Resort 2015 - Catwalk Print & Pattern Trend Highlights Part 2 | @Patternbank

I am NOT a fan of winter as the weather dips I start thinking of Resort 2015 LOl #bkstylecon

Shine's - Best Skirt for Every Body Type is way off. Who's giving you #fashion & #style advice

Social style project- Empower yourself to be your best Style fashion expert. April 15th  Last call for Brooklyn  Participation 

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can we create a clothing system that works... 

A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes, Fashion and Chess | World Chess Hall of Fame
The mission of the World Chess Hall of Fame is to educate visitors, fans, players and scholars by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting the game of chess and its continuing cultural and artistic significance.
Catherine Malandrino Fall 2013- I can actually see women in these pieces

 Winter is for Cozy  and Comfortable... and if  possible cute
I  went Looking  for this, because  I  wanted to  be "inspired".... I hate Winter dressing! While it's not what I  would personally wear... I'd love to see women  wear these instead of the "stuff" many choose! 

with this chill Style be damned, i'm going  for Cozy  and Comfortable... and if  possible cute 

Catherine Malandrino Spring Summer 2014 such a #Caribbean #fashion Z#fashionshow #aestethic #sew...

what a great  Show format... 
If you've seen my  past shows you'll recognize several of my  favorite silhouettes. yes they will be part of teh patterns I release for #Sewopen Http://  but this video shows how great  these ethnic cuts are for images especially  pintings and digitally rendered photographs... many try  but  the DRAPING and FINISH  of this collection BRAVO!!! 

As I See IT - You need to find & plug the holes to a sinking ship. A Pretty paint job just wont ...

Over the weekend why not take a look  at  the past post. I see so many pretending that everything is ok... shifting course in a reactionary stance. Got a problem Find the source of the isse, then  design a solution. any other option will see you back in  port ina short time 

#sewopen Collaborative, Sandals, Shoes, loafers, Rainboots - sign up to Beta program

I do NOT need a large group... just those willing to be teh best.... have had this concept in my head since 2006 at 4W circle ... It's part of  a larger solution. willing to lead a group in your location... contact me

#sewopen patterns for sandals- maybe boots- redefine the way we produce what we make

#Sewopen.. Sandals. The  concept of creating a garment from one piece of Fabric has always fascinated me... but Boots and sandals... definitely  interested. 

Music and Media- Digital Space - Content is King.

I chose to focus on a system that would retrain  us to value the  skills and habit or culture of business or industry as equally as verbal accolades