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1. Collect:
The content curator’s work is never done. Minutes after perusing your RSS reader 20 more articles have been posted and the cycle starts again. In the mainstream news era, the national news came on at precisely the same time every night.

2. Curate:
- Consistent Subject Matter – Because the information flow is swift and always moving, content curators must be consistent with their niche and resist the temptation to follow whims. Define the topics that you are going to cover.
- Direct Communication – Social media has no appreciation for nuance, so as a curator, be direct.
- Filter Consistently – As news editors filtered the news that was worthy of their readership, think about what is relevant to your readership. Filter out the stories that are redundant, irrelevant or boring.

3. Communicate:
- Be human - Bring your voice to your content. Be real.
- Be frequent not a freak when you overpublish..."
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