Once again, Howard Rhinegold has brought us an excellent interview on "how to" curate content from Robert Scoble, one of the best curators on tech.

Here are my takeaways:

Pick a niche, seek out and follow reliable sources and build lists on people who blog, write or tweet on the subject. Learn everything you can about this topic. Become an expert. Use tools to help you aggregate pertinent news and content about this subject.

And here's where you become really valuable to others: consistently select relevant and timely articles or content about this topic, identify and interpret patterns, then add your own thoughts. This clarifies things, invites further discussion, and expands the conversation.

There's so much more and this is definitely worthy of your time if you're serious about curating content and becoming great at it!!

I can't wait to read the book Howard is working on now, I'm sure it will be very valuable to those of us in this arena.

Intro: Howard Rhinegold

Increasingly, curation is becoming an important participation/collaboration skill for digital citizens. I interviewed Robert Scoble, one of the most prolific...


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