds, im­ages, or words, and made avail­ab­le for down­load, shar­ing, com­men­tary, and fur­ther man­i­pu­la­tion.

File­casts are gen­er­al­ly, though not ex­clus­ive­ly, cre­ated from found ma­ter­ial, assembled together with field recordings or other original source material. The ten­den­cy here will simp­ly be to let the works speak for themselves as much as possible. However, each individual filecast is accompanied by more or less de­tailed clues as to the sig­ni­fi­cance, con­text, or possible in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the works off­ered. These descriptions generally take brevity to be a primary virtue.

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