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abs workout solutions
The best online #abs programs c/w how diet, #nutrition & #workouts are used effectively to lose weight & cultivate that elusive #sixpack
Curated by Jason Darrell
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£1k/per annum pay rise or lose a stone for the beach...ladies, which?

£1k/per annum pay rise or lose a stone for the beach...ladies, which? | abs workout solutions | Scoop.it
More than a third of British women would rather lose weight than have a pay rise, according to a new survey.
Jason Darrell's insight:

I know the UK's cash-strapped at the minute, but if you were offered a grand a year on top of your existing salary or a guaranteed stone of weight loss in anticipation for the beach this summer, which would you choose?


No surprise that, in a poll by holiday firm HolidayPlace.co.uk, almost two thirds of working women replied that they'd take the extra loot rather than the healthy option of 14lbs of belly fat magically dispersed.


There were a whole host of reasons proffered by those in the 35% who'd rather lose weight for wanting to get their bikini bodies back in time for summer.


However, there were even more excuses at the ready explaining why they hadn't taken it upon themselves already to rid themselves of the irksome weight under their own steam.


But doesn't that seem strange to you?  


Isn't it odd that one in three working women would rather forego a thousand pounds a year payrise in lieu of losing just one stone in weight?  How come?


Well, the underlying trend in the responses indicated that many women found it hard to lose weight and shift the belly fat that can make even the sexiest bikini look like a knot in balloon art.


The problem lies in the fact that many of us have relied too heavily on the somewhat suspect information marketed by food companies and health authorities about what we should be doing to lose weight.  


But why not tell us the truth about eating healthily in the first place, prevention being better than cure?  


That's another story, but just look at the companies who sponsor the research into food and you'll be a little more enlightened.


Cutting out fat, knocking carbs on the head, buying 'healthy option' ready meals with points values - all of this is plain bad advice and are the reasons that many dieters fail to lose weight and keep it off.


A basic understanding of all of the above is what's needed; furthermore, learning how to eat naturally, cheaply and healthily will cost nothing like the grand that a third of the women surveyed were willing to concede.


We should be being taught:

- what healthy fats can do for firing your metabolism and lowering cholesterol

- what carbs can do for protecting the protein in your muscles, prolonging and heightening your resting (basal) metabolic rate

- why processed meals in any form kill your metabolism, deprive you of nutrients and are designed to keep you 'forever dieting'

- and why 'five a day' and '2 litres of water a day' and other such happily-marketed slogans may be doing you more harm than good if you don't fit the 'average' mould those assessments were formulated for.


The Definition Method is a six packs abs program with a difference.


Whilst it works fantastically well for those who want to rinse and repeat the cycle several times to get ripped and have a washboard Peter Andre would be jealous of, the program itself delivers on multiple levels.


It's main aim is to cut the belly fat that hides the abdominal muscles.  What's the point of having killer abs when there's a ring of belly fat hiding them?


This targeted weight loss is achieved through a specific diet tailored to you and you alone.  You're not treated like a sheep and put in a pen with the rest of the flock.  Why not?


There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet! Period.


Age, activity level, starting weight, target weight, genetic make up, flexibility, personal circumstances - they all count and each should be taken into account when prescribing you a healthy diet that will not just cut unnecessary saturated fat but teach you how to eat to keep your metabolism stoked so that weight stays off forever.


The Definition Method also contains insight into how you can engage your psyche to develop willpower strong enough to succeed.


Being mentally strong enough to resist temptation, stay motivated and remain focused was one of the biggest problems the women cited for their dieting failure in the past.


Combine the mindset and 100% planned diet with an exercise regime that caters for the beginner, intermediary and advanced athlete and you have one of the most flexible, yet straight forward, diet and workout programs on the market today.


What's more, the exercises don't necessitate joining a gym.


They're all explained in step by step detail and require only the most rudimentary exercise equipment to tackle the 45-minute workouts.


Don't just take my word for it. The progenitor of The Definition Method, Martin Smith, has put together an excellent intro video that gives you the basic background of his program, how it came into being and how you can get hold of it.


And, if he's still running the offer, there was a bonus toolkit he was giving away for the first x amount of customers to take him up on his introductory price offer.


As much of the support is based around a facebook community page, I know the toolkit was never going to be a permanent gift, only to those who signed up early.


I'm sorry - I seem to have taken up a lot of your time.  I am passionate about working with people to improve their lifestyle through diet and exercise (as you can probably tell).


I wouldn't recommend this program otherwise.  Martin's video is just 10-minutes, costs nothing to watch and you can even sign up for his ten fat-burning secrets series for nothing if you're not ready to take the plunge just yet.  


But don't leave it too long - summer won't wait forever, despite what Spring has tried to tell us.


Here's the link: http://bit.ly/129h73E - I wish you all the best and if you have any questions, why not drop me a line in the comments, below?


I'll be only too happy to help.

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SEO Pricing Models 2013: 5 Ways to Price Your SEO Services

SEO Pricing Models 2013: 5 Ways to Price Your SEO Services | abs workout solutions | Scoop.it
Jason Darrell's insight:

Article moved to correct topic: http://www.scoop.it/t/social-sharing-seo/p/3999572994/seo-pricing-models-2013-5-ways-to-price-your-seo-services


Jason Darrell's curator insight, April 8, 2013 4:35 AM

Cracking article on +Fat Joe looking at what to charge for #seoservices.


As #freelance copywriters or #contractors, we all have an idea of our rate.


However, as #seo becomes part and parcel (the box, the wrapping and pretty much anything you want to to put inside your package) of copywriting services, it can be a bugger to know what to charge.


This article throws caution to the wind, appraising the "gold, silver and bronze" route to pricing #seomarketing packages amongst others.


Conversely, if you're an SEO company who has an idea on what it expects to pay for different levels of copywriting:

1 - spun, BMR-type articles _(just you dare!)_

2a - 400-500 word manually spun articles, written with a simple nod to SEO

2b - 400-500 word manually spun articles that apply the latest SEO content techniques and tailored to your theme

3 - 1,000 word articles to spec 2a or 2b

4 - 2,000 word, white-paper-esque articles to spec 2a or 2b


...it would be awesome to have your input here to build up a price model for SEO content articles.


The reason I've segregated between 2a & 2b is because lots of webmasters are giving up on pleasing Google and adopting #ppcadvertising or social media integration as their main sources of traffic.


As freelancers, it's often difficult to persuade clients that paying for the best copywriting quality is worth it (great article on Search Engine Land recently about 2-years post-penguin and how crappy articles were still managing to rank: http://searchengineland.com/google-panda-two-years-later-5-questions-with-hubpages-ceo-paul-edmondson-149767).


If there was a resource that contractors could point potential clients to with what they could expect for their dollar, our quotes would be less of a shock.


By more accurately budgeting for better results, SEO would get a better name, delivering only the finest quality and (hopefully) the best SERPs and the scam merchants (dodgy SEOs & article spinners) would soon be relegated to also-rans.


I suppose that's me thinking idealistically, again.


But hey - both sectors in the SEO world want our reputations upheld (if not improved) and to be paid what we're worth without having to convince clients that we're L'Oreal. 


*Am I asking too much?*


And does this resource already exist, but lies buried so far beneath pages of dodgy SEO and copywriting that it's unavailable for public and commercial consumption?


Look forward to your input, guys and gals...

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Redefining the word plank: it's now an abs workout, too, allegedly...

Redefining the word plank: it's now an abs workout, too, allegedly... | abs workout solutions | Scoop.it
The abs plank has achieved global notoriety. To get the best abs workout benefit, I went for some expert coaching and got these 6 variations on the plank theme.
Jason Darrell's insight:

Two months ago, I knew of only three instances whereby a plank would have a common place in a sentence:

1. Have you ever seen Eric Sykes' classic comedy, "The Plank"?

2. No, teabagging does not mean throwing used teabags at each other, you "plank".

3. They'd never have discovered her body if I'd have nailed the "plank" over the cellar trap door a bit harder.


Since the turn of the year, however, my interest has been strangely drawn to the "abs plank", a seemingly one-stop shop of an exercise that works the lesser-trained transervus abdominus.  


The inner abs, to you or I.  


It's great having that ripped six pack look, but you wouldn't build your mansion on Fistral Beach, would you, no matter how great it looked?


Anything that's meant to last needs a good foundation.


The inner abs are to the six pack what roots are to century-old trees: entrenched, making them virtually impossible to be harmed by the slightest change of direction in the breeze.


So, in my duties writing for my six pack site this week (through the title link, above), I nipped down to the local gym and got Lee, the gaffer and head coach, to indoctrinate me into abs planks methodology, their benefits and the different variations commonly available on the theme.  And, to be fair, some lesser-known variations, too.


For the sake of the article through the link, I refer to only six of those that Lee demonstrated, but we did many more.  The side plank, for example, didn't make the article because to me, it didn't quite fit the brief.


Conversely, the extended abs plank I did put in even though I similarly felt it wasn't a true plank.  However, with modification (using our elbows instead of our palms), it would indeed fit the mould.


Anyhoo, that's enough waffle from me, here.  The basic abs plank and variations using a wobble board, stability ball and shifting emphasis of bodyweight combine brilliantly to make a decent abs workout.


Or, if you've already got an abs workout and diet regime, such as The Definition Method, Martin's program for whom I write the weekly round-up, these abs plank exercises work as a fantastic warm down routine for five minutes after your abs workout proper.


To read the rest of the article, click through the link above.  


To get your hands on a copy of Martin's Six Pack Definition Method Program, the 10-minute intro video is here:http://bit.ly/129h73E


See if it's what you're looking for and, if you're not happy, you're covered by his 100% money-back guarantee.  Really, the only things you've got to lose is belly fat, weight and low self-esteem.


All you've got to gain is muscle, a new outlook on life, adulation and a ripped six-pack that will bring so, so much more than you've got now.  


And I don't care how much you've got now if you think you're fit already; just be prepared for more when you can run your finger between the trenches in your abs - or let someone else do it, of course.


Trust me, been there, wore the t-shirt and had it ripped of my torso.


Life's one long hack with a ripped six pack. Mm, mm.


Sorry, what you still doin' here? Git on over there and get ripped!

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How much muscle recovery time's needed between abs workouts?

How much muscle recovery time's needed between abs workouts? | abs workout solutions | Scoop.it
If you're not allowing enough muscle recovery time between abs workouts, you're harming your efforts to get ripped rather than helping them along.
Jason Darrell's insight:

Good Good Friday, everyone!

Thinking of getting a couple of extra workouts in over the Easter holiday?  Be sure to read my weekly round-up of the hot-topic in all of the #fitness mags this week: 
>> Muscle recovery time: should  or shouldn't I? <<

The buzz is that you may actually be putting under-recovered muscles in reverse if you're not adequately resting them, feeding them or if you're leaving them totally idle on days off.

As well as a story about how I got the whole concept wrong when I first started working out all those years ago, there are five great tips for speeding up muscle recovery time between workouts.

It's so easy to get misinformed, I totally understand why you would be burning your muscles out instead of growing them. This article will help you understand whether or not you are and what to do about it. 

It will also help prepare your body for the next session without being too demanding, whether you're feeling the effects of an over-enthusiastic workout or not.

So, permit me to be nosy, if you would: are you working to a bespoke exercise and diet regime or making it up as you go along?

Good for you if you are working out, even if it's only random with no measurable goals.

Total kudos to you guys and gals who are working to a program.  How's it going and what #sixpackabs routine do you follow religiously and is it bringing the results you expected?

The good news is with *The Definition Method*, despite regular workouts, there's plenty of muscle recovery time in between workout days to give your washboard time to heal and eventually reveal.

If you've not got an #absworkout program yet - or an allover fitness and diet regime that's not going to break the bank or be too demanding on your time or body - check out The Definition Method 10-minute intro today, whilst you've got an extra 10 minutes: http://bit.ly/10jdmUW - you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how simplified Martin has made his program.

And be sure to avail yourself of the ten secret ways to burn fat series he's put together, too.  It's a killer and some of the tips are _soooo_ obvious when you understand them, you'll wonder why you never thought of them yourself.


Like getting abs, to get the best news, updates and abs program online today is simple.  


You want to lose weight/get ripped >>

Enter e-mail >>

Download Ten Secret Ways To Burn Fat >>

Follow Martin's formula to the letter, as he did >>

You get a toned mid-section.


Do NOT however, misinterpret 'simple' for 'easy'.  Getting ripped is HARD WORK.  You have to be committed, you have to be disciplined.


Unlike other programs, Martin's mindset and motivation section of The Definition Method, his e-book, gives you the best possible chance of six pack abs if you're prepared to put the work in.


I've done it; I'm in that Inner Circle; sign up with me after you've watched the video
<== http://bit.ly/10jdmUW
and I'll help you reach your goals through direct contact via our Inner Circle fan page on facebook.  


See you on the inside.  And Happy Easter!

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