Obamacare health-insurance exchanges are set up to fail | 6th topic: "Obamacare" | Scoop.it

The national health-care plan enacted by President Obama had its second anniversary the other day. Central to the plan are health-insurance exchanges that would be set up by the states to offer care to the uninsured.                                                                      


1. The way 'Obamacare' works and how it is affecting America.

2. Obamacare relies on the market, the exchanges are built to fail.

3. The writer feels that Obamacare isn't going to follow through and it's going to fail.

4. No, the reader can tell by the context clues that the writer isn't for Obamacare.

6. I learn that the writer is informed about what Obamacare is about and can back up his/her information.

7. The article was written for mostly adults.

8. Yes, the writer backs up the information with direct quotes and facts.

2. (on the back) The writer uses facts and information abour Obamacare to inform the reader about the effects of Obamacare. The writer uses direct quotes from sources to let the reader know that his/her evidence is backed up by other people's information and opinions. The article is mostly based on the writer's opinion about Obamacare. The writer used a little repitition to persuade the reader that his/her opinion is stated correctly. By all the information stated through out the article, the direct quotes, and the repitition, the reader can most likely agree with the writer's opinion.