The MIT Lab’s 8D display. A Closer Look, by 3D Focus (02:49) | 8D tv |

Posted by Jan on January 2, 2013 • 

The clever folks at MIT Media Lab have created a prototype screen that behaves just like a window.

"The 8D Display presents 3D scenes without glasses and, as the viewer moves their head, the perspective is adjusted, both horizontally and vertically, without the need to wear tracking devices.

What is most unique however is its real-time relighting capability. That is, if you were to shine a torch into the screen, the virtual model within the scene would be illuminated from the direction of the real light source.  Put your finger in front of the torch, and you will even see a shadow of your finger occluding the object. The lighting effects are rendered on the virtual object in real-time and the object itself does not need to be static.

The "8D Display" both captures and presents the scene, alternating rapidly between both modes so the viewer can interact and see the scene at the same time.  The goal is to inspire novel 3D interfaces, in which users interact with digital content using light widgets, physical objects, and gesture."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul