Ansys Civil FEM is a high-end solution for advanced civil engineering projects. It is one of the most advanced, comprehensive and reputable finite element analysis and design software package available for the structural engineering projects. It combines the state-of-the art general purpose structural analysis features of ANSYS (ISO-9001) with high-end civil engineering-specific structural analysis capabilities of CivilFEM, making it a unique and powerful tool for a wide range of civil engineering projects.


Why Ansys CivilFEM?

Ansys CivilFEM supports all types of advanced analysis supported by ANSYS running as a unique software and executable. ANSYS is the finite element software used by 90 of the TOP100 engineering firms in the world.


CivilFEM using ANSYS pre, post and solving capabilities, adds more than 350 new features and specific utilities for the civil engineering field. CivilFEM can function as “add-on” to any ANSYS product through the multi-discipline solution or as a “bundle” product.


The goal of ANSYS & CivilFEM is to be a technological leader and different product with unique capabilities that is able to change the construction/civil engineering design and technological process.


CADD Centre Course: ANSYS Civil

CADD Centre conducts ANSYS Civil course with a duration of 40 hrs. The courseware equips students to design industrial buildings, high rise buildings and sport stadiums; seismic calculations; nuclear, wind and thermal power plants; off-shore and marine structures; bridges (concrete, steel, cable, etc); prestressed and non linear concrete structures; tunnels; foundations (slabs, piles, walls, etc); geological and soil mechanics problems; dams (concrete, earth, etc); cable structures, special buildings, etc; and quality control, forensic structural analysis, project modifications.


Expected Learning Outcome:


Students would have thorough understanding of and hands on experience in structural engineering; ANSYS + CivilFEM; modelling in ANSYS with the specified properties; assigning the loads; load combination; concrete design; beam; plane frame; space frame; slab; prestressed concrete design; tendons; creating a customised beam cross section; prestressed; beam design; bridge design; bridge modelling; vehicle load; geotechnical module; terrain; retaining wall design; foundation design; seismic design; steel design; utility for implementing local codes; shell reinforcement; seismic utilities; composite sections; export-import of solid & beam sections; connection with SAP2000 and robot millenium; HTML and Excel connection, and integration with FLAC 3D. For more details