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Volleyball Drills and Skills - Game ideas?

Kindall Gordon's curator insight, January 2, 2014 10:16 PM

The first drill suggested in this document is kind of iffy for me, mostly because tomahawking and getting the ball up with your fist are not commonly seen in game play. The back-row attack drills are very substantial and the North Middle School girls used them a few times throughout the season. It's such an important skill to have, if the ball cannot be set to a front row hitter. Another part of this paper that I really liked was the Net Save Drill, because normally when the ball is in the net most players think of it as a lost point. I think it really shows that if you stick with each and every touch, you can win points one at a time.  

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Discover Useful PE Apps for your Classroom

Discover Useful PE Apps for your Classroom | Alex's Phys Ed Ideas |

"With the explosion of mobile apps in recent years we have seen an enormous amount of apps reach our devices that can be used within the Physical Education classroom. However with all of this in mind, some of the best apps I have ever discovered have been as a result of random searches via the app store. As a play on this idea, I present to you a random PE App.

To discover a random PE  app you can: Scan the QR Code, Click the QR Code or visit"

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