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Rescooped by anna pickett from Web2.0 Tools for Staff and Students!

Digital Films Home

Digital Films Home | art |

Create simple animations in the same way as GoAnimate. You need to creater an account but you can embed the code in other platforms.


Limited by way of animation design but a nice way of having students present their ideas in a different way.

Via gideonwilliams
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Scooped by anna pickett!

Fake iPhone Text

Fake iPhone Text | art |

Write the conversation and then press Create to recreate an iphone text conversation. 


Only issue is that you will need to pritnscreen it to save as an image although you could send the temporary webpage that it creates


Bound to have some good uses somewhere

Susan's curator insight, September 27, 2013 8:34 AM

I could see this being useful with students.  They could create conversations and display them as text just as they are used to doing hundreds of times each day!  Only in English!!