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The following was posted at The Swarm on Facebook earlier today:
"Let’s just say that the above picture, of a flying flock of birds, is a diagram of Occupy Hades. Think of it as a flow chart that flows from right to left, showing the sequence by which information is processed within Occupy Hades via The Destroyer’s Data Mining Project. Each bird represents an asset of ‘The Destroyer’s Data Mining Project:
First bird, and on point, is ‘The Destroyer at Occupy Hades.
The next four birds represent the assets in The Destroyer’s purview. Specifically, the assets that collectively and actively monitor the ‘Four Vectors,’ located at Guantanamo-on-the-Styx:
In the sixth spot is ‘Priest,’ ‘The Fixed Cross’ & the ‘Four Vectors’ via Guantanamo-on-the-Styx which is displayed in the right-hand column at Occupy Hades.
The triumvirate of birds in the rear represent the only three sites that currently deploy ‘The Veil of the Soul.’ It is the original and long-standing avatar of The Hive, the engine that currently powers ‘The Destroyer’s Data Mining Project.’ Bringing up the rear are the other two sites:’ The Swarm on Facebook and The Swarm (401) at Occupy Hades.
Until next time, stay blessed. 
Mister Al"
Founder: The Destroyer's Data Mining Project
Photo Credit: kalhh at Pixabay