Video Brochure are paper- thin, HIGH QUALITY, full motion video content in any print media. Ideal for direct mail, magazine inserts, educational and training manuals, corporate reports, retail marketing and promotional branding campaigns. Video brochures still hold the top position as the most effective marketing communications tool. Not only do they meet the huge global trend towards online video marketing, they remain the most effective medium for conveying emotion. And as we all know, purchasing decisions are as much about feelings as they are about facts. IM4B undertakes video brochure production for products, services, staff communications, organizational credentials and many other applications. One of our corporate video scriptwriters will work with you to define your communications objectives, target audience, intended delivery channels and core messages. From there, we meet those objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible – drawing on our breadth of experience in digital media production to give you the best price. Call today 888-315-4642 x 203