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AICPA Forensic Accounting Educational Certificate Program

AICPA Forensic Accounting Educational Certificate Program | Accounting News |
Coming in May 2013!

According to Accounting Today's survey of Top 100 firms, Forensics/Fraud and Financial Litigation Support continue to remain among the hottest niche practice areas for the profession, and they will continue to provide both career opportunities for CPAs and business opportunities for firms.

To help CPAs build expertise in this area, the AICPA is developing a new Forensic Accounting Educational Certificate Program that will provide participants with a solid understanding of financial forensics. Covering AICPA's entire Body of Knowledge in this topic area, this comprehensive online program will consist of 18+ required modules with a total of 35-40 CPE hours.

Whether you are looking for a solid introduction to financial forensics or if you need additional learning to complete your 75-hour education requirement for the Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) credential, this program will help you become familiar with forensic accountants' professional responsibility and provide a fundamental knowledge of: the legal system, how to plan and prepare a forensic engagement, gathering information, discovery, reporting and providing expert testimony. 

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Scooped by Timothy Schultz!

American Institute of CPAs Announces Forensic Accounting Certificate Program

To meet increasing demand from accounting firms expanding their financial forensics practice, the AICPA has introduced a new course of study leading to a Forensic Accounting Education Certificate.
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The Price Of Gold Must Never Embarrass The Chairman On A Day He Speaks Publicly :: Jim Sinclair's Mineset

The Price Of Gold Must Never Embarrass The Chairman On A Day He Speaks Publicly :: Jim Sinclair's Mineset | Accounting News |

Dear CIGAs,


Paper Gold must cease to function. Manipulation without even a concern to conceal is no longer acceptable. Gold bullion must be emancipated from no gold paper gold. The key to the emancipation of physical gold from paper gold is the warehouse supply held primarily by the COMEX.


This supply of gold has been in a distinct and significant down trend for which under present circumstances there seems little relief. Instead of the manipulation of gold lower stopping physical gold demand, it ignited a volume bull market in physical gold during a price bear phase in paper gold.


The Gold banks can be counted on to see their views as the word of a gold-man god. They still feel physical demand is an aberration that they, being all powerful and mighty, can extinguish by pounding paperless gold anytime it sticks its head up. This time they are so wrong.


The publishing of the concept of bail-in at the highest financial levels everywhere in the Western Financial World has you, me and every thinking person afraid to leave significant funds on deposit in any bank. It makes the products that banks sell (which are all some form of deposit) the last item any intelligent person wants in their portfolio.


Everyone knows this economic recovery is hanging on by a wing, a prayer and lots of lies. Everyone knows the balance sheets of the major banks in the USA are total cartoons as a product of FASB allowing banks to value their OTC derivative paper at any price they select. Many wise people suspect that if the inventory of major banks was to be held to discipline of valuing it at something like what it could be sold for, the banks would have more colossal losses. ...

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Hal's curator insight, May 23, 2013 12:16 PM

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