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Apocalypse 9:11
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Scooped by The Swarm
April 15, 2016 1:06 PM

Atom and trajectory by Adriana Janaina Poeta (Excerpt)

Atom and trajectory by Adriana Janaina Poeta (Excerpt) | Apollyon | Scoop.it

The brevity of the second,
the whole universe in the mirror,
miracle, reality and dreams,
atoms, stars
and charm. - 

Atom and trajectory by Adriana Janaina Poeta (Excerpt).


English translation by Google.

Photo via Adriana Janaina Poeta on Facebook.

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Scooped by The Swarm
March 15, 2016 10:31 PM

Diving and surface by Adriana Janaína Poeta

Diving and surface by Adriana Janaína Poeta | Apollyon | Scoop.it

A dive
to bring to the surface
the wave
which drags
and frees
the consciousness
this vast ocean,
stars and grains
lowercase of sand,
unknown universes
inside and outside
from me.
The words,
musical notes
harmonious colors
that mixed together
the words express
what I see and feel
slipping away from me,
escaping from my lungs ...
The words,
swimming around to the surface,
hasty and free,
are always in search of the future
this sea
sun and stars,
poetry and flowers,


Diving and surface by ©Adriana Janaína Poeta

Photo by ©Enric Adrian Gener

The Swarm's insight:

"Through repetition of danger we grow accustomed to it. Water sets the example for the right conduct under such circumstances. It flows on and on, and merely fills up all the places through which it flows; it does not shrink from any dangerous spot nor from any plunge, and nothing can make it lose its own essential nature. It remains true to itself under all conditions. Thus likewise, if one is sincere when confronted with difficulties, the heart can penetrate the meaning of the situation. And once we have gained inner mastery of a problem, it will come about naturally that the action we take will succeed. In danger all that counts is really carrying out all that has to be done--thoroughness--and going forward, in order not to perish through tarrying in the danger." - The I Ching: K'an / The Abysmal (Water) (29).


"The Priest and I happen to be the same guy.
The reason is simple and I'll tell you why:
When people sin, and they're not on the level,
I don't hate the sinners, I go after the devils." -
Go After The Devils by ©Al Wiggins Jr, founder of The Swarm
a.k.a. Mister Al: @ScionOfScorpio
a.k.a. Priest of Occupy Hades via TheDestroyers.info


Photo by ©Enric Adrian Gener via Adriana Janaína Poeta


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