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Scooped by Samuel R Asperilla


to feel or grope about clumsily:
  He fumbled in his pocket for the keys.
to do (something) clumsily or unsuccessfully; blunder:
  He fumbled for an answer.
  They fumbled an attempt to rescue the hostages

to look with the eyes partly closed.
Ophthalmology to be affected with strabismus; be cross-eyed.

expensive and luxurious, in a showy way:
   a plush hotel.


JACQUARD.- Tela con motivo geométrico

TO DAZE (V).- 
to cause (someone) to be unable to think clearly because of a blow; stun:
    The fall on his head dazed him.

to disturb or irritate:
     ruffled from all the interruptions.
to cause the feathers to stand up straight, as a bird in anger:
     to ruffle a bird's feathers.

BUFF.- a devotee or well-informed student of some activity or subject

to wrinkle the forehead, such as when one is displeased or in deep thought:
     She frowned when I gave the wrong answer.
     She frowned at the dog.

TO SLUMBER (V).- to sleep

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Scooped by Samuel R Asperilla

Bail out universities rather than banks?

Bail out universities rather than banks? | APRENDIENDO INGLÉS | Scoop.it
When world leaders gather next week for the G8 summit should they be considering a more innovative approach to trying to start a faltering global economy?
Samuel R Asperilla's comment, June 12, 2013 6:13 AM
Drain on public purse.- ie: But is it time to think differently about what creates new industries and jobs? Should education be recognised as the key to innovation rather than a drain on the public purse?
a fork in the road.- ie: Andreas Schleicher, the OECD's influential big thinker on international education, says that western economies have reached a fork in the road. It's a case of up-skilling or downsizing.
Explanation wordreference:
fork in the roadn literal (path that splits into 2 directions) bifurcación del caminonf
Take a left when you come to the fork in the road.
Tome a la izquierda cuando llegue a una bifurcación del camino.
fork in the roadn figurative (point at which a decision must be made) encrucijada nf
dilema nm
Estoy en un dilema, los dos me propusieron matrimonio y no sé a cuál elegir.

To tackle the stubborn.- ie: Schools will have to give all pupils a chance to succeed and to tackle the stubborn, talent-constricting link between family income and academic achievement ( es algo así como ATAJAR EL PROBLEMA)
To cling on.- ie: In Hong Kong there has been a policy of moving out low-skilled production and replacing it with more high-value industries.
"They are focused on moving up the value chain. In Europe we do the opposite. We are trying to cling on to low-skill jobs."
Explanation word reference:
cling on vi (hold on tightly) aferrarse⇒ vprnl

When I went around a corner quickly on my motorcycle, my passenger was clinging on for dear life.
Fingió que ir en moto le daba mucho miedo y aprovechó para aferrarse a la cintura su acompañante con todas sus fuerzas.

Combustible mix: ie.: Research by the OECD shows that those with the lowest skills are pushed to the political margins, disengaged and distrustful of society. It's a combustible mix.
Harnessing .- Nemat Shafik, deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund, says governments need to "think outside the box" about harnessing education in the cause of economic recovery.
Explanation word reference:
harness n (for horse) arnés, arreo nm
guarnición nf
harness n (for person: safety) arnés nm
harness vtr (power of sthg) emplear⇒ vtr

Catch 22.-
catch 22, catch-22, Catch-22 n (paradoxical predicament) círculo vicioso nm+adj
There is no way to win this game, there is a catch 22.
It's a real catch 22; to get a job you need experience, but to get experience you need a job.
Es un círculo vicioso: no consigo trabajo por falta de experiencia pero para ganar experiencia necesito un trabajo.
dilema sin salida nm
No se puede estar con Dios y con el Diablo porque tarde o temprano te encontrarás ante un dilema sin salida.
coloq pescadilla que se muerde la cola fr hecha
Esto es la pescadilla que se muerde la cola, si no tienes papeles no te contratan y si no tienen un contrato no te dan los papeles.
catch 22, catch-22, Catch-22 n loosely (no-win situation) situación en la que nadie gana nf
John would be hurt if she didn't invite him, but if she did, Mary wouldn't come. It was a catch 22.
catch 22, catch-22, Catch-22 n (self-contradictory rules) palos porque bogas (y), palos porque no (bogas) fr hecha

Golden Gosse.-
golden goose n literatura: fábula griega fábula griega gallina de los huevos de oro nf

Cluster around.-
cluster around sth v (gather or form a group around sth) rodear⇒ vtr

During story time, the students clustered around their teacher and listened intently.
Los niños rodearon a la maestra para escuchar el cuento.
fig arracimarse⇒ vpron

Un montón de chicos se arracimaron alrededor del carrito del heladero.
Scooped by Samuel R Asperilla

VOCABULARY (FROM THE DA VINCI CODE)                                                          21st 22nd October 2017

CURATOR.- the person in charge of a museum, zoo, etc.:
RENOWNED.- celebrated; famous.
TO STAGGER.- to (cause to) walk, move, or stand unsteadily
VAULTED.- resembling a vault:
TO LUNGE.- (V) a sudden forward thrust (to push forcefully)
GILDED.- covered or highlighted with gold or something of a golden color.
TO HEAVE (V).- to raise or lift with effort
TO TEAR FROM (V).- arrancar
TO BARRICADE (V).- to obstruct or block with a barricade
FAR-OFF.- distant; remote
GASPING.- a sudden, short intake of breath, as in shock or surprise
TO TAKE STOCK.- is to think carefully about a situation or event and form an opinion about it, so that you can decide what to do
TO STARE (V).- to gaze or look at deeply, intently, etc., esp. with the eyes wide open:
TO AIM (V).- to point (a firearm, ball, etc.) so that the thing discharged or thrown will hit a target:
BARREL.- the metal tubelike part of a gun from which the bullet comes out.
TO STAMMER (V).- to speak with uncontrollable breaks and pauses or repetitions of syllables or sounds:
GLINT.- a quick flash of light:
BRETHREN.- male members, as of a congregation; brothers. fellow members (of a church or organization).
TO TILT.- to (cause to) lean, slant, or incline:
REHEARSED.- to practice or go through (a play, speech, musical piece, etc.) before giving it in public: [~ + object] She rehearsed her part. [no object] didn't have enough time to rehearse. [~ + object] to recite or retell aloud.
SMUGLY.- overly confident of one's ability, superior position, or correctness; self-satisfied:
ASSAILANT.- a person who attacks.
TO TAUNT (V).- to make fun of or insult, often to get someone to do something:a mocking remark, made as a challenge or an insult.
TO SCRAMBLE (V).- to move quickly and with a purpose:
TO ROAR (V).- to make or say in a loud, deep, continuing sound, as in anger:
SEARING.- causing a sharp feeling of burning or as if burning: the searing pain of the bullet entering his arm. fiery in emotion, intense feeling, or criticism; scorching: a searing speech.
TO LODGE (V).- to (cause to) be fixed, implanted, or caught in a place or position; (cause to) come to rest; stick: [no object] The bullet lodged in the wall. [~ + object] He lodged his finger in the hole.
TO SMIRK (V) to smile in an offensively self-satisfied way:
DRAWN-OUT .- prolongado
TO SUMMON (V).- convocar, citar...
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Scooped by Samuel R Asperilla

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