arGEN-X - SIMPLE Antibody™ Platform | 86 |

SIMPLE Antibody™ sets a new performance standard for antibody drug discovery. The platform exploits the unique characteristics of the llama immune system (see box), generating antibodies with properties unattainable with current antibody technologies.

Following the creation of large libraries of diverse, target-specific antibodies, we apply disease-relevant functional assays that enable selection of unique and differentiated therapeutic candidates.

Upfront in the drug discovery process, we screen for rodent crossreactive clones, which facilitate preclinical studies on functional candidates of interest.

Taken together, the attributes of SIMPLE Antibody™ provide the ideal start-point for antibody drug discovery – enabling progression into development with the maximum speed and efficiency.


NHance™ is our novel, proprietary approach to prolonging antibody circulation time and enhancing tissue distribution of product.

Based on two specific mutations in the antibody Fc region, NHance™ enables half-life extension without increasing immunogenicity or compromising manufacturability. NHance™ has no adverse effects on Fc-mediated cell killing and is applicable to both antibody and Fc fusion protein products.

NHance™ provides a new treatment paradigm in terms of:

Increased product efficacy, improved biodistribution, enhanced delivery across mucosal barriersIncreased patient convenience: reduced dosing, choice of drug delivery routeImproved pharmacoeconomics: reduced dosing requirements, fewer patient visits

ABDEG™ technology exploits the known mechanism by which antibodies are cleared from the systemic circulation. Based on specific mutations in the antibody Fc region, it alters binding and clearance via the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) expressed on endothelial, hematopoietic and epithelial cells.

Via Krishan Maggon