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Connectem trials Virtual Core with Optus

Connectem trials Virtual Core with Optus | 3G4GCore | Scoop.it
Optus is interested in the flexible networking technology in the short term because it could be a tool for handling surges in data traffic at big events, such as sports matches or concerts. But longer term, the operator wants to evaluate whether such virtualization technology could be part of its future network strategy.


Connectem founder and CEO Nishi Kant explains that the company's software runs on IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM)'s PureFlex System platform. Essentially, the packet core network elements are broken down and their functions are written into Connectem's software so that it can run on commercial hardware, thereby creating a more flexible way to build EPC networks, increase data capacity and process surges in signaling traffic.


This is an early example of the virtualization of complex mobile network elements designed to run on commercial hardware.



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Telefonica Opts for NEC as Cloud Partner - Davide Iacovitti

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Optus Trials New Technology to Tackle Network Congestion During Major Events

Optus Trials New Technology to Tackle Network Congestion During Major Events | 3G4GCore | Scoop.it

Australia's Optus says that it has started a trial of cloud-based mobile packet core technology at its Macquarie Park campus which has the potential to deliver a higher level of network performance for customers during peak usage periods, such as at major sporting events or music festivals.

Through a partnership with mobile virtual infrastructure vendor Connectem, Optus aims to deploy network capacity to address short, intense spikes in network traffic.

Connectem has developed the first packet core virtualisation software designed to run in the cloud. The packet core is the system that routes data traffic moving between mobile devices and the Internet. The advantage over a physical packet core is that in a virtualised environment, network resources can be rapidly switched on to deliver incremental capacity where it is needed most. As a result, customers will experience lower network latency even during periods of peak network activity.

Günther Ottendorfer, Managing Director of Networks at Optus, said, "This is an exciting piece of network innovation. As we continue to expand Optus 4G across the country, we are also exploring the opportunities that cloud services can enable to deliver outstanding customer experience."

"The trial is a world-first, and is one of the ideas that we are fostering as a solution to network congestion during major events. At the same time, we are gaining valuable insight into how the deployment of flexible network infrastructure may fit into our long-term network strategy to deliver even more benefits to our customers."

Earlier this year, Connectem and Optus have successfully completed a laboratory trial for the virtualisation technology. In a world first, Optus is now working with Connectem to pass 4G network traffic through a virtual packet core housed in its Mascot exchange.

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Kimberley Petering's curator insight, May 10, 2016 11:04 PM

Technology advances due to the changing nature of music festivals.