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How to surf Web Anonymously?

How to surf Web Anonymously? | anonymous online |
Searching on web is an activity we all do very frequently. Almost each day we look up for something in the web. It has become a habit fo
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How to Get a UK IP Address?

There could be thousands of reasons for this, but for this to work, these people would need to get a UK IP address, Let me show you how to get UK IPs.
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2 things you should know about anonymous vpn services

2 things you should know about anonymous vpn services | anonymous online |

 One of them most interesting things about the online environment is that it is a place where you can be anonymous, but at the same time, you are also not truly anonymous.


Now in fairness, being anonymous online is much easier in some parts of the world than in others, but regardless of where you are online, your IP address provides a way for your activity to be linked directly to you. This is why an anonymous VPN service is so important, because it offers you the ability to be completely

anonymous online, regardless of what part of the world you are in.

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 1. Without revealing their actual identities Online


Firstly, being anonymous online refers to the way that people who post online are able to do so without revealing their actual identities. This is something that can be done in most parts of the world.


Users are not obliged to reveal their names or their email addresses when they post something on a website. There are a few parts of the world where this isn’t actually the case, and users do have to put in their actual information, but these are few and far between.


Interestingly enough, there have been some calls in the USA for people to be obliged to provide their actual information when they are posting. These proposals have come as the result of a large amount of cyberbullying and trolling, where people cause emotional harm to other people by what they say to them through email, on forums, and on other parts of the internet.


2. Hide your internet activities Online


The second part of being anonymous online refers to whether a person’s internet activity is able to be tracked back to them. Normally, this tracking occurs as the result of their IP address. In some parts of the world, you are responsible for everything that happens on your IP address. This stance is somewhat surprising, because there are many ways for things to be downloaded on the IP address that you use, without it actually being you who downloaded it.


An anonymous VPN service lets you change the way that your internet activity is perceived, so that there is no way for people to work out who is posting. The VPN does this in two different ways. It alters your IP address, making it look as if you are living in a different country. It also tunnels and encrypts your information, meaning that there is no longer any link between you and your internet activity.

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