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"Air Buzz"
a novel from script frenzy contest April 2011
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Scooped by Henri Moufettal

Incipit - Norah Jones - Sunrise

I do speak on slideshare.net of how I would like to work with ebooks (see next post). I could obviously have a look to the code. Even if I could, I chose the easy way and found there a nice concept of scoop it.

It is a fiction, so added information and context is more difficult to get, so still I put on this mind map below all the links that inspired me before writing a chapter, and that made a movie inside my head.

This first script was written during a script frenzy concept in April 2011 with a brief sum up I am not happy with (it's a sum up) but well, worth the try?

In an online world that virtually crushes any possible borders, it relates the quest of people in search of their identity. Some truth is lying down there, or not.
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2 Writing is a way of

2 Writing is a way of

Of what. At the time of the novel, the author, myself, went to review this trip. A reverse thinking coming from a puzzled mind.

With all the senses given around, it was time I thought to reshuffle it, and do some reverse thinking. Are you lost? I am as well.

I went by the psy today, and get some insights of my disease. Disease is where I am at ease, and I still believe we consider people crazy only if not thinking the same way as us. Accepting is a way, and this novel was my way to say some deep blossoming thoughts that are decorating the wall of my writings, and the passion I have been discovering.

A trip, I hope you will get lost, no not this. Just to say it, you have all the clue in what is written below to make the novels stands by itself.

Giving birth is translated as giving light in Spanish, I do believe any authors are even in fiction bringing some personal emotions that keeps the rhythm going. I am not spared by it, still it doesn’t define me overall.

So yes, I’ve lost track, straight after this book, I went to see a psy, my first encounter to a world that I thought of paradox melting together.

- So tell me what you’ve got in mind?
- I had in mind to be on time
- So, why did you come here?
- To speak
- Of?
- What a brain can tell.
- Ok, let’s start then
- Can I ask you? why did you consider to become a psy?
- Fair enough, I have always been attracted to social sciences, and the glue holding the whole together. My husband is a builder, and I have the same motivation. I am looking to straighten the bending wall, to repair the break appearing in it…
- And meeting some people convinced of their sickness is helping you fulfill this goal?
- Why do you ask these questions?
- Because if we are meaning to meet again, I would love to build a bridge of confidence with you. You are still an unknown
- It’s where we come in place, it s easier to speak to an unknown person.
- Really?
- You wouldn’t believe. You would be amazed to see that what people fears from outside, is lying to their inside. Have a deep look to yourself. Think of a default you find in somebody else and that makes you deeply annoyed.
- Egoism
- Are you?
- I may be
- Here is my point. Our defaults are revealed by the mirrors of other. As a new person I am a virgin board in front of your eyes, you are unsettled and don’t know where to begin and how to discuss.

And on that, started a long therapy I am still on-going. I cannot say more on these interviews. Beautiful the secrecy of the oath of Hypocrat, so let’s start. And well, I would like to share one point waking me up every day

I like to be right, I love to be wrong. So come aboard this train of mystery, you don’t know where it’s gonna lead you, neither do I.
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4 I - MIKA - We Are Golden

4 I am one of those lucky bastards who are showing no regrets.

He came back home totally out of breath, he kept telling me this nonsense my brain wouldn't hear given the early time of the day. I told him to relax, to bring me a coffee, and yes:

- First, take a shower
- No massage
- First Take a shower
- No hello
- First take a shower
- What s up
- Glad you ask, first take a shower and then we have to speak

He looked like on ecstasy walking on a cushion of marshmallow that made the floor mellow. He was dripping sweat, and no more words at all.

I could listen to him singing in the shower, silence, singing, silence, and singing.

The water went to an halt, the noise went silent. Like water turning to vapors, she lost her attention to it, and went back to sleep.

After a few minutes, back in the room, he opened the window. She woke up.

- It is freaking raining, are you crazy?
- I believe I am in a sauna right here, just 5 minutes, please
- Gosh, you are unbelievable, come here

He went to dress up, first the socks, stopped halfway in his move.

- Come here, for freak sake
- All right, coming.

He lied next to her, he was shaking like a nervous teapot on a verge of sustaining a critical pressure. Nothing Less, Nothing More


- Gosh Justin, wake up

11 AM, he lied there for 2 hours and didn’t witness any moves. Nobody next to him. His flatmate came here to tell him there was a drift of cold air reaching the living room and he would appreciate very much if he could close the window.

He closed it, and went to the living room with a warm cup of … you’ve guessed it, was this the third thing he did, the fourth, the fifth? So many questions, so few answers, better not lose the time to keep counting.

That is the spirit of this novel. Oh freak, I forgot it. Apologies, the author is going back to his silence.

So in the living room, what was there? Living entities obviously. His flatmate was sipping in his cup of tea while the other one was watching TV. She was deeply attracted by it as no answer to his initial hello came out.

- Mate, I’ve got to go to IKEA, mind joining?
- For what? Cannot they do deliveries
- For a time off, Justin, you need to go out and think of something else
- Henri, because you know what I am thinking
- Your feelings are transparent, I know you since 2 years, and I’ve never seen you woke up at 7.00 to go for a run, come back speechless and dreamy
- Spot on, my car, your car?
- Whatever

On that, Justin went outside and lit up a cigarette, this sacred break of his damaged lungs, asking for more. Brain has its drugs, that dopamine understood.
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6 Chess mate - The Big Bang Theory - Chess!!! Mate!!!

6 Chess mate

Five o’clock, it was tea time and time to enjoy a late afternoon where rains spare its forces for once.

Five o’clock, drinking time for this Saturday

England is a crossroad between a whole European youth seeking the English fluency card required in any job today. In this board game, this was the time, this was the scene, welcome.

A field that is fertile with entertainment. It is advertised on tee-shirts tonight under the theme: What do I think? Look to my top.

Undress me, Gert Lush, I am 10% black, I am a lesbian.

so many expressions written on white, black, purple, red tee-shirts and more and more and more colors.

Tonight, the meeting point was in their house. Justin went for it, the IKEA experience did not bring him benefits apart from walking straight on a marketing road map where all thoughts were already mapped out.

And so, the evening came, and so, started the night:

The unknown knight – WTF? I am sick of it, we are stuck on this couch.
Tower Justin – Well, better go it directly. At least, you’ve got the opportunity to jump around to make it faster.

The king is stoned, he sleeps.

The Queen –So here we go?
The Bishop Henri – Always up for it, let’s go Arthur
The Pawn Arthur – Ok

They are gathering their strength and lift up a last glass to get forces.

The bishop Henri – So where are we going?
Tower Justin –To this place I’ve been told about, Lights are extreme, the beats are awesome
The Pawn Arthur – Give me 5 minutes, preparing a coffee.
The Queen – Ah thanks, that’s funnier than a game of queen! Still everyone can hop around in total disorder down there.
Tower Justin – Get in the car, we’re aiming far

Justin opened the door and they all climb in the car. He slammed the door, and started up the engine.


6 Chess mate

Five o’clock, it was tea time and time to enjoy a late afternoon where rains spare its forces for once.

Five o’clock, drinking time for this Saturday

England is a crossroad between a whole European youth seeking the English fluency card required in any job today. In this board game, this was the time, this was the scene, welcome.

A field that is fertile with entertainment. It is advertised on tee-shirts tonight under the theme: What do I think? Look to my top.

Undress me, Gert Lush, I am 10% black, I am a lesbian.

so many expressions written on white, black, purple, red tee-shirts and more and more and more colors.

Tonight, the meeting point was in their house. Justin went for it, the IKEA experience did not bring him benefits apart from walking straight on a marketing road map where all thoughts were already mapped out.

And so, the evening came, and so, started the night:

The unknown knight – WTF? I am sick of it, we are stuck on this couch.
Tower Justin – Well, better go it directly. At least, you’ve got the opportunity to jump around to make it faster.

The king is stoned, he sleeps.

The Queen –So here we go?
The Bishop Henri – Always up for it, let’s go Arthur
The Pawn Arthur – Ok

They are gathering their strength and lift up a last glass to get forces.

The bishop Henri – So where are we going?
Tower Justin –To this place I’ve been told about, Lights are extreme, the beats are awesome
The Pawn Arthur – Give me 5 minutes, preparing a coffee.
The Queen – Ah thanks, that’s funnier than a game of queen! Still everyone can hop around in total disorder down there.
Tower Justin – Get in the car, we’re aiming far

Justin opened the door and they all climb in the car. He slammed the door, and started up the engine.

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7 Likely … or not 1 - The Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started

7 Likely … or not 1

The curtains are getting opened, the frozen sound from one simple music is starting to fill the theater.

Colored square are moving around and taking place on the scene to create a board. The landscape begins to be filled with dices. A prism is set up on the upper left of the scene, and leaves a white light from one spotlight to divide in a wonderful spectrum down the scene.

First Act Rules and players

No clock, no time, no space, no indications whatsoever, five people standing under the spotlight.
Here we are.

Marta – Que estamos haciendo alli ? no me acuerdo de lo que ha pasado !
Romain – cet endroit est bizarre, j’ai pas idée d avoir emprunté une porte ces derniers temps, j’étais juste en promenade dans un parc, merde, je suis déjà groggy ???.
Alexia – Yep, I am wondering the same thing, that s very strange, this looks quite original.
Jean-Pascal lève les bras au ciel
Jean-Pascal – ‘tain, donc on a aucune idée de ck'on fout ici !
Hubert – Was passiert ? Ich habe keine Ahnung was Sie hier machen. Das ist unglucklich, oder glucklich, ich weiss nicht.

A light and sober music introduces the Game Officer. He’s coming dressed in a very nice costume with a notebook in his left hand and starts his introduction speech:

The Game Officer – Welcome to Looping, we've got today 5 players for this round: Alexia, Romain, Hubert, Emilie, Jean-Pascal.
First, no debate between players as soon as the dices have spoken.
Secondly: the dices have all power, you cannot contest their figures.
Third rule: I am ruling it all, and nobody can contest my decision, no question regarding the white book I will be filling in.
Fourth rule: no complaint, no swearing
Ready or not, the remaining of the rules will come during the game. First step, please select a symbol
Alexia – Ok, I will go for the bear, I like bears.
Jean-Pascal – ok, if it s got to look like us, I will take the hard top.
Romain – I am taking the elephant, don t ask why, It was that or a duck and I’d rather walk straight.
The Game Officer – Ok, please, do not enter in psychology of each one, that would destroy the spirit of the game. Another rule.
Emilie – I am taking the parrot, it gives me the opportunity to have a nice relaxing discussion during the breaks.
Hubert – Ok I am coming last, still in the basement, so I am taking the bottle of wine.
The Game Officer – Ok good, let s continue with the rules. The game is played with two dices. The language to be spoken is fair, and will be English, no question about that.

Hubert leaves the dices falling. 5 and 2

The Game officer – 7, Square Igloo, you've got the choice to end the game now and retire or continue by throwing another time the dices.
Hubert – Ok, I want to see what s next, give me back the dices.

Alexia throws the dice

The Game officer – double six, you've got the right to gain the bonus you would like
Alexia – Oh, everything?
The Game Officer – Everything.
Alexia – That’s gonna take a while
The Game Officer – You've got 5 seconds
Alexia – Ok let me think
The Game Officer –Five Four Three...
Alexia – Ok, I want to see the end.

A light is arising. The board is emptying and leaving place to a big bright light arising. A Big bright Yellow sun is coming in sound, the sound of music brings everybody in the middle of the board, “The end” is released on the screen at the back.

Two minutes afterwards, the lights are coming back. Every single player comes back to their place.

Alexia- Ok, what s the interest of the game, to get a sun tan?
The Game Officer – come on, wouldn't be funny to unveil the finish line now... it s a game. You wasted your option, what can I say?
Alexia- don't know, give me more indications next time.
The Game Officer – ok next player to throw the dices.

Light of the night
I enjoy your caress
In a morning breeze
I take up this flight

Nonsense is what leads me
To this portal
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9 Likely … or not 2 - Morcheeba - Enjoy The Ride

9 Likely … or not 2

Act II Players are starting to get into the game

Emilie is throwing the dices, she is going to queen square. A song from Queen starts in the back of the theater and a question rose: Who wants to live forever?
Emilie got to answer, but feels the need for a joker and asks to listen the song again.

Emilie –No, I am so shivering in my impatience now, that even in my coffin, I will still be not calm. Death is bringing me peace, and is the nice end point giving all the values of life, isn't it?
Alexia- Emilie, Aren’t you a little bit sad? That s quite straight forward of course, but that’s the start of nothing more.
Emilie – who cares about the end? The interesting is at the beginning and in the middle, don t you agree?
Alexia – No way, that would mean to end everything whenever it s getting calm. Calm is good, calm is key to happiness at some stages.

A voice is coming from behind, cutting Emilie in her answer:

Romain - Bull*cks, do not believe in that, that’s all. Let’s continue the game.

Hubert – Yep, Ok 3 and 4, 7 case discretion
The Game Officer – It s too dark for us to see, It s too long for us to know.
Hubert – What’s your question? I leave it to your discretion.
The Game Officer – ok you've got to say one thing true about you.
Hubert - The most true thing about me? I am always lying to myself, the best way to live is to live on a velvet underground. Ok let s give some thought. Looking at Alexia Ok, the most basic truth: I am a man, and I am a lesbian.
The Game Officer – Please no cheekiness and seduction on the board, it will destroy the whole spirit of the play if you start by messing each other mind. Ok romain, your turn.

Romain – yep yep never let it go, and...
The Game Officer – Oh la, 9, let s see where it’s leading us

A dark square is coming out of the ground of the scene, and Romain is calmly walking to it. The atmosphere begins to be darker, a cold wind is blowing down the theater. Silence is surrounding everything, the spectator can only hear the sound of the steps from Romain’s feet.

Romain – I am Romain, and I am roaming god knows where, why am I having now quite a lot of memories coming back to me? Why is it getting cold? Why am I the only speaking? What have become to the rules of this game now???? I am getting bored, nothing to do, just walking down here. Ah Hi Alexia, yep you as well, you are not moving, you look like a stone.

Next Square, he is passing by Hubert
Romain - Hubert you as well, first I’ve ever seen you speechless. Ok that’s definitely getting too complex, I am quitting!

Suddenly, once arriving next to the square he was meant to be on, the black box opens, and a great white light comes out of it. Then, no idea, no words, nothing. A cardiac stroke hurt him. He falls down.

The Game Officer - Yep you are already out so... bye. Ok next player
All the players are getting quite stunned by what they’ve just witnessed.
Alexia – Nobody told me we were as well playing our life down this game
The Game Officer – It’s life, it’s a game.
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10 Likely … or not 3 - Board game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

10 Likely … or not 3 - Board game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | "Air Buzz" | Scoop.it
10 Likely … or not 3

Act III Angriness start to blur, the dices are starting to get red, Impatience is taking all over the place.

Deep in the blossom of the gentle night
Is when I search for the light
Pick up my pen and start to write
I struggle, fight dark forces in the clear moon light
Without fear, Insomnia, I can’t get no sleep.
I used to worry, thought I was going mad in a hurry
Getting stress, making excess mess in darkness

Jean-Pascal throws the dices.

The Game Officer - Ubiquity Square you're facing your evil twin. What are you discussing about?
Jean-Pascal - I don’t know, who is the evil, my twin? Ok.
The Game Officer - Let s see, have a discussion with him.

Another Jean-Pascal is coming onto the scene. They are starting to
chit chat, then nervously they both stand up, the discussion is going on and on and on. After 5 minutes, the Game officer decides to interrupt the discussion and calls it off.

The Game Officer- OK, looks like you both like to speak, and you both agree to disagree. Let’s cut it now, it spoils the fun. Did you reach any interesting points?
Jean-Pascal – No we just both agree that we disagree.
The Game Officer – Ok sounds interesting, Emilie, let’s come to you.
Emilie – Yes, and here are the dices
The Game Officer – Ok 2, you are arriving on Myth Square. You re escaping reality, you're in a long long long corridor, too many places around, and only one piece of string of the ground.
Emilie - Ok I am trying to follow it. I am lost anyway, so lost for lost.
The Game Officer – ok so follow it!

Emilie is walking in round and round and round in a snail shape to finish exactly over the square she was meant to be on.

Emilie – Fantastic, so why the line, I could have gone straight...
The Game Officer – I didn’t make the rules, I am just applying them. It’s mainly pointing out that you don’t forcefully have to go straight to go to your destination... that’s all folks. Jean-Pascal, your turn now.
Jean-Pascal - Ok, I’ve got to do a 10 to go through the finish line, come on dices, don t let me down.

He’s blowing on the dices, rubbing them on his sleeves, and after other strange dances on his square, he is throwing the dices.

The Game Officer – Ah, At last, ok, how much? 3, that’s excellent. Silly attitude and you’re falling on drunken Square, what a nice coincidence.

Jean-Pascal- Yep, I believe. So what’s the goal, I am struggling to clearly identify the concept of ethylism
The Game Officer - What an elitism
Jean-Pascal - Yep, nice to say but I am still lost in the obscure dregs of the instant here! What do I do?
The Game Officer – Nothing, you’re not able to, you're just losing ten days.
Jean-Pascal - What? Simply losing them??? Nothing more, no more information
The Game Officer - Yep you just lost them, now go ahead, you lost your turn as well, give the dice to the next player.

Marta’s turn, she throws the dices.

The Game Officer - Ok, 3 +4 7 Classical square just before the finish line. Time to dance to a music. Marta, let s bring some of the nice hot music you've got.
Marta – Yep, put the track on, I just will need somebody to join me
Jean-Pascal – I am up for it, what kind of music are we performing so? Won t be a ballet, tell me.
The Game Officer – Yep, not exactly, but you still have to get dressed up. As it was Marta’s turn, Marta, would you mind dancing a nice sevillana for us?
Marta – vale, ok come here Juan. It’s nice and easy, just perform these easy steps with your feet, and follow me. For the arms, just lift them as you feel.
The music is starting on, a big bright yellow sun is taking place down the scene, not light, warm yellow colors. Jean-Pascal is struggling at the beginning and finally find his way forward leaving Marta to drive the dance.

Emilie – that’s quite nice, I like the rhythm, Hubert would you mind joining me?
Hubert – euh....
Emilie – come on, I don t want to spoil the musical background trying to convince you. I am a beginner like you, come here!

Hubert goes to Emilie and starts joining Marta and Jean-Pascal. On the side, The Game Officer and on another square, Alexia, are looking to them. The Game Officer comes to Alexia, and they both start picking up the rhythm.
After 3 minutes of struggling dance by each of the guy, the music is coming to an end.
Hubert, The Game officer and Jean-Pascal are getting quite proud of themselves. And a smile is nicely readable on each of the contestant’s faces.
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12 Likely … or not 4

12 Likely … or not 4

Act 4, Shuffle it all. It’s all getting organized

Hubert - Where are we now and what are we doing?
The Game Officer – Ok Hubert, it’s your turn to play, it might answer your question. Interview Square What do you think of this game?
Jean-Pascal - Nothing we are going nowhere
The Game Officer – JP, wasn’t your time to answer! Oh please behave!
Hubert- Yep so we are going nowhere. We are on interview square, so it means we’ve got an interviewer and an interviewee... where are they???
The Game Officer – very good question, So I am the one that will be interviewed, and obviously you are leading the questions.
Hubert – Ok sounds interesting. Ok first question, tell us, how did you end up doing that?
The Game Officer – I didn’t end up doing that, believe or not, I choose to do that. I was working in a theme park before, and I am still looking to give smile and entertainment to people. It’s kind of giving a nice frame to the world we are passing by, that’s why I wake up. Then at every dawn, I am achieving to sleep on my 2 ears with a nice smile.
Hubert – How did you choose us?
The Game Officer – that’s part of my motivation in this game, I am not selecting the contestant, I am just meeting them. Meeting different people every time is very motivating, I like it a lot, learning by differences and diversity. Ok I sound boring now. Ok you’ve got it. I found it very fun to see the reaction of people in front of the unexpected. You wouldn’t believe how that is interesting. Any other question?
Hubert – No I’ve got to say, I just would like to see what is happening at the end and what we are winning. If it’s a real game, there is something at stake
The Game Officer – ok, keep spoiling your time trying to find a result, I just would give you an advice, just enjoy the game. Ok, whose turn is it now?
Alexia – I believe it’s mine, I’ve got the dices in hand.
The Game Officer – Ok so throw them away!

She’s doing a 5.

The Game Officer – Ok, falling on a nice square for a lady. Queen Square: It’s time to play a little bit of chess, queen, start it up
The Game Officer – Ok Marta, your turn now. Ok 7, let’s see where we are going to. Ok Art Square, that’s an interesting one.
Marta – we will see, never did any arts, and don t have a clue when watching one piece, so....
The Game Officer – It’s where it’s becoming interesting. Here we are: You’ve got to draw your sensation of the feeling of joy on this blank paper.
Marta – If I am saying I don’t know joy, can I leave that piece blank?
The Game Officer – Yes, you can. I am normally not allowed to give advices, but hey, come on, why taking the easy way. Sure a charming person like you got some colors and shapes to express. What kind of art would you perform?
Marta- any kind of arts?
The Game Officer – Yep, any kind.
Marta – Ok so Black and white photography. It’s giving intensity. I want all the contestants down the center of the board game, inflatable dices down there, there, and there, and a comfy sofa down here.
The Game Officer – Ok, here we go.
Marta – and some bubbles down here to symbolize lightness, and a bar down there to set up a nightclub standard, and two big speakers at each side of the scene.
The Game Officer – Ok, it’s getting a little bit too much. Be creative, but still realistic! A black and white photography can easily grab the essence on a picture, it would be a shame to overload it with unnecessary objects, don’t you think?
Marta - Ok, given you’re now restraining my creativity, I will do with what you give me. Please take the picture, yep from here.
The Game Officer – where here? Wouldn’t it be better?
Marta – no, there, you’re not bossing around now. Listen to me, left. Yes, here.

The objects required are being set up on the scene, Marta is placing the contestants, asking Hubert to look up and express a dubious smile, Emilie and Jean-Pascal to look at each other lovingly, and Marta lying peacefully on the ground looking up at the sky. Click, The picture is shown on the end wall of the scene.
The Game Officer – Ok very nice, you’re doing very well.
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14 Characters - Alice In Wonderland-All Of The Cheshire Cat

14 Characters of this social glue are imprinting the landscape around

Henri read what Justin wrote, and was pretty happy about the results. He didn't change anything, and rather went to write a poem, possibly a song, on his latest thought.

He likes to be right
He loves to be wrong
He can hear the gong
And fading away the light

His box went closed
His spirit dead
That was another day
Under the name of a play

Came a ring around
He poured another one
Glass were filled
Their mouth sealed

In one smile
To the moon
Time to lie
Relax soon

Enough, Enough, Enough

Sleep was the lady juicing out the forces from him. And his eyes went closed on his keyboardfhjskh sdfhioh ejreiwjnfjsdfsdj ikdjskfsdi fsfklqwqño qaqq vskfjosa.
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16 An answer - The Job (Official Award WinningShort Film)

16. An answer?

His phone rang, Edward took the text, a mail:
“Dear Henri,

I regret to say that Alcoa will not offer you the Project Leader role – you were in the top three.

In the end, we chose another candidate.

We’ve received many applications with candidates providing more a best fit to this position.

I will call you tomorrow to give you the background and explain our decision.

Lady Gaga”

Call that never came, tomorrow, the week after, two week after. Reading the letter again, he thought about efficiency, about how much the world, even humans, has become mere consumables. What a good day to start, no time to even put the left foot on the floor.

On this, the first thought he had for a leaner organization for his very own organization, the reason coming from this refusal, his first thought would be first to get rid of HR in any recruitment procedures given referrals is now opening the door to a sect composed by any company, and then to get rid of all consultants. We had human resources, if we could speak of it as a resources, more and more people, more and more misfit to a dictated modern world, and we were still finding shortcuts, good or simply evil.

He opened the bottle of whisky and drunk half of it in less than one hour. “Ah peace of mind, your keys are so easy.”

Indeed, this peace of mind opened a short moment of craziness. And the whole headache experience lasting a whole tormented morning. It did worth it, as always. Gamma GT were enjoying the party and were crowding the host place in a long, totally insane party.

He remembered at this time what one older friend as he did a placement told him:

“You’re going into the night at 21, and wake up to the day at 30”

Indeed, the countdown kept going.
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18 Likely ... or not 5 - A Life Less Ordinary (1997) HD trailer

18. Likely … or not 5

Act 5 End of Game, Same players shoot again

The Game Officer – Ok the game ends now, thanks to you for all your participation. Hope we will see you for another round, please reach now the exit down by there.
All unanimously – Thanks
The Game Officer – And don’t forget, keep the dices rolling. The matter is not to win, the matter is just to keep playing.

Above a door, a sign is getting lighted up: EXIT. The stage is separated at this stage at the left where the board game is set up and on the small right hand side, a small blackroom is getting lighted up. All the four players are entering the room, and to their good surprise, they are meeting Romain as lively as one can be, drinking an expresso and eating a croissant.

On the other side of the scene, everything is getting tied up. All the players’ symbols are coming to life, and following their master.
A strong, techno trance filled with good vibes resounds down the scene and on that, the curtains are getting closed with the rainbow light coming down back to the scene.

End of play...???
Upper case is the case, and smiles are the commas.
A map is rolled out.
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19 - I am a singer, I'm a lover, I'm a mad man -The eGo CarShare Miracle

19 I’m a singer, I’m a lover, I am a mad man

Two months before the presentation, one month after having finally edited his draft, Henri went on a road trip.

A road trip covers this whole sensation fully fledging your inner self with the outside. On a B-road outside a small village, a hitchhiker was standing in the streets. He stopped.

He has always been fascinated by these humanities, people from all around mixing in the colorful cocktail that made him encounter, especially around strange events, if hitchhiking was strange.

He could believe hitchhiking being the next stop of car sharing given the current and non stopping surge in the price of essence.

And there, within the comfort of a two seater, he discussed, and discovered other perspectives, the perspectives from the road, people slowing down to watch you, and then going up, people not even looking to slow down, too deeply into their occupation, whatever occupations of a wheel and a gear box might prove, and the uncertainty.

She was hitchhiking, with her hand bag, and only that, knowing no more, no less of where to go, the next town on the road. She was a coming from a village nearby and it was the only way to escape this small environment, however beautiful it might be.

The trip was shared between ankward silences, as no one had a clue about what to speak, and deep discoveries. These humanities are simply wonderful, he thought. Reflecting on the life back in town, how much complex would it be. Every single one car pooling in a car of one, missing these shared moments giving you another perspectives, and in one word like in ten, a fleeting smile.

After bringing her to the place she said she was meant to be, henri continued his travel. He stopped at one hotel paid by the company. And bam, the whole comparison splashing into his face, the contrast between the simplicity he first witnessed in his car, and now this hotel, 5 stars, with a casino, and business men hollow walking through the 10 floors place, from drinking in the basement, to a quick play in the casino, to a come back to the room.

This luxury hotel even put origins to couple satisfaction: two separate quilts on a king size bed. Well, they got the point. Whenever you could add some useful costs bringing the perceived value of the service better, do it, and it was a nice sensitive feelings that made him welcomed within the clean and organized premises.

Henri was a player, he felt drawn into the casino like a new toy game he used to receive. It doesn’t cost much, and everybody there came for the same reason, play. He didn’t know that much if that was about winning though. This casino succeeds in making him forget about winning, and emphasize its desire to play.

Have you ever seen a roulette? So nice, a deep warming grass like carpet, all velour and charming luxury all around, you really don’t want to leave.
His play? Well, whatever, take most of now, you will see later all the twist and turn you can bring to it from what happened today.

Indeed, he had this sensation. This day was the postcard of life in the moment, simple as it is. How wonderful, Louis Armstrong took him in his strong arm, Henri went so in a deep and welcomed sleep. Happy.
How good is to feel no strings attached, just feeling floating through the wind coming from the window. Light, and Fresh. A vegetable taking its source to its prime.

Still, in the morning, he missed the time down his flat. You are really on holidays, when at what stage you might feel home sick or at least put in prospective what life is back there.

This moment came, right in the morning, before he put the feet down the floor. He thought he should awakened straight from now on, and not let his mind drifting in a undefined shore. An elephant within a porcelain store

An elephant, a whale, he couldn’t describe himself on his first visit to the place where his play would be on stage. Nothing like expected, and an impulse to the blood of creativity. Balcony that were overlooking the scene.
Just skidding around NDLR: “Derapages”

Justin left a stack of paper in front of Henri’s room. Back home in the midst of lost postages and folders that were waiting for one stare, he went skidding on this track with no further notice.
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1 Walk by the countryside - Infected Mushroom - Dancing with Kadafi

1 Walk by the countryside

Nietzsche is walking by the side of a mountain. The sky is threatening and shows itself as totally unsettled. If only it had a face and a way to picture expression. Nietzche dares a look around. Nothing, but calm. He listens to himself, he settles on one side and finally goes over the mountain. As soon as he reaches a good walking speed, he bumps into Schopenhauer. This latter stops him, and starts to speak a German tainted with an accent from Munich. Nietzsche is totally bemused.

So startled, he ignores him, Nietzche puts his walkman while Schopenhauer speaks of the essence of another engine. Nietzche continues along the road, he listens to the guy some of the times, but he is more focused, his eyes wide opened, to what’s front.

Rodin is descending the same road, on the same side, he is using a spell to sculpture the clouds. Camille is just next to him. She cannot understand from where all his emotions and activities are coming from. But she keeps walking by.

Now, Nietzsche stops, he cleans several times his eyes and drinks a lot from his water bottle.

The scene is like that, flowers are blossoming, spirits are vanishing. Subject Verbs and something else. Descartes enters the lense, Henri appears at the same time.

Descartes – The human is forcefully mechanic.
Henri – Storm is as well
Descartes- In which references are you evolving?
Henri – the sky references
Darwin – Rules are evolving, who would be able to stay?
Henri – We’ll see. Stay is one dynamic to go.
Copernic – No, you should continue reframing, it’s useful to focus on the whole game rules and not only on the players.
Henri – Nice.
Einstein – Yep, still everything is relative. We cannot go faster than light, can we?
Henri – These framing discussions are making me sea-sick. Enough of frames, more actions!
Einstein – Well, it appears you need few to be unsettled
Henri – I am satisfied with it.
Darwin – So, here, now, is my theory still valid?
Descartes – Cogito ergo sum, still he cannot remember.
Einstein – yes, acknowledges the mad man.
Descartes – He is just next to the knight, the mad man cannot go over stuff, he can only attempt to avoid them in singular manners.
Einstein – Que nenni, I am jumping over and I come back. World belongs to the ones waking up early, and stands on the rules they are able to set.
Henri – Well, going further this way, I have to say, statistics are not my ethics, I would welcome some links.
Einstein – Ethics, Normal, Ethics? We are all coming from one exception, the world included.
Descartes – Exceptions validate the rules
Einstein – Rules that are bent, the only true ones. Darwin, you wouldn’t stand against me on that.
Darwin – On what, on silence being the best tool of evolution?
Marx – Freedom of speech is the best asset for a revolution
Henri – we’re in digital age, speech will have to dematerialize
Descartes – Ok, now I am unsettled.
Einstein – Oh you are too much in a normal mode. Descartes, think French, and put more cards in your deck.
Descartes – Joker and queen of hearts
Copernic – Again, you are stepping away, it is a debate but you are focusing too much on the game you have in hand.
Descartes – My « I » does that I know me. Pascal, give me a pack. Copernic – Ok, I see, still not time to have lunch
Henri – I am eating, therefore I am
Einstein – I am burping, therefore I am digesting
Copernic –I am deleting myself, therefore I am withdrawing from the game
Law – I am structured therefore I am building myself, or perhaps even better in the other sense
Bohr –I am gravitating, therefore I am going to sleep
Rodin – I am recording, therefore I am writing
Descartes – Oh, guys, come on, couldn’t we stop bringing chaos in this useless manner? I am going away because I am bored.

Descartes leaves the group, to meet only more philosophers at the corners. There, he meets Aristotle, walking. They engage a discussion still walking.

Lacan joins the first crowd.

Lacan –Destructure all that, too much noise, we cannot hear what we say, I am opening the window…
Laplace – …that the …
Volpi - … madness is …
Einstein – … the fuel …
Copernic – …or the…
Descartes – …direction of…
Bohr – …gradual rotation…
Picasso – …in an…
Darwin – …historical evolution …
Einstein – Scream,
Lothaire – Continue,
Quevedo – Forfeit,
Coriolis – World is turning less and less round. And I thought my discovery was only going to apply on flushing the toilet…
Einstein – Your passion starts today.
Descartes – Memories wipes out the past from its decaying support
Darwin – Time is putting it back to the beginning
Henri – Statement from bold spirits, I am following less and less the path of this discussion.
Einstein – It is in the emptiness we can find the full
Henri – Oh sh… Never you shut up?
Einstein – Yes, I do, but even there, when I am going asleep, half of the world is waking up, sure one could continue to follow my train of thoughts.
Buffett – And how much money are you making from all that?
Henri – and Bam, just at the time we started to enjoy a mad discussion. Bye.
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3 … Burp … - Visit Bristol - Bristol Highlights

3 … Burp …

Introduction video: Visit Bristol

The first day I went running, I remember it was raining, I went for an hour, totally soaked next to one of a big forgotten palace of East Bristol, England.

Why? I woke up that morning, enjoyed a coffee, and another one. And before I knew it, I was reading the news around, reading is a big word, I was browsing the news offline, online, from tabloids to normal day’s newspapers to normal 0 to other 1. It made sense.

I had the same gut feelings since the week before, it makes me suffocate more and more, so I went for a run, I went to blow air in the pierced lung of the society singing my morning.

Running made me browse through life with no pause, with no fast forward or deep rewind, just a normal play of a good old VCR.

Some would think I reflected, some would say I escaped, some would say, and I let them speak.

What can I do? Not much, so I am running, yes walking as well. Like a coffee machine, thoughts were filtered through the efforts of my body, my mind was focused on the road, euh well not exactly, rather on my feet.
Why? Looking down make you believe not much in the distance, looking far above makes me believe it is impossible to reach. So watching these sneakers, I kept the music to beat.

Music a world of expression, a world of. Well, Electro is my running dance, no speech, no rhymes, nothing else than my perception on something, simple, and easy enough.

Listening to a pop rock song in French, in English, in Italian or in German is like any crimes, searching about the reason for it. Categories were simple and in music, he could draw these recurring themes: Just do it – Sex – Love – Time - Sadness - Another. Lyrics are bridging the gap to things I was trying to forget. Thanks. It is so depressive.

After half an hour, my brain was soaked as well, from a deep calm brainwash, putting every particles of your brain upside down. Neurons were only there at this time to move my right leg, to move my left leg. Nothing more, nothing less, the best sense of achievement I had this day

During the second half, I had to focus on my body, keep him awake, and that took all my efforts to focus on myself for so long.

Since then, I keep running, that s a metaphor, a beat of a life aiming for more, aiming for change.

Running was for me a way to put play on pause.
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5 Nothing more, nothing less - into the wild eddie vedder guaranteed

5 Nothing more, nothing less

During one year, Henri worked as an undercover in a public agency giving sense to nonsense and turning subjects around in the sense of the clock, or not.
Henri wandered around, and in the highly mediatized space surrounding him, he saw Paris, a discovery really bringing back the time-space continuum to reality, in a sequence of disconnected events tied together along emotions. It grasped his mind, those actors ate their way through his ears.

“I was disappointed by the series of American movies turning up, and watching back, got stopped once through “Into the wild”. In the mix of “Inception” and other over-Atlantic movies, I do find rather attractive this special touch from French cinema

One key to be appreciated is to affirm the differences, not molding to the general streak. It s a matter of opinions. I am the first one exhausted in the French streak of movies emphasizing so much emotions or comedy losing the plot within an annoyed rhythm of a startled mind. Still, “Paris” achieved this balance of fiction and spectator involvement. The equation worked for me.

Or I might have lost my child brain of being startled. Well, I do hope not, and I don t believe it.”

Le silence des émeraudes qui flottent dans ses yeux.


He woke up this morning by the noise in the room next to his. WTF? 7 AM on a Saturday morning, which fuses did his flatmate blow this time? He doesn’t give a damn, not on Saturday morning, he cannot afford to escape through work and would have to face it. But “ah empathy, you are torning me aside”
His attention drifted away, no time to spare on a beautiful Saturday morning, it was raining, it was cleaning out all the mess the streets saw, and his thought on the movie he watched the day before was deeply imprinted in his emotions.

“Let me sleep.”

His brain did not let him this chance. Only for one hour, an hour he spent on waking up and putting notes on the pads next his bed, and bam, the door went slammed.

On a burp, he gathered forces and jumped on his feet. He went to prepare his morning tea before sitting in the living room. A living room. Where is the noise, he is asleep, doesn’t he have an appointment this morning? His brain went to wake him up, sharply, noisily as if nobody could care less. For sure, there was a reason, even if he couldn’t think of one right now.

Justin sat by the living room, and mumbled, sent him away and took the deck of cards to restart a game. He stopped Henri to give him some letters that arrived this morning.

A bank statement, directly thrown on a stack of papers to keep. A mountain of papers that was building up since three years, no organization, only thrown above in the order of when it was first received, one way to look at inventory. If one asked, he would surely have it, ok give him time though.
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Hey Boys, Hey Girls, Here we go - The Courteneers ACRYLIC Thekla Bristol

Hey Boys, Hey Girls, Here we go

The Author kindly asks the reader to put “Dracul” from Infected Mushroom as a soundtrack to the following.
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JoBGqyTiWQ&feature=related

No waste of time, ten minutes in the queue along this boat and they were inside. Henri straight to the bar, the queen, straight to the restrooms, and Justin in the middle of the dance floor.

Henri wasn’t jealous of where his queen was going to. For the obvious reasons that, sadly, he never felt too many strings attached. So he started to move on one side of the room while she danced on another floor.

This place lived right up to its promises. Crowded, full of youth, full of booze, full of sound. No one, no two, he danced. With the moves of the boat, they let their mind drifting away in a nice and careless move.

One, two, three, four, hours, step dances. They all feel like in an inflatable castle, running on a sleepy marshmallow floor. Was it the drug? Was it the alcohol? Was it the ambiance? Gosh, yes, the only word of thought around was to dare, promises are fulfilled even more than first imagined.

“please give me the power to dream of even more”

The rhythm started to get totally crazy. He was drowning by the beats directly in the center of the room. A drink in one hand, the feet on the floating floor, he smiled, he drank, he enjoyed in his clothes of sexual metro stoppers, if the expression exists in English. He was in it, deep in it. In this place of insane not searching to define the sane in contrast.

How long did this night last? One night, one week, ten years. From garden party to Glastonbury, from France to Spain, from Ireland to South Africa, all the waves of music leading to this floating boat, he didn’t dare to recall. Just living the moment, free of any attachments, nothing to prove, nothing to stand by, just float and enjoy. It was that recipe that enabled him to free himself on public, free himself in bed, free himself in mind.

All these nights, in a long series of Yeah, because that’s worth it, more than any cosmetics sold by this French company. He did worth it because he knew he didn’t. Contrast, power of contrast, you are enlightening all the senses given around.

The boat was filled with these almighty imbalanced. All around if we saw it well, we were defining ourselves in a quest of imbalance. Well, he kept coming back to the definition and made the existence of it by proving the opposite. He resent the utterly good vibes, because he experienced the utmost fully-fledged worst, if it did exist. Simple as a story of binary.

Fortunately, he was so drunk that his mind stopped slipping off and he was just a body devoted to the pleasure of letting go.

And came a fuller crowd. To the sound of the extra beat of the song you are listening too, a bus, what did he say, a plane just landed on the boat.

Touching, grasping, pouring liquids all around, sweating, it was a mix of a crowd that didn’t wait for the day after.


He didn’t recognize the layout of his bedroom. For an obvious reason. A new house, a new morning, where did he stall last night? What happened?

These questions will stay unanswered.

Half drunk in this new shining morning, he walked back home, opened the windows to a new writing.

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8 Wrestling time - Pepsi Max - Interview

8 Wrestling time

Came Monday morning. No notice, just a daft look from his shopkeeper. Shops opened 7/7 20/24 345/265, an ad to how he should live his life in itself.

Back to the office, he took the time of a coffee and a quick chitchat to recap on the week-end. PR brought all things together to make sense, and here started the communication process.

This morning, following the news in Fukushima, his agency was challenged to win a contract on a nuclear actor. Two months ago, the plan was to develop even further, now it was more looking to not going backwards.

The agenda now reached a halt. Public opinions were all focused to this actor bringing energy to their kettle.

So here came the dance of the meeting, think, create, and develop a business plan to win the contract.

Straight he thought in a one-two: how to relax people minds now and get their eyes out of this negative foreseeable future.

Perform a green initiative like Shell, bring power back to flowers? Well, another voice came and gave impulse to compare efficiency between modern power plants. The best defense is attack, and so came the efficiency parameters.

How much land do you need to produce 1KWH in normal conditions, normal daylight, free context.

And the results were adding up. For one unit produced by a square meter of nuclear, come numerous land units used to produce one unit through wind energy, through solar panel. Oil no, he didn't speak about oil, oil was out of frame.


The remaining of the day was far from energetic if we may use this play of word. Drowned in the day to day business, he browsed his mail, sent few replies, planned actions on projects currently underway, and went back home.

Situation there was calm, and relaxing. He started by a glass of whisky, no ice, and went to news from his group of friends. Via mobile, via emails, via social engine, via many things that took his mind away during at least two hours.

Dinner time, he faced it. Something had to change, and he decided to update his CV and browsed for jobs.

Looking through one, looking through many, he took 10 minutes to write a sensible covering letter:

Henri Moufettal
Email : waterprod@gmail.com
Reference: To join the future
Bristol, the 27th of March 2011

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

I would appreciate very much if you could take my application to the position of … into account. Fast learner and motivated. With this wonderful opportunity, I will hit the ground on the first day at work and will work efficiently towards the enablement of initiatives from me, from the team.

At Babylon, I worked on New Projects, either under my responsibility, or being a key actor in their implementation. There, lean creativity is a principle that applies from project design to production and being continuously reviewed with all partners.

My last experience exposed me to your industry, a field I want to get more involved in. Along previous experiences, I will give a shot at analyzing the situation, without paralysis and provided key insights through a clear synthesis. We will define from there key actions that will bring direct benefits to the bottom line of the business.

I am looking forward to this opportunity and our future discussions. Along your teams, we will continue support the successes your company is known for.

Yours Faithfully,

On that, he went back to continue writing the play he started. Mind on, switched off, his brain was always working, so better find white papers to be filled.

As usual, his mind didn’t have the global picture of what needed to be done, of where he was going to, so simply he continued to write.

He did find original the way each word was typed black and white imprinted for a short time before the next erase.

In this dynamic art, he saved at times, his folder of draft keeping growing up. Draft is one of his look, always have to try, see after what comes. Show no regrets, support the remorse.

He saw in his very own, but still negative, POV, a workable matter for his next chapter. Having a contradictory mind, the actors starts to enjoy the situation.
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8 Think about it, or don’t - Cycling Around France, bicycle tour,cycle touring,travel blog,

8 Think about it, or don’t

Justin went back from university after a brawl he took part in. As usual, he spoke and took an active part in a discussion he was not first involved in. He defended points not worth to be defended. Still points to be added to a discussion that appeared to only head into one direction.

In the evening, he parked his car to the garage shop. Two days, full maintenance. He took the bicycle in the boot and went back home, sliding between lanes, between cars, keeping running in a crowded path where this lane was the only priority he had on the road.

Cycling, his mind went on thinking on another road, the road of information:

“You can know what I am watching.
You can know what I am interested in.
You can know what I am searching.
You can know why I am reacting.
You can know all that, and still you might be missing the point.
I am a living entity, and my deep down wish is to keeping getting surprised by what you’ve got.
Without any notice on my news feed
Without any notice in my reader’s reaction
Without any notice on my profile view
Without any notice on what to expect

I am here to get surprised. You know what I might not like, so will you?”

Bam, the final slope and he arrived home, only to see Henri deep into stack of papers. Justin picked one lying next to the door.

Well, not before he went to the kitchen to fill one glass and one ice cube, the deep encounter of a spirit and its solid matter.

He joined the living room, adding his breath and this scent to the atmosphere. Henri was deep into his thoughts, his perhaps, more likely some general ones.

Justin went to the TV and turned it on.

- What can I put that won’t bother anyone in the room? He thought.

Straight Sky Sports blurred its amount of info to the screen. Football, cricket, rugby, it gave one hour of peace of mind.

He still had the papers from Henri next to him. He chose to dare a look.
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11 And the light goes on - 'The Ghost Writer' Trailer HD

11 And the light goes on

Justin put back the paper next to him, went to the kitchen to prepare something, something eatable.

He cooked, and came back to the living room. Henri appeared less confused, if confusion can leave traces on an appearance. The TV was switched off, and music was now filling the very living room.

In this melody, Justin added his voice to the drums. A casual discussion came on what he read, on what Henri wrote.

- It’s only a draft yet, was the only answer he could get

Facing the deep silence of a Monday night, Justin ate quickly his meal and went down-town for a movie.

Which one? Well, at the time these lines are written, Henri, Justin, the flat mate, or the author cannot recap which one.

- Didn’t we have a deal that you would stay away from this script and just put inspirations on papers? We don’t need your thoughts, leave us alone for freak’s sake!
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Travels in the Scriptorium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Travels in the Scriptorium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | "Air Buzz" | Scoop.it
- Ok, come back, but please no more intrusion, we are using past tenses here.

Meanwhile, Justin put his shoes and went for a midnight run. As soon as he did hit the road, his mobile went berserk.
He answered it. Easy peasy.

- Hiya,
- Hello, what’s up?
- I am going for a run, can I call you back later, let’s say in one hour?
- No, I am going to dinner in town, better to catch up tomorrow.
- Ok, see ya

He put back his walkman on, and went walking on this hard road, before starting a long run outside.

- Oh gosh, that’s feeling good

He felt like he let everything behind, went wildly into the nature and bam. No worries, escaping reality at the rhythm of a footing.

He accelerated, didn’t listen to his heart rate, to the pain in his legs, in his lungs, to the distance to be covered, just running.

Out of breath, he reduced the speed, and came by walking. He stopped by the 7/11 and brought some delicacies home, well delicacies, sweets.

Back home, filled up with the energy from the run, he took his laptop and continued Henri’s notes.
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13 I like to be right, I love to be wrong - Faithless - Insomnia

13 I like to be right, I love to be wrong

Along a gentle breeze, the night introduced itself settling a warming light onto the evening. The two flatmates were outside sipping a glass of white wine, when Henri joined.

It was five minutes Henri was sitting there, with no words, only silence, a deep overwhelming silence. Blossoming with the spirits distilled inside each glass, Justin went straight to the spirit of Henri’s play.

- Hey Henri, had a look to your writings and gave myself a shot at writing one act.
- Ah well, I will read it in time, did you find it inspiring?
- Well yes, I had just one question keeping banging around the walls of my head during the whole reading: why didn't anyone rebel in this game?
- I thought I did instill some drama in the second act. Haven’t you witnessed Romain disappearing the scene in some disarming move?
- Yes, but even there, he didn’t react
- Because he didn’t have any choices
- Choices are up to the one making them. Get me right, we are speaking of real humans or actors already knowing they are in a play?
- It went this way, because it went this way. Can you explain why we didn’t stand for other choices during our long lasting history?
- Ok Fair enough, still I wrote this part, tell me if it’s fitting the plotline.
- Yes, I will read it in time, thanks.

Henri’s head was spinning. Wasn’t it forward? The power of fear, Romain dead walking to its fate, it was pretty impressive conditions to any future mental thoughts. Kafka symbolized it under the characteristics of one person in “the trial”. The whole power of the society centered on one man, with no way to defend himself and even more powerless as the pages went to their end.

Justin and the other flat mate started speaking of another subject when Henri offered to pour another glass of red wine this time. And he stayed in this silence, a silence describing him, humanizing his thoughts, setting up the scene of his imagination.

The fear he always had when writing was to make it personal. He thought each writer had in its writing time, this unique book that cannot be finished, because too much personal, because still ongoing.

When Henri felt something going all wrong, he sat, reflecting on it, in silence. When Henri felt something was getting great, he sat enjoying it, in silence.

- Well yes Henri, but why don t you stand for your actors and make something good happen?
- It depends of your definition of good. As for me, I just look in front and with respect to all the crap that happened in the past, I know the exit would even be better, perhaps not now, perhaps not tomorrow.
- You see everything being balanced?
- A balance is defined by its property to measure the weight of imbalances, doesn’t it?

The other flat mate was over listening the discussion when her phone rang, and she left the garden to the house.

The discussion continued between Justin and Henri till a point of sleepiness reached both eyes of the actors. The moon wasn’t warming the night enough, and its dim light led them to come back inside, each on their way to their flat.

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15. Crazy, jealous and paranoiac - Jack Johnson - The Joker (Steve Miller Band) - Live Zénith 24 juin 2010

15. Crazy, jealous and paranoiac,

He woke up quite refreshed from a night where thoughts were finally laying along him in bed. Torments come from within. He went straight to prepare a cup of coffee and sat in the living room, joining the crowd of the moment, when Justin started to disrupt this morning monotony:

- Have you ever thought to put this play on scene?
- I would need to be directing, I would need actors
- Rely on friends
- I am sliding from the social glue holding a life together
- Come on, don’t be pessimistic, what are you scared of?
- Whenever I watched a movie, I grasped the essence with emotions, so putting this play to the scene, gosh it’s gonna be overwhelming.
- Yep, I had this experience, I used to act when I was at uni.
- So, how was it?
- Difficult, you have to frame yourself in the skin of others, express emotions while staying true to some part of yourself.

From eye to eve, the day went by, and here started the evening, again. Lady eve inviting herself in the mining of the night.

Cutting the crap out of the four corners, it was a charming evening. Justin went to her place. Dinner was an invitation he wouldn’t miss. He left the house with no words, as usual, went around there, and introduced himself to a new flat share environment.

He had to break his silence, shares something, even the big nothing. Fortunately, interests are exchanged from four of the invitees this evening to create this special sense of dinner, putting the exclamation mark to the day.

This kind of glue he missed, this kind of paste he liked. He discovered that even simple was a theme that can be shared. A theme park roller coasting on a diversity of experience and genuine interests in diverse networks that made the ride rich and as much unexpected as it could be.

Outside, a fire was giving light more than warming up the delicate evening of this spring. People went around this center piece of light, played with bamboos, and people came, more and more and more. A pleasure.
Discussions were covering as many subjects as the different group presents there. Bored with one, or better to say, no clue on one, he could move to another one, and he grasped the essence of the discussion in a few minutes.

Ok, not a romantic encounter. Well, sharing is part of romance. And building together in these mild diverse groups were a way to snatch up time in front of the adversity. No questions about that, the air was filled with the voice vibes that made the air clear and breathable.

Breathing from words, gasping others, a whole network was set in place, when Justin joined the group.

As usual, he wasn’t alone, and brought several friends within the four spots of his car, and a quantity of cans that will support the evening to continue.

Loud music took over the discussions, and bodies started to shake. One music and another, the playlist were dynamically reshuffled every thirty seconds by anyone near to the computer.

The playlist went longer and longer, the beats were imprinting their marks within each person’s within the room, even if outside in the garden.
Time to move, or shall we stay? Time to make no decisions or time to make on. It felt a good part: the good part in these circumstances is that it is redefining the verb follow in the flow, putting a hole within what could happen next.

The morning came around as the night did set in, calmly, regularly, with no noise and a silence that made him powerless to even wake up.

The alarm went in a total frenzy. After thirty minutes, Justin woke up, went to the bathroom, went to take his breakfast, and reached his car.

The world is populated by surprises at every single corner. You can sometimes put a face on it, sometimes the meaning is leaving you powerless. Only making you eager to pursue this quest and continue, continue.
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17 Encounter of the 10th type, a telephone selection

17 Encounter of the 10th type, a telephone selection

So meanwhile, between phone and other means of communication, Henri did set up himself through the lense of another frame.

Fixed – Damned,WTF, I’m bored, I’m bored.
Moby – Well, do like me, go to vibrate, they called it tectonic.
Fixed – No just my handle would move and with it my head. It gives me nausea and I am putting all numbers in havoc. bip bip
Moby – ah I’ve just received a text
Fixed – What does it say? I don’t know these ones…
Moby – Nothing important, he has to bring bread for tonight.
Fixed - Dring Dring Dring
Moby – Hey, go, take it
Fixed - Dring, I can’t, dring, I am not like you, dring, I don’t have any voicemails option.
Moby – Ok, so I am going to be called soon.
Fixe – yes, I do think.
Moby - balabalabilababam tchikitaboumboum
Fixed - ah here it goes
Moby – Yep, in stereo, and have you seen how cute she is, I display her picture.
Fixed – You’ve got so many things
Moby – Still you’re able to dial in foreign country.
Fixed – True, that’s true, but I cannot remember the numbers reaching me, only a big noisy waffle I’ve got.
Moby – Yes, I’ve got you in my contact list, I am full.
Fixed – No, don’t make me speak now!
Moby – Ok, I’ve got two or three games if you want.
Fixed – Oh you know, no need to think about something else, I am only looking to stay clean.
Moby – I can’t… deep into their pockets, it is not of my decisions, Look at me, look at all these marks…
Fixed – Still, you have a wonderful display screen and a camera at your bottom
Moby – True, I cannot take myself in picture
Fixed – As for me, I cannot censor any numbers, only mine.
Moby – Yes, but I feel it now, my memory goes away.
Fixed- What happens?
Moby –You know how we are treated, don’t you? Falling from pockets, from high, doing the rebound and so on.
Fixed – And?
Portable – My battery went dead, my screen white.
Fixed – That’s putting in prospective to have all the tralala, music, camera and so on.
Moby – Thanks for your compassion…
Fixed – And you’ve got the numbers at the lottery?

Henri came home, took his cell put on charge since noon. He switched on, no reaction. Same player shoots again:
“have to buy a new one, have to recall my contacts to give their details to me”
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Scooped by Henri Moufettal

16 Percussion of a discussion - Robbie Williams Feel live at Knebworth 2003

16 Percussion of a discussion

Justin stared at the last pages of his plays. No longer flabbergasted by the environment Henri created. He wondered loudly:
- So this is it, this is done, an optimistic conclusion
- Always
- Nothing more, no more balanced view, no more unexpected
- It is full of unexpected. You told me about adapting it to the scene, it will change again and again, and it is a draft, a raw and simple draft. The day I wouldn’t look more than getting surprised in the morning planning, or unplanning. So yes it is a draft
- You never stop thinking of what’s next, do you
- Never. It is a peace of mind I forgot and it’s giving me the power to enjoy every moments the most.
- Well, if you think that’s simple.
- I don’t think, I write.
- Well, as a writer, it is a pretty short conclusion this fifth act.
- Have you ever seen a fifth act from any play where the end was not written in the previous acts?
- Well, I guess not
- Exactly, so I put it simple, and direct to the point. On a scene, we are the master of time, and this acts can get enough silence to last as long as Act I
- For which purpose?
- Only one, to grasp the attention of the spectator.
- Ok, it’s your bet, they might leave with no thoughts at all on the whole piece if you don’t give them something to eat in Act V
- You never shut up!
- Never, everything is up to discussion, and once you agree, you are better prepared for the next one to come.
- Thanks for the prospective. It is a draft, I might review it and cross writes the end with you.
- If time allows, we are not in a rush.
- I like that.
- So we are not romantic, we are just realist.
- Ok you are right, but please don’t speak to my girlfriend
- When is she coming around again?
- That’s the part of unexpected Heisenberg doubt about.
- So, you are a you and no longer a we
- No I am me, and we are together. Don’t make it more complex that it may seem, it is a relationship, I wouldn’t think of ever over thinking such an experience. And you what’s going on?
- It is going well.

Deep inside what makes the day to day full, even twisting it to a D2D, everybody around the house, this one, others, were giving impulse to this dynamism during this young spring time, a break through a cold winter.

- We are certainly voltaic sun cells. Look around, all the energy being released at this time of the year.
- Good to know, that’s showing our force, and more than that, our will.
- Fancy a refreshing drink?
- It’s only eleven o’clock

It exploded from an unnoticeable remark. And like any crisis, it revealed a deep meltdown of a whole iceberg. No, not the lettuce-like, the titanic like.

Setting the scene was remarkably far more complex with what he first foresaw. First, the lights. It is not to bother the director, or perhaps is it, but every time, it is bringing new lights to the speech being given.

Here comes the choice between rewriting a draft that has been summoning his draft name since the beginning of the story and even before, or just a power of conviction.

Then, Actors. They are keys, needless to say, as they are picturing the emotions into a lively scene.

And actors, however good they are, have characteristics, characteristics that are twisting the plot again.

Ideas are coming from diversity, from discussing all around, but Henri faced the challenge deep into his head. How to cut through these discussion and go to the point?

Come on, the play has to be delivered in 3 weeks time. The scene is half from prepared, and we won’t have access to the theater, well ok to the room till one week before.

A first play from an unknown director, from an unknown writer. Actors, you can find them, you still have to think who can replace them. Henri can feel this deep sensations that he will have to stand up on the scene on the premiere. You cannot push actors doing it for free, to take it as the first priority. So, more than ever, the "wait and see" is key.

It is key to eat his own stomach. Henri stopped eating, Justin stopped bringing new discussions around, and day after day, week after week, the red line was still as red as the lights showing progress.
So came the decision, do it or not to do it.
- I am not a master yoda fan, I always try, and I see after how to adapt and realign the blocks together to meet the agreed objectives
- Well, at a critical stage, you will need to wonder if that’s worth it.
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