#Call eTextiles Summer Camp 2013 - V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media | Digital #MediaArt(s) Numérique(s) | Scoop.it

The first Summer Camp was held in 2011 in Borås Sweden, with 20 experts. This year, the second edition of the eTextiles Summer Camp is planned from 17th to 21st of July in Poncé sur le Loir, France, hosted by Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain & Résidence d’Artistes.


The E-textile Summer Camp’s 2013 theme will be Soft + Slow Electronics. Many of us as engineers, designers and artists are working with soft materials such as textiles and paper, exploring the potential of soft, malleable and flexible electronics. Our practices often involve techniques that require intensive hand work, often resulting in long production processes. Some of the techniques we employ are almost archaic, but because we see value in making our own materials in our own ways, old-fashioned and slow techniques often come into play. We propose to see these practices as "slow", rather than "time consuming".

In today’s society "slowness" has gained positive connotation and acknowledgement through movements like Slow Food, Slow Cities and Slow Design Principles. These movements not only embrace the amounts of physical time consumed in a process, but also the social and cultural impacts resulting from slow processes.