About ASKI
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About ASKI
Our mission is to be at the forefront of innovative, powerful programmes that change the way people engage with the third sector ASKI uses a range of specialist individuals and works with agencies pan London to provide new approaches to work with long standing community issues. The key is engagement and as a group that works with a wide range of cultures and ages equality in delivery is very important.

The organisation has a range of policies in place to make certain that delivery is carried out in line with good practice, by qualified staff and trained CRB checked volunteers.
Company Overview
The founders of ASKI have between them over 20 years of experience of working in the voluntary sector and grew to understand that whilst services exist in many instances those people most in need often do not have the confidence to access services.
ASKI works with individuals from a wide range of communities and includes services for both young and older people in the community. ASKI works with a range of third sector agencies to from partnerships and forums to support people in the community as well as reduce duplication of service delivery in the community.

As part of our remit ASKI provides training in community leadership, child protection, public speaking, money management, coaching and befriending. The courses are designed to empower people to make life choice.

ASKI can also be commissioned to provide bespoke in-house training or facilitation, training needs analysis for team development, action learning and consultancy. This work allows ASKI to provide low cost or free support to small community groups with no paid staff but who need to increase their governance or good practice in delivery.

With increased pressure on productivity, transforming the way we work, and the challenge of achieving more with less, workforces of the future will need to raise their game by demonstrating greater flexibility, creativity and skills. We believe that there is a wealth of experience in the community and with support and guidance many individuals are willing and able to provide support to other people in the community.
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