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Protesters have taken to the streets of Cairo, again, demonstrating against Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi’spower grab, but lest they all be portrayed as peace-loving citizens by the media, the following incidents should dispel that myth.


A mob of around 300 male protesters near Tahrir Square attacked women Sunday afternoon, ripped off their clothes, sexually assaulted them and chased them through the crowd, according to the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper.


The women eventually were rescued by other protesters and sought refuge in a field hospital set up near the square.


On Friday during the demonstration, numerous incidents of sexual assault were reported. One in particular, a doctor described the “mass rape” of a woman who was brutally assaulted on the street near a Pizza Hut.


Women protesters using Twitter and Facebook, including female journalists, reported being groped and harassed while at the protest in the square.

RadicalIslam.org has reported many times about the problem of sexual harassment as well as rape on the streets of Egypt. See: Brutal Sexual Assaults Mark Celebration of Morsi’s Victory where 60 Minutes’ Journalists Laura Logan tells of the horrific attack she survived in Tahrir Square and more reportshere, here and here.

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